Who Am I ?

Over the years I have tried to show the continuity of Life as it expresses itself on this planet. The training from my mechanical engineering years has taught me to recognize patterns and structure. I have learned that structure governs function. The shape and substance of something governs how it is going to be used. This principle holds true for the metal and plastic machines as well as molecules of amino acids and magnetic fields.


The word “DOCTOR” means teacher – instructor – director.

My job in this lifetime is to inform and direct in matters of health and well being. I draw from my experience in mechanical engineering and machine design as well as studies in human anatomy and physiology and physics and metaphysics and chemistry to present a concept of human health that is slightly different from Western Allopathic Medicine.

• I maintain that there is no mystery or magic or miracle to the expression of life on this planet.
• Magic is the observance of an apparent unexplainable event or phenomenon.
• A miracle is a phenomenon or event observed or experienced from a limited knowledge base.
• A mystery is the continued lack of knowledge of a subject or event.
• Information from a different perspective can remove the mystery or explain the magic or miracle.
I would like the opportunity to present a different perspective of pain and discomfort as experienced by the 
majority of the human race. By understanding the mechanics of the purpose and design of this “HUMAN MACHINE” (our body), we can remove the “mystery” of pain.
Pain results from the violation of the laws of physics.


Understanding the laws of physics that drive this HUMAN MACHINE can provide new and different choices for behavior, which can remove the reason for PAIN and DISCOMFORT and DEGENERATION.