Volume II - Sample

            Blood chemistry trumps intellect every time!

            Why do psychiatrists give drugs to people with behavior problems? Because the drugs alter blood chemistry, thereby changing mood and behavior.

            How do we control our blood chemistry? Food and water enter our body through the digestive system. We must first eat foods that are compatible with our system. Then we must be able to digest that food. If we cannot digest properly, we will not be able to assimilate the nutrients into the blood to be able to build and repair our body parts.

            Remember that the greatest instinct built into all organisms is that of survival. The drive for survival causes us to make choices to preserve our presence here in this physical dimension of Consciousness.


My main focus can be summed up in a few very important principles, which I will emphasize over and over throughout this book series … the repeated exposure to the same concepts throughout the book is purposeful for two reasons:

Repetition assists memory.
Most people do not read every word in a book.

Therefore, if I plant the same idea in different places throughout this book series, I will increase the likelihood that most people will see it and “get it”.

• The Universe is always in balance. Balance = Homeostasis = Health
• Symptoms of dis – ease are the Universe that is in the process of returning to balance.
• Structure governs function … the shape of something determines if or how that something can or will be used.
• Environmental conditioning can bias a behavior only if that behavior has potential within its structural capacity.
• Blood chemistry drives behavior and it can and will trump or override intellectual choice.
• There is no mystery or magic … just lack of information and understanding.
• Vibration is an expressive manifestation of Energy.
• The vibration of a medium creates shape in that medium.
“In the beginning there was the Word … And the Word (vibration) was made Flesh (physical)…”
• There is no free lunch … Every thing and every action consumes or changes energy (has a price).
• Survival of the fittest … only the strongest and most resilient creatures survive to propagate the species – in a natural habitat, that is.
• Our greatest asset (the ability to adapt/accommodate) is also our greatest vulnerability. Our ability to change sometimes saves us from destruction in the moment. However, continuous change sometimes places us too far from balance, which spells destruction.
• To be in integrity you must live what you believe and believe what you live. (Lack of integrity creates caustic stress, which is the ultimate killer … not only of the body, but most importantly, of the character.)

   My job, as I have accepted it in this physical space and time, is that of a translator … I translate pain and discomfort into English (or whatever earthly language that you speak). Pain is our best friend. It tells us when we are in dangerous territory. Pain is not necessary, but it is inevitable. All of us will feel some type of pain at some time in our life.

      I believe that it is my job to show that we can choose behaviors that could allow us to make our life’s journey with a minimum of discomfort. Actually, making those choices and carrying them out is the responsibility of each individual person. All I can do is suggest a method and a direction for action. You must make the decision and do the work.

The word disease is a term that has morphed from the use of the word dis – ease or lack of ease or lack of homeostasis. When the body is out of balance or out of homeostasis, it will display symptoms usually accompanied with some sort of pain or discomfort. These conditions are designed to get our attention. Western allopathic medicine puts a label on the symptom or symptoms and calls it a disease. This now creates a target that can be attacked with drugs and/or surgery.
I teach health – homeostasis.
I do not treat disease.
Carrying this concept of lack of health a little further, If we make choices that lead to damage and dis – ease, most of us with our “welfare consciousness – it’s not my fault” up-bringing, will be looking for a boogie man to blame for our misfortune. We have been trained to reject the responsibility of our own actions and behaviors. Remember our discussion on Instinct vs Volitional behavior in Volume I? We all have the capacity to choose responsible behavior. It just takes a little more effort. It’s easier to let someone else do it. (See further along in this text on Page xxx for the difference between disease and dis – ease.)
Everything in this world has a price. You can have anything on this planet that you want … IF you’re willing and able to pay the price. But most of us are not willing to entertain such a horrific thought … paying our own way, that is.
And therefore right on cue, some entrepreneur offers us insurance. There is only one letter difference between the word “insurance” and the word “ensurance”, but there’s a world of difference in their meanings.
The term health insurance or life insurance is an oxymoron. We insure against something. We ensure for something. We insure against death and disease. We ensure for life and health.
An insurance company is a third party who accepts the responsibility for our risk or mistakes … for a price, that is. Insurance predisposes a negative approach that implies no responsibility to the policyholder. “I don’t have to be careful … insurance will pay for it.” My loss is always someone else’s fault and responsibility. Under this concept, I have nothing to lose or to worry about. I can continue to destroy everything around me and inside of me and someone else is going to come along to pick up my mess and pay the bill.
One of comedian Flip Wilson’s favorite lines was, “The devil made me do it …”
And then, most of our religious leaders tell us that, “Jesus is going to save me …”
And our politicians tell us “if for some reason He doesn’t, the government will”.
Bottom line here is that with total freedom, you have no security. And with total security, you have no freedom. The question is: “Which would you rather have?” You cannot have both total security and total freedom at the same time. Each has its price.

Total security relieves you of responsibility for anything.
Total freedom saddles you with the responsibility for everything.
If you refuse to accept the responsibility for your decisions and actions in this life (which is your choice), you then, by default, give up your freedom and sovereignty. If that is your choice, I suggest that you buy as much INSURANCE as you can possibly afford and sit back and wait in your cage for the government to take care of you.
If, on the other hand, you ARE in fact an INDIVIDUAL, who is adult enough to accept the responsibility for your own destiny and not wait for someone else to guarantee your health and well being, and to blame everyone else around you for your mistakes (victim consciousness), I have some suggestions for you to ponder.
Please keep in mind that INSURANCE has its roots in religion and mythical beliefs. All throughout history we see groups of people sacrificing animals and other things (INSURANCE premiums) to the gods to either keep things from happening, or to petition for things to happen. In more modern times, as ships were lost at sea, wagon trains were destroyed and pillaged, and banks were robbed, merchants got together to create a fund or pool of resources that could be used to offset an unexpected loss from one of the members of the pool. This is INSURANCE … a third party entity created to protect against Murphy’s Law. However what we call INSURANCE today is nothing but government controlled and regulated welfare.
Medical doctors claim that they can cure disease. Plastics and ham can be cured. The human body cannot be cured. It has been designed and programmed to heal (repair) itself when it is damaged or disturbed by attack, abuse, or misuse, or when it has been placed in a position of dis – ease (lack of homeostasis).

Health Practitioners cannot cure anyone or heal anyone except themselves. Healing is not an objective action that can be administered to or on someone. Healing is a subjective behavior that is programmed into each and every body at conception.

Healing is a survival activity built in to the hard drive of every living brain.
There are two fundamental methods by which this machine (our body) gets thrown out of balance resulting in a state of dis-ease or lack of ease.

  1. Something from outside the body such as physical and/or chemical trauma, bacteria, fungi, worms, or viruses touches or affects the body to poison or damage it. (See “Nature’s Little Undertakers,” below, page xxx.)
  2. Something is missing from the body’s mechanism or structure or fuel supply to prevent the body from fixing itself when it is damaged or wears out. The human body was designed to fix itself when it breaks or is damaged.

            Dis – ease is a state of being … it is NOT an entity. You do not HAVE a disease … you are IN a STATE of dis – ease or lack of homeostasis or balance because of your behavior due to a conflict with your perception of reality and your environment.

            When Consciousness (the energy of a being) is in full control of its body, the undertaker brigade (bacteria, viruses, fungi) leaves them alone. But as soon as a lack of ease or disturbance in the natural order of things has occurred, Nature’s Little Undertakers move in to either clean up the disturbance, and return the organism back to balance, or completely disassemble the organism.

All life forms in this physical dimension must defend their perimeter, or some other life form will move in and take over their space. If you cannot defend your territory because of deterioration and/or misuse or abuse or neglect or structural defect, some other entity will move into your space and you must vacate the premises (you die). This concept applies to castles and nations as well as to human bodies and even one-celled organisms.
Chemistry is the study of how the basic units of matter relate and interact with one another. Organic chemistry is the study of how carbon compounds relate and interact with one another and with other units of matter.


            Life on Planet Earth projects Itself through Carbon compounds. This is not to say that all Carbon compounds support animated life. But in order for Life to project into physical matter (on this planet), Carbon needs to be present in the vehicle.

            The structure of the human body (vehicle) is composed of proteins (amino acids), carbohydrates (simple sugars), and lipids (fatty acids). While various minerals are utilized in the construction of some of these compounds, carbon is always present in all of them.

            Science is now discovering that matter is not really solid at all but merely waveforms of energy, which set up electric and magnetic fields that give the illusion of being solid. The study of quantum physics has approached this concept. With that in mind, let us concentrate on how these vibratory fields behave with one another in and around our physical bodies. Please keep in mind that these vibratory fields are electromagnetic in nature, and will be influenced by anything electric and/or magnetic, which includes thought and intent … it is possible to change shape and function of the body with thought and intent … both creative and destructive.

“Energy follows thought.”
“Thoughts are things”.

            Structure allows behavior and/or usage. Therefore intent sets the tone, which creates the physical shape, which in turn allows behavior or activity. The 2006 film The Secret was just a restatement of Napoleon Hill’s 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich, which was itself a restatement of ancient wisdoms that describe how focused intent can bring about change in the physical world.

The human body is a complex electro-chemical machine (or vehicle), which maintains itself in the physical dimension based on the instructions and commands it receives from the higher vibration Life Force.

            The shape of this vehicle is determined by the Energy Field (or Tone) that created it in order to accomplish the purpose for which it was designed and set into motion in the physical dimension of Consciousness.

            The blueprints for the physical vehicle come from the Energy Field and are recorded in the DNA.

            The actual shape and function of the physical vehicle is ultimately dependent on the availability of building blocks.
            The human body is a controlled environment in which certain conditions like temperature and pressure are held relatively constant within a certain range while other conditions such as pH are controlled and manipulated to cause certain reactions to take place, or to block certain reactions from taking place.
The human body also creates certain proteins called enzymes, which can accelerate or decelerate a reaction. These enzymes are turned on or turned off by pH, temperature, and osmotic pressure. (See Part III, Page zzz on “Digestion.”)
By strictly controlling the immediate environment, and through the use of enzymes and exposure to the broad spectrum of light from the sun, the Intelligence of the human body can hold a reaction at bay or cause a reaction to take place in minutes or seconds, which normally without the control, may take hours or even years.
            CRITICAL CONCEPT: The pH and/or enzymes and/or photon (light) and/or sound energy can and do change the properties and behavior of elements and other substance complexes by encouraging the coupling and/or shape-shifting of the physical substances, which changes structure, which changes function. (See Structure Governs Function in Volume I Page xxx.)

In the microscopic world relative to human perspective, carbon atoms align themselves in predictable fashions according to a plan or tone, which results in behavior, which we humans observe as “chemistry”.
In order to maintain life in the physical dimension, an organism must:

1) Ingest
2) Digest
3) Assimilate
4) Excrete
5) Be sensitive to its environment
6) Be able to reproduce

            If you cannot digest your food in a sequenced and timely manner, the food will rot in your digestive system. Some of this rotting material will be absorbed into your blood and eventually deposited in your tissues and joints resulting in pain and a myriad of maladies to which western medicine attaches any number of disease labels. The resulting population explosion of “Nature’s Little Undertakers” will compromise your health and disturb homeostasis, which is the definition of dis – ease.

            The controlled, sequential breakdown of organic material from complex proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into amino acids, simple sugars, and fatty acids is called digestion.

            The random, uncontrolled breakdown of organic material is called putrefaction (rotting).

            It is critically important to note at this point that if the DNA is distorted from improper sugar metabolism (Sugar links create the DNA ladder), and/or radiation poisoning, and/or mercury, aluminum, or other heavy metal contamination, distorted or damaged protein complexes will be created, which may result in birth defects and/or degenerative dis – eases. (See the discussion on the DNA repair device on page xxx.)

Proper food combination is vital to the efficient digestion process.

            The first and most important step in improving digestion is to stop the pollution habits and behaviors.

            In actual fact, due to a lack of critical nutrients, including essential minerals, the inner linings of the arteries cannot repair themselves. They become less flexible and develop cracks. Because this could result in blood loss, the body’s survival instincts kick in and it plasters the injured lining with cholesterol and calcium to patch the possible leaks in the arteries. The problem that results in clogged arteries is not too much cholesterol in the body, but rather, not enough natural nutrients to repair the degrading tissue, in addition to too many chemical irritants in the blood that trigger the body’s survival instincts to attempt to repair the damage in the arteries. In addition, cracks or lesions in the arteries due to inadequate nutrition will cause scar tissue to form. Scar tissue is not as flexible as normal tissue and consequently will not expand with the heartbeat pressure, resulting in increasing blood pressure, as described above … arteriosclerosis. (See fluid dynamics above.)
Also, the statin drugs must now clear through the liver, creating more liver stress. As stated in the section on LIVER on page xxx and in Volume III, constant insults to the liver due to drugs, lack of nutrients, and an overload of chemical irritants will eventually affect the heart causing heart attacks.
As we will discover throughout this text, the answers to how pain develops lie outside of the traditional box of beliefs within which the religion of western allopathic medicine has trapped itself.
            Science is defined as: Knowledge gained through observation and experimentation.
            Religion: A belief system, which punishes excursions outside of its policy and dogma by admonishing and excommunicating the curious experimenter.

           Chronic backaches are typically a result of an energy deficit in the specific muscles that animate the spine. This is why, in most cases (excluding tumors and traumatic injury), surgery is definitely not the answer to chronic back pain.
            The ileo-cecal valve controls the amount of flow of alkaline material from the small intestine into the large intestine, which needs to be acid. If the valve is temporarily defective, too much or too little material is allowed into the large intestine, which alters the pH of the large intestine, which then results in irritation, which results in overload, which results in backache.
            We can now see that abdominal cramping (spasming of the large intestine) can draw extra energy from the quadratus lumborum muscle resulting in a backache.

Low Back Pain Area (fig IV-8)

            The circulation system draws overtime energy from the gluteus medius muscle in your hip and the piriformis muscle deep in your butt and the adductor muscle in the inner thigh.

Sciatic Pain (fig IV-9)

            Because of the energy theft by the circulation circuit, the piriformis muscle will then spasm, and pinch the sciatic nerve and your leg will ache like a toothache.  Sciatic pain can also result from pressure on the nerve root in the spine because the spacers (discs) between the lumbar vertebrae have literally dissolved because of acid blood.   


The following elements will acidify the blood.
• Nicotine
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Refined sugar
• Refined flour
• Dairy products
• Drugs
• Stress (adrenalin)
• Chemicals and toxic residue absorbed from the large intestine

Blood gases are exhausted to the atmosphere through the lungs. We take in oxygen (alkaline) and blow off carbon dioxide (acid), which are gases. We also can, and do, blow off other gases originating from indigestion, which can no longer stay dissolved in the blood. Sewer breathe is a telltale sign that the large intestine is carrying a rotting load of cesspool material and the sewer gases are bubbling out through the lungs.
The major job of the kidneys is to maintain water balance in the body. The secondary function of the kidneys is to regulate pH. The body can do neither job adequately if we do not supply the body with fresh pure oxygen rich water.
Since the kidneys are functionally and structurally related to the urinary bladder, any long term stress and/or insult to the kidney circuit will also eventually affect the urinary bladder. Bladder energy disturbance may result in pain in the low back at the level of the sacrum.
The third backache profile that we will discuss here is pain between the shoulder blades. The rhomboid muscles that attach on the thoracic spine and to the medial (center) edge of the scapulae (shoulder blades) are on the same resonance circuit with the liver.
            People who chronically display rage and anger have unbalanced toxic blood chemistry, which affects the liver.

            I cannot in good conscience let this subject of “child abuse/child endangerment” go without discussing the vaccine dilemma that has developed during the last few decades.
            It’s not the immunization shots that have reduced the incidence of epidemic outbreaks of “diseases”, it’s the improvement in environmental and personal hygiene that has changed the health of society in general.
            I could have excused the programed ignorance of the medical community at first by not recognizing the decline in nutrition that caused the non-response to their original attempts to help people to overcome what they consider “disease” (dis – ease) with their immunization shots. But we’ve gone way past that point of genuine sympathy for the suffering of people.
            What western medicine is now embroiled in is nothing other than willful disregard for, and malicious intent to, harm babies and anyone who does not have the information and/or knowledge to defend themselves.

            This, by definition, is reckless and malicious child abuse and endangerment, and in some cases, outright first-degree murder.
I can excuse plain ignorance, but I have a real problem with chosen ignorance … especially where it potentially and actually harms other people.

           Even though backaches and headaches are the most frequently complained about symptoms, aches and pains in other parts of the body are also rooted in the disturbance and/or blockage of energy and fluid flow through other systems and their corresponding muscles and organs.  The following section is devoted to bridging the gap between Eastern medicine and the Western medical model.  According to the Chinese medicine concept of THE FIVE ELEMENTS, there is a relationship between all fourteen channels of energy and their corresponding organs, glands, muscles, and joint ache and pain profiles.  

            On the following pages, you will find the power circuits (energy meridians) and the control points for those circuits along with the muscles and body parts that are controlled by and influenced by the particular energy flows.  The following is a list of the 14 major energy circuits.


Small Intestine
Urinary Bladder
Circulation (Pericardium) (Envelope of the Heart)
Triple Warmer (Tri Heater)
Gall Bladder
Large Intestine

            There are ten organ meridians and two function meridians, which are bilateral (left and right), along with one Central (Yin) circuit, which is located on the mid-saggital line (center line) on the ventral or front of the torso and one Governing (Yang) circuit, which is located on the mid-saggital line (center line) on the dorsal or back surface of the torso.

Five Yin meridians power solid organs:
• Heart (He)
• Lungs (Lu)
• Kidneys (Ki)
• Spleen/Pancreas (Sp)
• Liver (Li)
Five Yang meridians power hollow organs:
• Stomach (St
• Small Intestine (SI)
• Large Intestine (LI)
• Gall Bladder (GB)
• Urinary Bladder (UB) or (Bl)
The Yin function meridian powers:
• Pericardium/Circulation/Envelope of the Heart
The Yang function meridian powers:
• Triple Warmer/Tri Heater
• The Central/Conception Vessel is the reservoir of Yin Energy
• The Governing Vessel is the reservoir of Yang Energy
There are other internal connecting meridians, but these fourteen are the only ones with their own acupuncture points.

Subscapularis muscle (fig V-10)

            This muscle will then most likely spasm and cramp, resulting in sharp pains deep under the scapula or shoulder blade. In addition, you might also feel cramps and pain along the pathway of the heart meridian, mostly on the left arm, but it’s not uncommon to feel the tight pain sensation along the heart meridian on both arms.
If this should happen, the first thing to do is stimulate the Wood point or the Tonification point on both little fingers. (See diagram.)

           We humans live in a very temporary (time related) world. Time is a factor in all life expressed in the physical dimension on this planet. This suggests that all physical life here on this planet has a beginning and an end. We can also observe that all life conforms to cycles or timing sequences.

All Life Forms pass through

  • the birth cycle,
  • the growth cycle,
  • the maturation cycle,
  • the reproduction cycle,
  • and the death cycle.

            NOTE: If anything inhibits and/or prohibits any or all of these five activities, “dis – ease” ensues.

            Again, drawing from my experience as a mechanical engineer, I can see that this body is a completely compact, concise, efficient, and very flexible mechanism.

  • There are NO extraneous or non-functional parts.
  • There are numerous back-up systems for every crucial function.
  • There are automatic fail-safe mechanisms built into the system to effect maximum efficiency and greatest function capacity during our stay here in the physical world.

            Let me reemphasize at this point that what we eat and, more importantly, how we digest what we eat, and even more importantly, what and if we assimilate what we eat, will determine whether the body will stay at ease or in homeostasis or will develop dis – ease with its accompanying symptoms.

These steps and procedures that the body uses to return to a state of equilibrium are what we see as symptoms of dis – ease.

            In this modern “civilized” pharmaceutical industry controlled world, sickness is BIG business. And cancer is a HUGE business for the pharmaceutical industry … the cure for cancer will always be “just around the corner … we’re almost there”. They (Western Allopathic medicine) have to keep the game going. If they find a cure, the game is over and the mega-business will collapse.

            Behaviors have consequences.

             Being a victim is what we are all taught to do. As I explain in Volume I, “I hope this presentation motivates you to action”. I’m not going to hold my breath though, but I DO have hope. It is the purpose of this book to show that “blood chemistry drives behavior” and by changing blood chemistry, we create more choices for behavior that can include a more pleasant life.

            Otto Warburg, M.D. received two Nobel prizes for his work with cancer and oxygen. He demonstrated that with enough oxygen available to the cells, the mutated cells resumed normal aerobic activity and behavior. This concept is not untrue … but there’s more to the story. (See TROPHOBLASTS – POTENTIAL CANCER CELLS on page xxx.)
            Cancer is a condition resulting from not protecting your borders. Once again, there are cancer cells developing all the time for a number of different reasons. AND we have the means to keep everything in balance.
            The body must maintain an alkaline pH in the tissues (with oxygen), as well as a prolific production of Gc-MAF and pancreatic enzymes to snuff out the beginning stages of a tumor before it grows to “entity” status and starts to defend itself. If we can resupply the body with enough of these defense fighters, we can win the battle and stay in control of our territory (our body).

            There is no “cure” for cancer!!!

            Cancer is not a disease to be “cured”. It is a dis –ease condition, which is an imbalanced state of being resulting from limiting and curtailing the body’s ability to maintain itself and to survive. As alluded to earlier, cancerous tumor growth is actually a part of the survival process. See GERMAN NEW MEDICINE below.
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer was a German medical doctor who made some fantastic and interesting discoveries concerning the behavior of all animal life including humans. His discoveries are consistent with my own beliefs and teachings over the years.

As discussed earlier in this text, there are situations where we sustain damage to the structure of the body that makes it a little more difficult to maintain healthy blood chemistry. It’s time now to finish this series with Volume III … Hiatal Hernia Syndrome. This last volume in the series will give the reader a few suggestions on how to relieve and manage the symptoms of hiatal hernia. Please refer to my website for locations where the book is sold. <www.thehumanmachine.com>