Volume II - Sample

This book is presented in three volumes:

Volume I presents real and potential behavior disturbances that typically develop from conflicts between structural polarities in people that can and do result in the expression of both emotional and physical stress and pain. 

Volume II addresses the physical chemistry of the body and the reasons for physical pain and infectious as well as degenerative dis – eases along with suggestions for easing the pain naturally. 

Volume III describes the distortions of natural digestion stemming from defective parts from birth that result in a myriad of popular dis – ease complaints including symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 

When a person comes to me with a problem, I point out that the pain that you feel is the result of a conflict between you and your internal and/or external environment.  As I see it, you have three choices to resolve the conflict:

1) You can change your environment and thereby remove the reason for the pain.  I can help you with that. 

2) You can change your perception of yourself to fit your environment, again removing the reason for the pain.  Once again, I can help you with that. 

3) You can recognize that the pain that you feel is the price you must pay for some benefit in your life.  Unless you are ready to change something, I recommend that you put up with the pain and quit complaining about something that you are unwilling to change. You are not a victim. You are a trader. You’re trading the pain that you feel for a benefit of some sort.  If you don’t like the pain, then do something about it.  Otherwise learn how to live with it and quit making everyone around you miserable by complaining about something that you are not willing to change.

You are not a victim!!!  You have chosen your behavior!  If you’re not willing to change something, then prepare to pay the price!  The price is typically pain and discomfort. 

Throughout this Volume II, I refer to the box and the logic of my computer model.  For the complete discussion on these issues, please read Volume I.

The sub-title of this volume II is:  “Blood Chemistry Drives Behavior”

Intellect and education levels have absolutely NO bearing on behavior when blood chemistry is factored in.  Blood chemistry trumps intellect every time. 

Why do psychiatrists give drugs to people with behavior problems?  Because the drugs alter blood chemistry, thereby changing mood and behavior. 

Remember that the greatest instinct built into all organisms is that of survival.  The drive for survival causes us to make choices to preserve our presence here in this physical dimension of Consciousness. From our discussion of structure governs function in Volume I, we have concluded that our physical shape allows certain behaviors to manifest.  This includes the shape of molecules in the blood, which trigger responses in the brain that in turn stimulate certain behaviors geared for survival in the moment.  These behaviors can take the shape of cravings for certain food as well as behaviors related to self and family protection. Urges for sexual activity are related to the survival of the gene pool.  Changing blood chemistry can and does alter our ability to see options for behavior

How do we control our blood chemistry?  Food and water enter our body through the digestive system.  We must first eat foods that are compatible with our system.  Then we must be able to digest that food.  If we cannot digest properly, we will not be able to assimilate the nutrients, so that we can get the nutrients into the blood to be able to build and repair the body parts. 

If the machinery (our digestive system parts) is defective or damaged, we will not be able to process the food before it rots or ferments.  Once organic material rots, it becomes toxic to the human body and will contaminate the blood and limit and/or change our perception of choices in the moment.  This volume II will explore some of our choices for changing blood chemistry and restoring our body to homeostasis or balance. 


My main focus can be summed up in a few very important principles which I will emphasize over and over throughout this book series … the repeated exposure to the same concepts throughout the book is purposeful for two reasons:

1) Repetition assists memory.

2) Most people do not read every word in a book.

If I plant the same idea in different places throughout this book series, I will increase the likelihood that most people will see it and “get it”.

  • The Universe is always in balance.  Balance = Homeostasis = Health
  • “Symptoms of dis-ease” are the Universe in the process of returning to balance.
  • Structure governs function … the shape of something determines if or how that something can or will be used.
  • Environmental conditioning can bias a behavior only within its potential or structural capacity.
  • Blood chemistry drives behavior and can and will trump or override intellectual choice.
  • There is no mystery or magic … just lack of information and understanding.
  • Vibration is an expressive manifestation of Energy.
  • The vibration of a medium creates shape in that medium.
  •                 “…And the Word (vibration) was made Flesh (physical)…”
  • There is no free lunch … Every thing and every action consumes or changes energy (has a price).
  • Survival of the fittest … only the strongest and most resilient creatures survive to propagate the species (in a natural habitat, that is).
  • Our greatest asset (the ability to adapt/accommodate) is also our greatest detriment. (The ability to change sometimes saves us from destruction in the moment.  But then, continuous change sometimes places us too far from balance, which spells destruction.)
  • To be in integrity you must live what you believe and believe what you live. (Lack of integrity creates caustic stress, which is the ultimate killer … not only of the body, but most importantly, of the character.)


My background in mechanical engineering and the experience in designing and trouble-shooting machines, gives me an edge in understanding that this flesh and blood machine that we live in has certain design objectives.

•  It was designed to carry you from birth to death, however long or short that is, in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

•  It is designed to run automatically down the road of life.

•  It has sensors built in to it to automatically adjust its course along the way to keep us safe from harm.

However, we have the ability to volitionally steer into dangerous territory.  We have the ability and the freedom to over-ride the autopilot and make choices in our behavior that could damage our machine so that it becomes very uncomfortable to continue the journey.

PAIN is ourDanger Aheadearly warning system.

My job, as I have accepted it in this physical space and time, is that of a translator … I translate pain and discomfort into English (or whatever earthly language that you speak).  Pain is our best friend.  It tells us when we are in dangerous territory.  Pain is not necessary, but it is inevitable.  All of us will feel some type of pain at some time in our life.

If we do not pay attention to subtle signals from the body that we are veering off track (little aches and pains and discomforts), the message gets louder and more emphatic.  If we continue to disregard the communication from the body (pain), organs and organ systems become dysfunctional or shut down altogether.

If crucial organ systems shut down, the body dies.  It can no longer support the Life Force that has been animating it. 

It appears that we do not have conscious control over the time that we spend here in this body, but we DO have ultimate control over the quality of that time that we spend here.

It is possible to make decisions that minimize pain and discomfort. 

It is also possible to make decisions to minimize and/or eliminate age-related degeneration.

I believe that it is my job to show that we have choices for behavior that could allow us to make this journey with a minimum of discomfort.  Actually making those choices and carrying them out is the responsibility of each individual.  All I can do is suggest a method and a direction for action.  You must make the decisions and do the work.

Consider this: In a science laboratory, heat can be measured in degrees of temperature.  Cold cannot be measured.  Cold is a relative term that we use for the absence of heat.

Similarly, dis – ease is a relative term used for the absence of health.  Health can be measured by observing and testing the function of the systems of the body.

Health is observed to be a state of being where all systems are in balance or in a state of homeostasis.

The word “health” is derived from the Greek word “holos”, which means perfect or complete or balance.

Disease” is a term that has morphed from the use of the word “dis – ease” or lack of ease or lack of homeostasis.

When the body is out of balance or out of homeostasis, it will display symptoms usually accompanied with some sort of pain or discomfort.  This is designed to get our attention.  Western allopathic medicine puts a label on the symptom and calls it a disease.  This now creates a target that can be attacked with drugs and/or surgery.

In your automobile, if you develop a noticeable vibration while driving, many times merely balancing the tires will alleviate the troublesome wobble or vibration.  When all systems and structures are in balance, your car should run smoothly.  Life in this vehicle that we call our body should also be a rather smooth ride IF we make sure that all systems are constantly in balance or in a state of homeostasis or health.

I teach health (homeostasis) … I do not treat disease.


The human body is a multidimensional (more than one octave of consciousness) electrochemical machine, which is designed by its Maker to be self-building and self-maintaining and self-repairing and to run trouble free for a lifetime (120 to 150 years).  By definition this is a dynamic process.

In other words, things are being added (to the body) and things are being discarded (from the body) all the time to maintain balance or equilibrium.  When the machine (our body) gets out of balance, it is programmed by higher realms of Nature to perform corrective maneuvers to re-establish balance.  There are two fundamental methods by which this machine gets thrown out of balance resulting in a state of dis-ease or lack of ease.


Something from outside the body such as chemicals, bacteria, fungi, worms, or viruses touches or gets into the body to poison or damage the body.


Something is missing from the body’s mechanism or structure or fuel supply to prevent the body from fixing itself when it is damaged or wears out. The human body was designed to fix itself when it breaks.

Consistent with the statement above that this is a multidimensional existence here on Planet Earth, in addition to the physical body, there can also be infections in and/or attacks upon, or missing components from the emotional body, the electromagnetic body, and/or the spiritual body. (See Volume I for subtle energy field disturbances.

If some substance, that is vital to the maintenance of the body’s immune system, is missing from the daily intake of nutrients, the body will attempt to scavenge or rob other stores of those critical substances from other parts of the body, or energy field, in order to maintain the integrity of the body’s defenses.  This is a survival maneuver. The body can maintain this deficit spending program for just so long. Every body’s storage capacity is different.

Expanding on this concept of missing nutrients, eating refined, chemicalized, adulterated food, forces the body to pull critical nutrients from existing stores in the body to replace the missing (refined out) nutrients in the food that was just eaten.  At this point, you should be able to see that it is entirely possible to be starving (for necessary nutrients) with a belly full of useless chemicals … and displaying genuine signs and symptoms of starvation even though we may be clinically overweight.


Chemistry is the study of how the basic units of matter relate and interact with one another.  Organic chemistry is the study of how carbon compounds relate and interact with one another and with other units of matter.


Life on Planet Earth projects Itself through Carbon compounds.  This is not to say that all Carbon compounds support animated life.  But in order for Life to project into physical matter (on this planet), Carbon needs to be present in the vehicle.

The structure of the human body (vehicle) is composed of proteins (amino acids), carbohydrates (simple sugars), and lipids (fatty acids).  While various minerals are utilized in the construction of some of these compounds, carbon is always present in all of them.
BROWNIAN MOTION” is named after Scottish botanist Robert Brown who first observed it in 1827.  In 1905 Albert Einstein suggested that Brownian motion (movement) was the result of particles colliding with molecules.
As Life projects Itself into the physical dimension of matter, or shall we say as Life Force permeates physical matter, It causes matter to vibrate.  Science calls this phenomenon Brownian Movement.  It is the constant persistent, never ending vibration of all particles of matter.  The frequency of vibration is measured in cycles per second or Hertz, all the way from micro (very few) to mega (very many) hertz.


Science has studied the phenomenon of wave shaping.  If a sound or tone is applied to a medium like water or sand (or some fluid, changeable substance), a specific, identifiable shape will appear in the medium.  If the tone changes, the shape changes.  (Do a Google search on CYMATICS.)
If harmonics and overtones are generated, a more complex shape presents itself in the medium.  There are even certain sounds and tones that will create motion.  The shape in the sand or water medium will move in a precise, specific, and predictable pattern depending on the quality of the tone.  This is “grist for the mill” in explaining why and how hypnosis and meditation have been shown to actually change structure and function of human bodies (See Volume I).
For matter to form and maintain a designated shape or structure, a higher frequency energy matrix needs to be applied.  In other words, energy directions or instructions must come from a more subtle (or higher) energy dimension than that in which the shape is created.   My point here is that Life descends or projects Itself into matter from a higher octave of Consciousness and drives physical matter to a very specific and determined purpose.
The random vibration or Brownian Movement that we see must be controlled and/or orchestrated from a higher realm or state of being (that we cannot see with our physical eyes) such that a specific shape and/or process is generated in the physical.
This Intelligence is communicated and carried to the site of activity and is allowed to express Itself by and through physical structure, but the Intelligence Itself is not the structure.  The structure that we see is only the physical vehicle through which the Intelligence projects Itself.  We are multi-dimensional beings, but we can only perceive the physical dimension with our physical senses.  Some of us experience extra sensory or meta physical perception.


The shape and harmonics of the Consciousness Field (your aura or hologram) determine the shape and function of the physical vehicle (your body).  Communication with and control of the physical vehicle by the Consciousness Field is established and maintained through resonance.  Similar shapes and structures allow resonance to take place.  Resonance is vibrational communication. (See the chapter on LOVE in Volume I.)
If a radio receiver is off of the broadcast frequency by a few Hertz, the reception will be garbled.  Specifically the length of the broadcast wave must fit the length of the receiver coil in the radio exactly, for clear sound transmission.  If the radio dial is one or two clicks off, the complete wave shape will not fit the speaker circuit so that only part of the sound will come through the speakers.
If the receiver is not tuned to the sender, distorted or impaired communication will take place.  If the shape and/or structure of our receiver station (our body) is distorted due to missing and/or damaged component parts, resonance or communication with Higher Consciousness will be frustrated and dis – ease or lack of homeostasis or balance will result.  (Please see the previous discussion on birth defects and the discussion on digestion further along in this text as well as my discussion on resonance in the chapter on LOVE in Volume I.)
This is where strong emotions such as love and hate can positively or negatively affect the health and wellbeing of humans and animals. There is a stronger discussion on the effects of thoughts and emotions on the physical body in the section on CANCER in this Volume II and in Volume III.  (Also see <germannewmedicine.ca> on the internet.)


The hard dense realm of physical existence is where Consciousness can get traction to make fundamental changes to the Life Structure.  The physical dimension is the proving ground or build-shop for new concepts and ideas.
Species of living things are coming and going all the time.  New creatures are constantly being discovered and other forms of life are becoming extinct.  This is a dynamic process.  Humans can only observe Nature in action.  They cannot alter the course of Nature doing what Nature does.  Nature IS ALWAYS in balance.
If humans with limited perspective interfere with Nature and the Natural Process, Nature WILL prevail, usually with some pain and discomfort to the interfering humans.
The human body is a complex electro-chemical machine (or vehicle), which maintains itself in the physical dimension based on the instructions and commands it receives from the higher vibration Life Force.

The shape of this vehicle is determined by the Energy Field (or Tone) that created it to accomplish the purpose for which it was designed and set into motion in the physical dimension of Consciousness.

The blueprints for the physical vehicle come from the Energy Field. 
The actual shape and function of the physical vehicle is ultimately dependent on the availability of building blocks.  (See discussion on DIGESTION.)


In order to understand the mechanism and functioning of digestion in the human body more thoroughly, we should take a look at the structure.
If we do a little reverse engineering, we should be able to determine specifically what this machine (our body) can and should do.  The first thing that I do, from an engineering perspective, is to assume that everything that I see is here for a reason.
Again, drawing from my experience as an engineer, I can see that this body is a completely compact, concise, efficient, and very flexible mechanism.

  • There are NO extraneous or non-functional parts.
  • There are numerous back-up systems for every crucial function.
  • There are automatic fail-safe mechanisms built into the system to effect maximum efficiency and greatest function capacity during our stay here in the physical world.

Behaviors have consequences.

Being a victim is what we are all taught to do in our politically correct government controlled schools.  As I explain in Volume I, “I hope this presentation motivates you to action”.  I’m not going to hold my breath though, but I DO have hope. It is the purpose of this Volume II to show that “blood chemistry drives behavior” and by changing blood chemistry, we create choices for behavior.
Once again …

“You’ve got what you’ve got because you did what you did.
If you continue to do what you did, you’ll continue to get what you’ve got.”

If you want to change something in your life, you need to change your behavior that caused the problem.

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