“I have known Phil Selinsky for over 25 years, and a person more dedicated and qualified to discuss the workings of the living body would be hard to find. In his excellent new book, THE HUMAN MACHINE: A Trouble Shooter’s Manual Volume III, Phil has… Read more “”

Harvey Diamond
N.Y. Times Bestselling author, FIT FOR LIFE –

The Human Machine, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome Epidemic, is a book about a complicated subject made easy by the brilliant words of Dr. Phil. His understanding of anatomy and physiology have made him a pioneer in the treatment and healing of the human body. Thousands of… Read more “”

Artista J. Marchioni

Dr. Phil is a healer who cares about his patients and who tells us the truth. And heals too. Thank you, Phil Selinsky.”

Peter Eastman
L.L.D. –

When I first met Dr. Phil, I had a headache every day, I had heartburn after I ate anything. I had a low back pain and neck pain that would make me lie down and take pain killers like candy. My knees ached so bad… Read more “”

Carl Coffee

Anyone suffering without relief, who has tried all other avenues for pain relief and is still looking for the underlying problem, should read this book by Dr. Phil Selinsky. After years of searching for answers, I finally found Dr. Phil. He has solved many “mysteries”… Read more “”

Barbara Rogers Scollin
C.P.A. –

Dr. Phil, you and the application of your philosophy of the The Human Machine has greatly affected my life. In working with you, and you working on my “machine” over these years; I have instituted certain approaches in selfcare. Regularly, I feed my cells complimentary… Read more “”

Laura Sharpe

“Many moons ago, (33+ years) I experienced much pain in my body and had a problem walking. A friend recommended Dr. Phil and I made an appointment. He helped me a lot as a Dr of Holistic Medicine and recognized the imbalance of my body… Read more “”

– MB –

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for ten years and He totally changed my health and the way I look at physical illness. I started to have low back pain since I was about 11 years old. Standing still or sitting with straight back is… Read more “”

Helen Castner

I was a patient of Dr. Phil Selinsky in the past, then I moved away and saw other Naturopathic doctors. I couldnʼt wait to move back so I could be taken care of by Dr. Phil once more. He knows the human body inside and… Read more “”

Susan Richardson

I have always known there was a better way to care for my health. With some help I found Dr. Phil. (I have excellent medical insurance, but have chosen the holistic approach. All of the following conditions have been diagnosed and treated by western medical… Read more “”

John Knudsen
R.N. –

Term of Treatment: April 2011 to present date *Outstanding results with physical manipulation of stomach area..to return the stomach to its natural position, and thereby reduce GERD like symptoms *Similiar results with Hiatal Hernia problems–gained many ideas on tips to maintain the positive results from… Read more “”

Stephen Phelps

Wow, where do I begin with my testimonies of 30 years of being a client of Dr. Phil. From body tune-ups to urgent-care visits he has always discovered the “hidden imbalances” that the western clinicians miss. I received Dr. Philʼs body treatments, follow-up advice and… Read more “”

Candice Wilson
Facials of Essence, Ojai

I have known Phil Selinsky for over 20 years. He has helped me, my family, and many of my friends over the years through his wisdom and knowledge of the human body. What I especially appreciate about Phil is that he works with you as… Read more “”

Melody Mewbourne
Thousand Oaks CA

  Thanks for the chance to express my gratitude for teaching me to better understand the function of my body. Most of all when it speaks to me through pain or symptoms. For this I have little need or use for Western Medical Doctors. Your… Read more “”

Michelle V.

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for the past 25 years. Dr. Phil is a “Master Mechanic of the Body”. His knowledge and expertise have helped me in ways too numerous to mention. When I met Phil 25 years ago, western medicine wanted to remove… Read more “”

Dianne McCown

It’s hard to sum up quickly everything I want to say. I want to speak to how you always educate me and get me thinking about life changes for the better, to speak about how much you clearly love your work… to speak about how… Read more “”

– P.W. –

Dr. Phil treated my hiatal hernia by pulling the stomach down into place. His treatment to heal the organs in my stomach was successful and my intestines, liver, kidney etc. are functioning perfectly now. This means that my health is excellent. A recent sigmoidoscopy caused… Read more “”

– Harriet S. –

One visit to Dr. Phil Selinsky changed my life. After he adjusted my hiatal hernia, I could breath more deeply than I had been able to in years! I consequently have more energy and better digestion. After several visits, I noticed my IBS had subsided… Read more “”

– Madelyn Reusser –

I first went to Dr. Phil with a severe digestion problem with acid reflux and trouble with bowel movements. He assessed that situation and found my stomach way up under my ribs. He made an adjustment and told me what to do to keep it… Read more “”

– Dr. Gina Shaw –

My treatment history with Dr. Phil Selinsky has spanned over 3 decades. I first came to him as a student back in 1981. I graduated from his year-long course with my Holistic Health Practitioner’s certificate. He said to me upon one of my first treatments… Read more “”

Kate Danta

  Dr. Phil is truly a great healer. He is famous for his six-day-perweek, early-morning to late night schedule with clients, and he has been following that schedule for over four decades. With this vast, clinical experience, a keen intellect and his engineering background, Phil… Read more “”

Keith Milliken
PhD. – Grangeville, Idaho

Dr. Selinsky is a master mechanic of the human machine. It may seem to his patients that “Dr. Phil” has an uncanny ability to “read” the body, but he will tell you it is just plain science, because he understands it inside and out. He… Read more “”

– E.T. Garcia –

Dr. Phil has an extraordinary understanding and ability to get to the causal level of stomach stress in a way that I would have never imagined possible. My stomach has probably been out of place since a stressful birth and with the addition of a… Read more “”

Deborah Mills
Soul Focused Healer

The first time I went to Dr. Phil, I walked out of his room in awe. He answered so many questions for me. I loved his analogy of a car to a body. It simplified so many unanswered questions that I had. That was over… Read more “”

– C. P. –

1. Dr. Phil helped me with combating debilitating asthma. Since seeing him, I have had no more regular hospitalizations, recurring pneumonia, nor the need to return to go on prednisone. He has improved my overall immune system, energy, and has helped my body to repair… Read more “”

– Ruth Harper –

Doctor Selinsky, Because of your knowledge of the human body and your homeopathic advice, I am living a healthy and productive life! Thank you for always being available to me and your patients, twenty four seven.

Reid Hoshizaki
Harbor City, Ca

In 2008 my oldest daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She suffered for two years with abdominal pains. As her mother, I was emotionally and energetically bonded with her. When she telephoned me and said, “Mom, I hurt”, I felt her pain. I became nauseated… Read more “”

– Letty Lauffer, PhD. –

I have been a recipient of Dr. Phil’s healing powers for over a year. I came to him with issues I had incurred at work. I was sent from Dr. to Dr. and given an elixir of different medications that were doing nothing to alleviate… Read more “”

– Mary Ann Porter –

Dr. Phil Selinsky has a wonderful way of making complicated issues regarding the body and health clear and understandable. He seems to effortlessly communicate information regarding what he perceives to be the root causes of most “dis-eases.” Perhaps more people will experience peace after reading… Read more “”

Richelle (Ricky) Gaspar
MA, LMFT, SEP – Santa Barbara, Ca