Stephen Phelps

Term of Treatment: April 2011 to present date

*Outstanding results with physical manipulation of stomach

return the stomach to its natural position, and thereby reduce GERD

like symptoms

*Similiar results with Hiatal Hernia problems–gained many ideas on

tips to maintain the positive results from sessions (ie: hang)

*Sessions produce a wealth of positive relaxation feelings; reduction

of pain in all areas, but especially my targeted problems (stomach,

lower intestinal areas)

*Use of the laser technology also beneficial to increase comfort and

reduce pain of lower gut.

*Dr Phil has been a tremendous resource for natural remedies and

options that assist the body to do what it needs (lower blood


*All sessions have been educative and positive!

*Truly almost a year of learning about how our bodies function and

respond to correct stimuli and lifestyle changes to better support

natural bodily functions.

*Many referrals have been given that utilize different practitioners

and techniques…healing codes; Rife beam ray; Chinese herbs. This

reflects a true interest in assisting and educating, not just making

money from a client and keeping the client for his own practice.

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