– Ruth Harper –


Dr. Phil helped me with combating debilitating asthma. Since seeing

him, I have had no more regular hospitalizations, recurring

pneumonia, nor the need to return to go on prednisone. He has

improved my overall immune system, energy, and has helped my

body to repair the “damage” done by years of harsh medications. Dr.

Phil has helped me to understand how the body works. No matter

what questions I have regarding health concerns, he always has a

clear explanation and logical natural solution.


My brother was on disability for a huge infection in his feet and his

legs up to the knees, both feet completely swollen from infection that

stemmed from blisters below the foot calluses that broke open. He

has no feeling in his toes (peripheral neuropathy), and that is why it

had gotten so bad. His doctor said that the antibiotics were not

working, and prepared him to have at least one toe amputated. Dr.

Phil worked on my brother’s entire body, performed the pressure

needed to “de-herniate” his stomach, advised natural supplements,

diet, and care of the feet. After the treatment, my brother felt

energized for the first time in weeks. Within one week, the antibiotics

started working (probably finally being absorbed properly), along with

the additional supplements, and the redness and swelling went down

tremendously. The next time he saw his doctor for a “pre-op” visit,

the doctor could not believe the improvement, and opted not to

amputate. After a two-month ordeal, he is back to work and well.

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