– Mary Ann Porter –

I have been a recipient of Dr. Phil’s healing powers for over a year. I

came to him with issues I had incurred at work. I was sent from Dr. to

Dr. and given an elixir of different medications that were doing

nothing to alleviate the pain or condition. I was experiencing the

band-aid affect and realized this was as good as it was going to get.

Their treatment was not going to fix the problem only mask the

symptoms. I received an email about Dr. Phil’s clinic and the way he

views and understands the human body got my interest. I went to the

clinic and was fascinated by his technique and healing style. I made

an appointment to see him and the results have been amazing. Dr.

Phil told me it would take some time to get everything back working

again the way the body is supposed to, but I would need to be

patient and things would get better. He was right and I have not

been back to see a medical Dr. for a work injury or for that

matter anything for quite sometime. My health and well-being have

greatly improved and been corrected. I am so grateful for his

dedication and understanding of the human body, it has made all the

difference in my life.

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