Letty Lauffer

In 2008 my oldest daughter was

diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She suffered for two years with

abdominal pains. As her mother, I was emotionally and energetically

bonded with her. When she telephoned me and said, “Mom, I hurt”, I

felt her pain. I became nauseated every day. I lost 30 pounds and

became weaker and weaker. My medical doctor told me that there

was nothing wrong with me. He said, “Itʼs all in your head”. I went to

a massage therapist who said she could not work on me because I

was too nauseated. She gave me the name of a person who had

taught the physiology section of her massage classes. During the

appointment, he assessed that my stomach was tucked up too high

under my ribs. As I lay on the massage table, he literally pulled my

stomach down. Dr. Phil Selinsky was the beginning of my recovery.

I continued to see him weekly and followed his advice for health. I

gradually regained some weight. My daughter continued her

devastating decline. However, I was then strong enough to help her.

She finally passed away in 2010. I am grateful to Dr. Phil Selinsky

for helping me to attain a strong foundation for health.

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