Laura Sharpe

Dr. Phil, you and the application of your philosophy of the The

Human Machine has greatly affected my life. In working with you,

and you working on my “machine” over these years; I have instituted

certain approaches in selfcare. Regularly, I feed my cells

complimentary fuel via astragalus, killer T-Cell regulation, exercise,

protein, hydration, balanced cell symbiosis, regular massage and

tune-ups with your touch and corrective positioning of my body’s

inner software and hardware (organs and musculoskeletal).

I utilized this approach during my recovery from a near death

experience as a result of a 2008 helicopter crash. My Level 1

injuries were such that I incurred 43 fractures including the lower

back and shattered right femur, traumatic and intense brain injury,

potential loss of an eye, partial amputation, major muscle loss, 40%

third degree burns on lower extremities requiring extensive skin

grafts and internal organ loss. I was unable to walk for approx. 1 1/2

years, walk with assistance for another year and can now walk

unassisted with orthotics and shoes. Without shoes I still require a

wheelchair. I received approximately 30 surgeries within a few years

span. Because of my blessed mental and physical approach to my

recovery, coupled with fantastic medical care, including yours, I have

had a miraculous recovery. To look at me today; one would not

ascertain from external appearance the multitudinous transgressions

that occurred to “my” Human Machine. Thank you for sharing your

philosophy and mechanical administrations with me over these

years. They are integrated into my personal philosophy and

approach, dramatically effecting and improving my life every day.

With love and respect,

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