Kate Danta

My treatment history with Dr. Phil Selinsky has spanned over 3

decades. I first came to him as a student back in 1981. I graduated

from his year-long course with my Holistic Health Practitioner’s

certificate. He said to me upon one of my first treatments with him “If

you keep on eating and drinking like you are now, your liver will take

you out”. He told me I was born with a weak liver circuit due to

alcoholism in my family history. I of course stopped everything that

was detrimental to my health and embraced a whole new healthy life

style…NOT! I continued to assault my liver with an assortment of

sugar, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, processed and refined foods,

dairy, and so on. Over the years I would show up at Phil’s door with a

sore lower back or some malady that was easily remedied and then I

would be on my way again. In 2002, I came to Dr. Phil with a

horrendous pain in the arse. It was my sciatic nerve acting up. I could

not sit, stand, lie down, or walk without excruciating pain. I received 5

treatments over a period of 2 weeks and at the end of the fifth

treatment he said, “You have something growing inside you. I want

you to go to the ER and have a CT scan from the sternum to the

pubic bone”. I did just that and the ER doctor informed me that there

was a 6-centimeter tumor in my liver as well as a smaller one and

that it appeared to have metastasized to the bone in my spine.

That is when I finally woke up and decided to give my lifestyle a

complete overhaul. That was 10 years ago and since no longer

ingesting any acid producing substances, I feel as though I have

cheated time. I feel and look better than I have in at least 20 years. I

have absolutely zero joint pain and that was my biggest complaint up

till about 8 years ago. I can run and do aerobic exercise classes like I

did in my twenties. In case you are not doing the math, I am now 55

years young. I know without Dr. Phil’s expertise my tumors would

have gone unnoticed till it was way too late and I would not have

been given the jolt I needed to pave the way to a whole new world,

both physically, psychologically, and emotionally. With great love and

great respect I am honored to share my experiences.

Thank you.

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