John Knudsen

I have always known there was a better way to care for my health.

With some help I found Dr. Phil. (I have excellent medical insurance,

but have chosen the holistic approach. All of the following conditions

have been diagnosed and treated by western medical procedures.

Some have been helpful, others harmful; and pharmaceuticals, some

helpful, some do nothing, but all have harmful side effects).

I am a 64 year old male diagnosed with the following medical

conditions. Along with the medical diagnosis are Dr. Phil’s

suggestions to mitigate the symptoms:

  1. Manic/Depressive. Homeopathic preparations and a variety of

natural herbs have been helpful. Yoga and meditation work

wonders. (Phil has also recommended an excellent Homeopathic Dr.

for further consultation for this and other problems if and when


  1. Insomnia. Several herbs and homeopathic remedies along

with meditation and mindfulness have helped.

  1. Hiatel Hernia resulting in GERD. Phil repositioned my stomach,

told me not to bend over, and I hang form a bar several times a day.

The condition is much improved, but will take time to completely


  1. Medial Epicondilitis (golfer’s elbow). Collagen and Silica

supplements, Crystal therapy, Physical Therapy … Pain is gone.

  1. Arthritis. Hyaluronic acid fixed the knees. No more Ace

bandages. I can play golf, kayak, and bike without pain.

  1. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. Flower Pollen, and Histidine.
  1. Diabetes. Lost 25lbs, and changed diet. No more need for


  1. High blood pressure & high cholesterol. Same as #7 … No more


All of the above can and will be cured with a proper diet

and proper food combining. This is easier said than done, but I am

working on it. The full body Reflexology Massage Dr. Phil gives me

weekly keeps me tuned up. He can tell me things (just by touch)

about my body that I would otherwise have no knowledge of. I have

been seeing Dr. Phil since March 2009, and will continue to see him

as long as he continues to work. His teachings have been invaluable

in my effort to lead a more healthy life. Dr. Phil is a wealth

of information; psychological, life experience, as well as suggestions

for physical changes.

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