Helen Castner

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for ten years and He totally changed

my health and the way I look at physical illness. I started to have low

back pain since I was about 11 years old. Standing still or sitting with

straight back is unbearable for me. Before I met Dr. Phil, I went to

see many Western doctors and Chinese traditional doctors. None of

them has helped me. They don’t even know why I had pain. When I

first see Dr. Phil, He explained that what was wrong and why it was

wrong with the body I live in. What he told me was totally mind

blowing. Now I am living pain free. Thanks Dr. Phil! For the past 10

years, I only see my family doctor for annual physical only. If there is

any discomfort for the body, I’ll go to see Phil and will feel like new

person next day without side effect (drugs). Once again thank you


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