– E.T. Garcia –

Dr. Selinsky is a master mechanic of the human machine. It may

seem to his patients that “Dr. Phil” has an uncanny ability to “read”

the body, but he will tell you it is just plain science, because he

understands it inside and out. He hears our complaints: the pain in

the shoulder, the dry mouth at night, an unusual stomach ache, etc.,

and readily interprets these symptoms as clues to what the body is

lacking in terms of nutrition, or suffering from through

overindulgence, or responding to in terms of injury or accident. Dr.

Phil bases all of his analysis on a thorough knowledge of how the

body actually operates, and how it naturally responds to

environment, diet and injury.

It is a fascinating lesson in anatomy and nutrition when Phil explains

precisely how the body works and what is happening. Moreover it is

a relief to understand and empowering to know how to be in control

of your health. I would expect Dr. Selinskyʼs new book will bring to

readers what patients have appreciated learning from him.

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