– Dr. Gina Shaw –

I first went to Dr. Phil with a severe digestion problem with acid reflux

and trouble with bowel movements. He assessed that situation and

found my stomach way up under my ribs. He made an adjustment

and told me what to do to keep it down where it belongs. He also

made what I considered a radical change in my diet. After all I was

the Pasta Queen with lots of cheese. After sticking to the diet mostly

for a few weeks all my reflux troubles vanished and I have not had

them since. Dr. Phil is a genius at diagnosing a problem and fixing it

with reflexive manipulation and energy work. He also referred me to

various other specialists over the years and has suggested trying

various supplements. I invariably learn something new on each visit

and am gradually fixing long time genetic problems. As a result, I am

in better health than I was twenty years ago and continue to improve.

When I had to cut back on expenses due to retirement, I said that I

would give up lots of other things but not my visits with Phil.

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