Dianne McCown

Dianne McCown

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for the past 25 years. Dr. Phil is a

“Master Mechanic of the Body”. His knowledge and expertise have

helped me in ways too numerous to mention. When I met Phil 25

years ago, western medicine wanted to remove my gallbladder.

Thanks to Dr. Phil, I still have my gallbladder to this day.

He has helped me over come the devastating effects of Candida,

Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome and a traumatic fall this past

Christmas. My daughter Danika and I have also benefited from his

Hiatal Hernia protocol. His Reflexology routine has been the best

healing tool I have ever encountered. I am most grateful to Dr. Phil

and am convinced that I would not be alive today had it not been for

him and his vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge.

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