Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills

Dr. Phil has an extraordinary understanding and ability to get to the

causal level of stomach stress in a way that I would have never

imagined possible. My stomach has probably been out of place since

a stressful birth and with the addition of a few whiplashes and dental

work it was something I had gotten use to. Yet after having a niacin

overdose that rocked my world I started having heart palpitations that

was effecting my sleep because my stomach was pressing against

the pericardium. Having my stomach put back in place helped

immensely. Being an energy healer I now am able to help many

people with the knowledge imparted to me about Hiatal Hernia and

the many symptoms that express themselves when the stomach is

out of place such as acid reflux, pressure in the diaphragm

and irritable bowel. Dr. Selinsky is a brilliant man with knowledge that

should be taught to all medical students and doctors that would

eliminate the need for anti-acids, indigestion and some cases of

heart disease.

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