Carl Coffee

When I first met Dr. Phil, I had a headache every day, I had

heartburn after I ate anything. I had a low back pain and neck pain

that would make me lie down and take pain killers like candy. My

knees ached so bad I could not step off of a curb without stinging

pain. I went to the emergency room many times for what I thought

was a heart attack, but it wasnʼt. I had a difficult time leaving the

house, because of fear of crowds. I drove my friends and family

away with anger and violent behavior. The whites of my eyes were

always bright red, which made dealing with the police somewhat of

an adventure. They insisted that I walk the white line on the side of

the road because they were convinced that I had to be drunk or high

on drugs or something. I had been to medical doctors since I was 11

years old looking for the answers for my troubles. When Dr. Phil said

that he was willing to help me, I was incredulous. I am pretty sure

that I yelled and threatened him. He worked on me anyway. He said

that I had to make some changes in my diet and I would be better.

He laid out a program for me to follow for what he called “hiatal

hernia syndrome”. Within 4 months most of my complaints were

gone. That was May of 1994. I will always remember that that was

the day that I started to get better. It has been 18 years of no

headaches, no back pain, no knee pain, no violent behavior, no red

eyes, and a peace of mind that I never had through most of my life. I

will always be thankful for Philʼs never giving up on me.

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