Candice Wilson

Candice Wilson

Wow, where do I begin with my testimonies of 30 years of being a

client of Dr. Phil. From body tune-ups to urgent-care visits he has

always discovered the “hidden imbalances” that the western

clinicians miss. I received Dr. Philʼs body treatments, follow-up

advice and supplement recommendations after a recent

appendectomy. Phil discovered my health was in jeopardy with a

compromised digestive system, a weakened liver, intestinal blocks

and lurking appendix parasites. There was not one medical test while

in the hospital that could determine any of this or the hiatal hernia Dr.

Phil was most concerned about. His recommendation of betaine

hydrochloride & slippery elm began to turn things around for me.

Dr. Phil Selinsky saved my life and got my entire system on track to

“optimum health”. He is a true master “body mechanic”.

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