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There is a difference between conventional western medicine naturopathic practice, which the law controls
and traditional naturopathic practice which is thousands of years old.

I must express my deep-felt disappointment and disgust upon discovering that the Naturopathic profession, like the Osteopathic profession before them, has sold out to Western Allopathic medicine. I began this part of my life attempting to become an Osteopath because, at the time, Osteopathic Medicine was true medicine utilizing tissue manipulation and Natural remedies to establish homeostasis. I studied with some of the “old school” guys and was very impressed and anxious to pursue a career as an Osteopath. But then I discovered that they sold out to Western Allopathic medicine with their drugs and surgeries, so I switched to Naturopathy. And now I see that the Naturopaths have gone down the same drain. Someone has to carry on the age-old tradition of Natural medicine without being swallowed up by the “money changers”. It looks like it’s up to me. I WILL NOT let “them” buy me out!!!

Instead of adhering to the motto of “FIRST DO NO HARM” (taken from the Hippocratic Oath) and continuing with a once proud profession of health oriented individuals, a group of Naturopathic school owners decided that joining “the other side” would afford them the opportunity to charge much higher tuition fees if their students could access the federal student loan program (through Western medicine) and their graduating students could charge insurance companies for services rendered. They “bought” the concept that Western medicine, with their drugs and surgery, is more “scientific” than following the laws of Nature, and therefore more acceptable to the uneducated naive general public. Now the “Naturopaths”, like Western medicine, must “protect their status” with legislation making everyone else who does not belong to their “club”, illegal, subject to prosecution. This is accomplished through what is called a “lobbyist”. A “lobbyist” is someone who accepts a bribe in return for creating legislation that is beneficial to a specific group or individual to the exclusion of everyone else. Bribery used to be a crime … now it’s a commonly accepted way to get laws passed for the benefit of “special interests”. These bureaucrats create laws, for compensation, (bribery) that make it illegal for everyone to do, practice, sell, or perform something. Then, for a fee, they will issue a special dispensation from prosecution called a “license”. (This is the “swamp” that needs to be drained!!!)
The following is excerpted from THE HUMAN MACHINE … A Trouble Shooter’s Manual … Volume III – Hiatal Hernia Syndrome:
License vs. Certification
License = a tax paid to a political entity for the privilege of doing business within its boundaries.
Certification = acknowledgement by an educational facility or agency of a proscribed level of education and/or achievement
The mere possession of a “license” does not confer expertise!

A license assures nothing other than the fact that you have paid a tax to a political subdivision. Typically, the enactment of a licensing law for any group or profession stems from a small number of individuals who want to limit their competition by insisting that any new arrivals to the activity or profession must pass rigorous requirements that the original group did not need to accomplish. The original group is now “protected” from excess competition by the force of statute Law.”
In this instance, a “license to practice” under the Business and Professions Code (in the state of California) specifically restricts the “exemptions from prosecution” (license) to only Western Allopathic medicine oriented beliefs and practices (the pharmaceutical lobby), which is why these school owners sold out to Western medicine and their so called “scientific method”. Even recently schooled acupuncturists and herbalists who also follow the Western Allopathic concept of relieving pain using alternative (to pharmaceutical drugs) methods to “treat a disease” instead of following Natural laws of physics to re-establish homeostasis or health, and are therefore issued a “license” to practice under the Western Allopathic medicine oriented Business and Profession Code.
From the Naturopathic Doctors Act CA Business and Professions Code Section 3644: (Highlights are mine.)
“This chapter does not prevent or restrict the practice, services, or activities of any of the following:
(a) A person licensed, certified, or otherwise recognized in this state by any other law or regulation if that person is engaged in the profession or occupation for which he or she is licensed, certified, or otherwise recognized.
(b) A person employed by the federal government in the practice of naturopathic medicine while the person is engaged in the performance of duties prescribed by laws and regulations of the United States.
(c) A person rendering aid to a family member or in an emergency, if no fee or other consideration for the service is charged, received, expected, or contemplated.
(d) A person who makes recommendations regarding or is engaged in the sale of food, extracts of food, nutraceuticals, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, botanicals and their extracts, botanical medicines, homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, and nonprescription drugs or other products of nature, the sale of which is not otherwise prohibited under state or federal law. (See HISTORY on this website.)
(e) A person engaged in good faith in the practice of the religious tenets of any church or religious belief without using prescription drugs. (See HISTORY.)
(f) A person acting in good faith for religious reasons as a matter of conscience or based on a personal belief, while obtaining or providing information regarding health care and the use of any product described in subdivision (d). (See HISTORY)
(g) A person who provides the following recommendations regarding the human body and its function: (See HISTORY.)

(1) Nonprescription products.
(2) Natural elements such as air, heat, water, and light.
(3) Class I or class II nonprescription, approved medical devices, as defined in Section 360c of Title 21 of the United States Code.
(4) Vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, natural food products and their extracts, and nutritional supplements.

(h) A person who is licensed in another state, territory, or the District of Columbia to practice naturopathic medicine if the person is incidentally called into this state for consultation with a naturopathic doctor.
(i) A student enrolled in an approved naturopathic medical program whose services are performed pursuant to a course of instruction under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor.”

CA Business and Professions Code Section 3645:
“(a) This chapter permits, and does not restrict the use of, the following titles by persons who are educated and trained as any of the following:
(1) “Naturopath.”
(2) “Naturopathic practitioner.”
(3) “Traditional naturopathic practitioner.”

(b) This chapter permits, and does not restrict, the education of persons as described in paragraphs (1) to (3), inclusive, of subdivision (a). Those persons are not required to be licensed under this chapter.”

Quote from the California licensing board:
“The following must be disclosed on your website:
That you are not a licensed healing arts professional.
That the treatments you provide are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state.
That the services to be provided are not licensed by the state.”
They really want to make sure that any individual that happens to wander onto this site is overtly biased toward Western Allopathic medicine. They want to imply that Western medicine is the only “legitimate” form of medicine and that anyone who does not have a state issued “license” (See above) is somewhat less capable and proficient in matters of health and disease. In my humble opinion, those individuals who hold state licenses, have been “marked” as having less than adequate training to recognize the language of the body. The body attempts to get our attention to alert us that something is “out of balance” thereby creating symptoms of dis-ease. Western medicine is trained to suppress symptoms, as opposed to finding out what the body is trying to say. Drugs suppress pain and symptoms. Pain and symptoms mean something needs attention. Unplugging the “alarm bell” with drugs is, in my humble opinion, a very dangerous and long-term destructive procedure. Western Allopathic and Naturopathic practices CAN be complimentary, but unfortunately, they very seldom are because of the arrogance of Western Allopathic medicine.

I TEACH HEALTH … I DO NOT TREAT DISEASE (“Disease” is a Western Allopathic medicine term … “Dis – ease” relates to Traditional Naturopathic concepts of unbalance).
The following is excerpted from my book THE HUMAN MACHINE … A Trouble Shooter’s Manual … Volume II – Blood Chemistry Drives Behavior:
“I believe that it is my job to show that we can choose behaviors that could allow us to make our life’s journey with a minimum of discomfort. Actually, making those choices and carrying them out is the responsibility of each individual person. All I can do is suggest a method and a direction for action. You must make the decision and do the work.

Consider this: In a science laboratory, “heat” can be measured in degrees of temperature. “Cold” cannot be measured because “cold” is a relative term that we use for the “absence of heat.”
Similarly, “dis – ease” is a relative term used for the “absence of health.” Health can be measured by observing and testing the function of the systems of the body. “Health” is considered to be a state of being where all systems are in balance or in a state of homeostasis. The very word “health” is derived from the Greek word “holos”, which means “perfect” or “complete” or “balance.”
The word “disease” is a term that has morphed from the use of the word “dis – ease” or “lack of ease” or “lack of homeostasis.” When the body is out of balance or out of homeostasis, it will display symptoms usually accompanied with some sort of pain or discomfort. These conditions are designed to get our attention. Western allopathic medicine puts a label on the symptom or symptoms and calls it a “disease.” This now creates a target that can be attacked with drugs and/or surgery.”
I am not a “state-licensed” medical practitioner, nor do I intend to ever be one or pretend to be one. My focus is teaching people how to get healthy and stay that way. My hope is that even “licensed medical practitioners” will one day seek out the information in my books so that we can begin to share health enrichment ideas and practices among all the different modalities without fighting over “territory”.
The following is excerpted from THE HUMAN MACHINE … A Trouble Shooter’s Manual Volume II – Blood Chemistry Drives Behavior:

“Science is defined as: Knowledge gained through observation and experimentation.

Religion is: A belief system, which Punishes excursions outside of its policy and dogma by excommunicating the curious experimenter. “
Western Allopathic medicine is not scientific by its own definition of science. It more closely fits the definition of a religion with its dogmatic beliefs and practices of persecuting and prosecuting any heretic who attempts to offer new knowledge and practice that does not adhere to their dogma. Of course, the reason that this phenomenon exists is that the western medical model is financed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which is profit driven, and pharmaceuticals are definitely immensely more profitable than Natural remedies and practices.
This group of school owners (referred to above) succeeded in obtaining legislation to “protect” their newly established status by playing “bully in the sand box” by commandeering the term “Naturopathic Doctor or N.D.” They could have easily called themselves “NMD” (Naturopathic Medical Doctor), which more closely describes their profession, leaving thousands of true Naturopathic practitioners to keep their scholastically earned designation of “N.D.”, that they have used for decades and are now subject to criminal prosecution if they want to continue with their practice. It is for this reason that I must distance myself from these “bully-in-the-sandbox” medical doctor wanna’ be’s. Please don’t get me wrong here. Western Allopathic medicine has its place in society and is unparalleled in trauma medicine, but they fall short in understanding how and why the body works. Naturopathic medicine at one time was just that … Nature oriented. If you want to find a “true” Naturopath or a “true” Osteopath, look for someone who is at least 70 years old and has been in the profession for 40 or more years. Look for a “Traditional Naturopath.” But first read my book series, THE HUMAN MACHINE … A Trouble Shooter’s Manual Volumes I, II, and III to get an idea of what true “Traditional Naturopathic” values are all about. (See BOOK SAMPLES on this website.)
My hope and wish is that one day Western Allopathic medicine will put aside its arrogance and open its mind-set to allow the cooperative practice of all medical perspectives without using a “legislative club” to force compliance to their belief system. (Iran does that.) Each has concepts and procedures that are valid and beneficial to the health of the general public. But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the pharmaceutical companies who finance Western medicine to change their focus from the pursuit of the dollar to the enrichment of the health of the general public. In my opinion, Western Allopathic medicine has had quite a few decades to amass enough money to untether themselves from the funding of the pharmaceutical industry. We have been mired down in the Golden Rule:

“Those who have the gold make the rules”.

DRUGS BY THEIR VERY CONSTRUCTION ARE UNNATURAL AND ARE DANGEROUS TO EVERY NATURAL LIVING THING. They can help in a crisis, but long-term usage WILL damage the immune system and lead to further degenerative symptoms and conditions. I explain this phenomenon in Volume II.

My overall plan is to resume classes once I get newly discovered treatments and procedures rearranged to fit the teaching schedule. I am now in my ’80’s and feel that I would like to pass “the torch” to someone younger who can carry on the tradition of true NATURAL MEDICINE. I will not offer certificates for licensing. I’m too old and ornery to play patty-cake with the bureaucrats again (government approved schools). I will be offering classes for information only. If you already have a “license” to practice or if you think you need one, you can go through government approved channels. My objective is to pass on information that I have gathered over the past almost 50 years. What you do with it is your business and responsibility. My passion is to get the world hooked on the natural, integrated, holistic approach to life. If every individual on this planet were to pay attention to and solve their own internal and external environmental issues, there, by definition, could not be any societal and world strife issues left to contend with and we could live in peace with each other. Oops … I just woke up from my dream … and now back to work to help drain the swamp.

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