The Human Machine Intro…



We Humans live for a time in a machine … a multi-dimensional, electro-chemical machine. This machine is designed and programmed to repair itself when it is misused or when it breaks. It will do that if and only if it has the NATURAL raw materials (amino acids, simple sugars, fatty acids, and minerals.) to repair damaged or broken parts AND, if and only if the digestive machinery is intact and functional.

This Human Machine operates largely on “automatic”.  There is, however, an over-ride feature, which allows us to make hands-on choices.  It has dashboard gauges, bells, and whistles that are designed to alert us, the driver, that we may be veering off track.  The language that the body uses in these gauges, bells, and whistles is PAIN.  Most of us do not speak “PAIN”, and therefore have absolutely No Idea what the body is trying to tell us.  Consequently, we spend most of our time in PAIN or discomfort of some sort, not knowing what to do to get rid of the PAIN.

 I TRANSLATE PAIN INTO ENGLISH so that you can make adjustments in your behavior to alleviate the PAIN.  In a private counseling session, I usually interrogate the body by observing the colors, textures, and smells of the body and by testing the sensitivity of pressure points and the relative strength of muscles. I point out that the body is always “talking” to us, and it always tells the truth. I draw from my training in mechanical engineering and my experience with “human machines” to help translate the language of the body (PAIN) into English so that we can determine what the best course of action might be to re-establish balance or homeostasis. The body knows what it needs and what it does not need or want, and it lets us know by making us uncomfortable. 

Sometimes the “problem” can be addressed with a simple change in diet and/or environment.

Sometimes we may need to “nudge” the body with herbs and/or other natural remedies including different forms of massage or tissue manipulation.

On rare occasions, drugs and/or surgery would be best to relieve the situation.

You and I will spend about an hour together examining your choices and will decide on an action plan together!

We put fuel (food) in one end of this “machine”, and exhaust (poop) comes out the other end.  What happens in between is critical!!!  There are many things and events that can influence and/or severely compromise the body’s ability to repair itself.  In my three-volume book series and two-hour instructional video, I describe these compromising impediments and how to solve the problem of chronic PAIN.

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