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A religion is a man-made concept designed to control other people in and from the physical realm. A church is a philosophical structure that supports a belief in a “Higher Power” beyond the physical realm, which can include a religion. But a religion is not necessary for a “church” to exist.

Temple of Holos
(Church of Holistic Studies) – A structure for a system of beliefs

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Temple of Holos / Church of Holistic Studies is to provide practical assistance to those human individuals who are actively seeking attunement with the Universal Life Force Energy.
The Church maintains that, just as in a holographic film where one minute piece of the film has the capacity to reproduce the entire picture, one miniscule part of the human body carries the seed or capacity to generate the reflection of the entire cosmos.
This seed of the cosmos (we are made in the image and likeness of God) is reflected in the DNA structure of each human cell. By nurturing the growth and expression of each cell in our body, we promote and nurture the expression of the Universal Life Energy. Therefore, by promoting and encouraging physical health, we allow a more perfect expression of spiritual health.
Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and as such, must be approached with reverence and respect.
Any foreign object or substance that penetrates the protective surface of the body (the Temple) affects and distorts the Light of the Spirit. A purposeful intrusion into the body through any un-natural means or device, of an artificial substance is considered a grievous misdeed.
Health, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, like heaven, is not a place or condition, but a state of being. One cannot be taken to a state of being. One must attain a state of being. This state of being is dependent on the quality and frequency of energy vibration.
The harmony and frequency of vibration of our body energy systems determines the quality of health. The word “health” comes from “holy” or “holos” meaning complete or perfect.
The Temple of Holos (Church of Holistic Studies) provides the philosophical matrix or spiritual objectives for those who wish to approach Holism. The Institute for Holistic Studies, which is the educational facility of the Church, provides the practical day–to–day instruction on how to build and maintain a vehicle, or body, which is capable of sustaining a higher state of beingness, or resonance with the Holos (God, Creator, Ultimate Engineer).
Universal laws of physics are by definition universal and apply to everyday life situations. It is the task of the Church to make these principles known to humans, and it is the responsibility of the Institute to teach the mechanics and application of this knowledge.

The neophyte seeker or applicant is first exposed to a rather intense training program, which focuses on the basic mechanical capacity of the human body to support a shift in consciousness.

Basic Level 1 

The Basic Level I Program stresses the importance of fluid dynamics in the human body. The student is shown, through principles of physics and demonstration, that moving fluid generates a magnetic field, which is not only detectable with electronic instruments, but is crucial to the quality of health enjoyed by the individual.
The student learns various methods (massage techniques) of improving the fluid dynamics and thereby increasing the energy potential of the human body, which leads to resonance with the Holos.
The student is at the same time made aware of the critical factors of diet and its influence on the energy field. By studying anatomy and physiology, the student can begin to understand how health (holiness/perfection) is a function of proper chemistry and mechanics.
Throughout the course the student is constantly reminded, through exercises and demonstration of imagery and meditation, that physical health is a reflection of spiritual health, and that one can definitely influence the other.
By conditioning and training the body to accept a higher level of health consciousness, we ultimately raise the energy potential for growth and awareness on all levels or dimensions of life.
Once the Basic Level I training is complete, the student is adequately trained to maintain his or her body in a higher state of health (holiness/perfection) than previously possible. Many times, at this point students feel a responsibility to share this new awareness with as many people as possible.
The Advanced Level II training continues with the emphasis now on “energy dynamics” as differentiated from fluid dynamics in the Level I class. The student is shown that energy flow through the body is just as important as fluid flow.
Many techniques such as Jin Shin Do and acupressure are studied to enhance this energy flow through the body. Through studies like Personology and Iridology, the student is able to perceive and balance personality and health patterns, which result in stress patterns that normally tax the energy potential.
After completion of the Level II course, the student is sufficiently trained in health enhancement philosophy and techniques so as to confidently counsel other individuals who recognize the necessity of improving physical health as a prelude to emotional and spiritual health and resonance with the Holos.
The Institute maintains ongoing workshop experiences for Level II graduates. The Church also holds monthly meetings in addition to daily study programs for any students or individuals desiring a fuller understanding of the “holistic” concept.
Holism is not a new word. South African leader Jon C. Smuts wrote about holism, wholes, and integrating relations in the early 1920s. In ancient times, Aesclepius was heralded for being a physical and spiritual leader. Hippocrates and Paracelsus recognized the inseparability of science, medicine, and religion. The Hebrew faith is very much a collection of rules for health and hygiene. And in more recent times, theologian Paul Tillich adeptly links religion and medicine as “one indivisible concept of reality”.

Tenets, Principles, and Beliefs

The Temple of Holos (The Church of Holistic Studies*) is an association of like-minded individuals dedicated to the concept that “All is One and One is All.”
Holos means one… entire… complete… perfection. A “Holy” Spirit is by definition a “Healthy” Spirit. Health (perfection) results from the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
The basic philosophy of the Temple of Holos is to reach toward Perfection through knowledge, growth, thereby increasing awareness of the Holos.
“Live what you believe and believe what you live.” (The secret to character integrity)
The Temple of Holos encourages and promotes responsibility to and for one’s self. The Church makes no overt campaign or solicitation for outward membership. Membership then becomes an outward expression of an inner truth.
Because the principles taught at the Institute for Holistic Studies apply to everyone regardless of belief, it is not necessary to be a member of the Temple of Holos to attend classes or meetings. However, class attendance is necessary for expressed membership in the Temple of Holos.
The members of the Temple of Holos believe that:
The Holos (Perfection) is All, and All is the Holos.
The Holos is the Universal Deity.
All life on this planet is a constituent part of one living organism.
The purpose of human life is the pursuit of knowledge and growth to increase understanding of and participation in the Holos.
The Basic Needs of all are (in order of importance):
a) Air
b) Water
c) Food
d) Shelter
e) Love
f) Unity
g) Community
h) Continuity

Individual and group reverence for, and unity with the Deity, in concert with the expression of knowledge and growth may be sought by all methods not in violation of, or infringement of, another person’s individuality.
The living world provides for all abundantly, provided all work in concert with the Holos.
The survival of any community is dependent on the maintenance of the following conditions:
a) That every person has an unalienable right to dignity in life and death.
b) The no matrix be deified or held sacrosanct.
c) That enlightenment demands acknowledgment of truth and reality.
d) That material and social reward shall be realized only for positive or creative effort.
e) That each generation shall respect and learn wisdom from the experience of its ancestors, parents, and elders to facilitate its knowledge and growth.
f) That there are provisions for prompt, orderly, and just resolution of any grievance.
g) That each individual human person have the opportunity for free expression of and access to the “Basic Needs”.
h) That there are provisions for new knowledge and growth.
The preservation and further development of humanity is critically dependent on the pursuit of these principles.

Applicant membership — all persons undertaking basic instruction.
General membership — All persons successfully completing Level I instruction.
Minister/Missionary — All persons successfully completing special Level II training and expressing a desire to instruct others about the Holos.
Elders — Persons chosen for their outstanding knowledge, understanding, and leadership.
• Membership is by invitation only.
• An interview with the pastor is required for all Individuals seeking certified membership in the Temple of Holos.
• We encourage family participation in the journey to enlightenment.

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