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Please note: These testimonials were copied directly from
the original e-mails that were sent to me. I only changed some
punctuation and a few grammatical errors. Otherwise they are
exactly as presented to me. – Thank you -

"I have known Phil Selinsky for over 25 years, and a person more
dedicated and qualified to discuss the workings of the living body
would be hard to find. In his excellent new book, THE HUMAN
MACHINE: A Trouble Shooter's Manual Volume III, Phil has
managed to turn what could be a dry, technical subject into an
exciting, interesting page-turner sure to enthuse and inform both
professional and lay person alike."
- Harvey Diamond, N.Y. Times Bestselling author, FIT FOR LIFE -

The Human Machine, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome Epidemic, is a
book about a complicated subject made easy by the brilliant words of
Dr. Phil. His understanding of anatomy and physiology have made
him a pioneer in the treatment and healing of the human body.
Thousands of his patients have benefited by his hands and
recommendations. Dr. Philʼs non-surgical treatments have saved
patients great expense and suffering. His book gives a healthy,
unconventional treatment that includes easy to understand and
perform self help advice. This is a masterpiece for anyone who is
responsible for his own health and healing. Thank you Dr. Phil!
- Artista J. Marchioni , RN, BSN, LE, CLNC, HHP -

I have known Dr. Phil since 2003. I am very thankful and take
comfort in all his naturopathic teachings in many areas of my health.
He has taught me a more realistic approach in my health problems
and that you learn that your body really is your temple. You must
begin to care for it and treat it with respect. He taught me how to
manage my condition and improve my health by taking daily
digestive enzymes, how to combine my foods, juicing, and many
good herbal meds instead of taking over-the-counter meds and has
taught me a whole new arsenal of treatments and insights about
many health issues. I feel I am in a much better area with my health
with his expertise and direction and I am very thankful and
appreciative for his advice and I now design my life to live as healthy
as I can. - Rose Patrick –

May I say the following about your care of my body?
After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my daughter, Cyndi and
her husband Doug suggested I see Dr. Phil Selinsky, ND, for another
option to surgery. After our first meeting and discussion of what I
would have to do to make this option work, I Prayed for direction
from our LORD JESUS CHRIST as it would require a change in my
eating habits. This was not the top thing on my list of things to do. I
enjoyed eating all the great foods that man has doctored up to taste
great … chips and cheese, pork, donuts, chocolate and on goes the
list. My thought was if GOD would help me stay on the diet Dr. Phil
wanted me on, then I would do it. I have, with HIS help, eaten
nothing but what Dr. Phil approved for the passed 3 years and it was
not that hard. My daughter really was a great help to start with and I
would not have been able to do this if it were not for her preparing
a salad of vegetables every week for those first few months. Now
I'm doing it and my LORD continues to bless these things to bring
me better health. Three years ago I was a bit overweight, if you
would have asked me, but no big deal, as I'm 6 foot 3 inch and
weighed 230. I eat like a horse never was hungry, the salads were
without dressings of any kind, but I eat my fill every meal. Within 6
months I was down to 190 and the lowest I got to was 176 and then
put back about 10 pounds and now weigh between 185 and 190 for
the past couple of years and the body is working much better, but
what of the Prostate. My PSA score in the beginning was 10.6 and
dropped to a low of 7.6 November, 2011 and three weeks ago was at
8.0. None of this would have happened without the help of Dr. Phil.
The world has a Doctor Phil and so do I, but his last name is
Selinsky. No, I have not forgotten the LORD, for without JESUS
there would be not Dr. Phil and soon there would have been no Fred.
Oh, yes, the Medical Doctor says "Good job, Fred.
We keep an eye on the rest of the body with tests.” Thank you
Doctor Phil Selinsky and GOD BLESS you and your family and
- Fred Boettcher, Boettcher Engineering & Contracting -

Dr. Phil is a healer who cares about his patients and who tells us the
truth. And heals too. Thank you, Phil Selinsky."
- Peter Eastman, L.L.D. -

When I first met Dr. Phil, I had a headache every day, I had
heartburn after I ate anything. I had a low back pain and neck pain
that would make me lie down and take pain killers like candy. My
knees ached so bad I could not step off of a curb without stinging
pain. I went to the emergency room many times for what I thought
was a heart attack, but it wasnʼt. I had a difficult time leaving the
house, because of fear of crowds. I drove my friends and family
away with anger and violent behavior. The whites of my eyes were
always bright red, which made dealing with the police somewhat of
an adventure. They insisted that I walk the white line on the side of
the road because they were convinced that I had to be drunk or high
on drugs or something. I had been to medical doctors since I was 11
years old looking for the answers for my troubles. When Dr. Phil said
that he was willing to help me, I was incredulous. I am pretty sure
that I yelled and threatened him. He worked on me anyway. He said
that I had to make some changes in my diet and I would be better.
He laid out a program for me to follow for what he called “hiatal
hernia syndrome”. Within 4 months most of my complaints were
gone. That was May of 1994. I will always remember that that was
the day that I started to get better. It has been 18 years of no
headaches, no back pain, no knee pain, no violent behavior, no red
eyes, and a peace of mind that I never had through most of my life. I
will always be thankful for Philʼs never giving up on me.
- Carl Coffee, HHP –

Anyone suffering without relief, who has tried all other avenues for
pain relief and is still looking for the underlying problem, should read
this book by Dr. Phil Selinsky. After years of searching for answers, I
finally found Dr. Phil. He has solved many "mysteries" of what it
takes to heal the body and live a meaningful life.
- Barbara Rogers Scollin, C.P.A. –

Dr. Phil, you and the application of your philosophy of the The
Human Machine has greatly affected my life. In working with you,
and you working on my "machine" over these years; I have instituted
certain approaches in selfcare. Regularly, I feed my cells
complimentary fuel via astragalus, killer T-Cell regulation, exercise,
protein, hydration, balanced cell symbiosis, regular massage and
tune-ups with your touch and corrective positioning of my body's
inner software and hardware (organs and musculoskeletal).
I utilized this approach during my recovery from a near death
experience as a result of a 2008 helicopter crash. My Level 1
injuries were such that I incurred 43 fractures including the lower
back and shattered right femur, traumatic and intense brain injury,
potential loss of an eye, partial amputation, major muscle loss, 40%
third degree burns on lower extremities requiring extensive skin
grafts and internal organ loss. I was unable to walk for approx. 1 1/2
years, walk with assistance for another year and can now walk
unassisted with orthotics and shoes. Without shoes I still require a
wheelchair. I received approximately 30 surgeries within a few years
span. Because of my blessed mental and physical approach to my
recovery, coupled with fantastic medical care, including yours, I have
had a miraculous recovery. To look at me today; one would not
ascertain from external appearance the multitudinous transgressions
that occurred to "my" Human Machine. Thank you for sharing your
philosophy and mechanical administrations with me over these
years. They are integrated into my personal philosophy and
approach, dramatically effecting and improving my life every day.
With love and respect,
- Laura Sharpe –
"Many moons ago, (33+ years) I experienced much pain in my body
and had a problem walking. A friend recommended Dr. Phil and I
made an appointment. He helped me a lot as a Dr of Holistic
Medicine and recognized the imbalance of my body electrical
circuits. His techniques for relief of a hiatal hernia brought permanent
relief! I was so grateful. I became a student of his and learned much
more. Prior to this, I was working in the medical field and did not
receive relief of symptoms. I am eternally grateful for his assistance,
his teaching, and his friendship for these many years! His teaching
and experience are invaluable. His books are precise and clear! His
devotion to helping others heal is rare! I followed his techniques for
many years with great success and am now retired.
– MB –

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for ten years and He totally changed
my health and the way I look at physical illness. I started to have low
back pain since I was about 11 years old. Standing still or sitting with
straight back is unbearable for me. Before I met Dr. Phil, I went to
see many Western doctors and Chinese traditional doctors. None of
them has helped me. They don't even know why I had pain. When I
first see Dr. Phil, He explained that what was wrong and why it was
wrong with the body I live in. What he told me was totally mind
blowing. Now I am living pain free. Thanks Dr. Phil! For the past 10
years, I only see my family doctor for annual physical only. If there is
any discomfort for the body, I'll go to see Phil and will feel like new
person next day without side effect (drugs). Once again thank you
– Helen Castner -

I was a patient of Dr. Phil Selinsky in the past, then I moved away
and saw other Naturopathic doctors. I couldnʼt wait to move back so
I could be taken care of by Dr. Phil once more. He knows the human
body inside and out like no other. His care, recommendations and
valuable information have been and will continue to be life changing
for me.
- Susan Richardson -

I have always known there was a better way to care for my health.
With some help I found Dr. Phil. (I have excellent medical insurance,
but have chosen the holistic approach. All of the following conditions
have been diagnosed and treated by western medical procedures.
Some have been helpful, others harmful; and pharmaceuticals, some
helpful, some do nothing, but all have harmful side effects).
I am a 64 year old male diagnosed with the following medical
conditions. Along with the medical diagnosis are Dr. Phil's
suggestions to mitigate the symptoms:
1. Manic/Depressive. Homeopathic preparations and a variety of
natural herbs have been helpful. Yoga and meditation work
wonders. (Phil has also recommended an excellent Homeopathic Dr.
for further consultation for this and other problems if and when
2. Insomnia. Several herbs and homeopathic remedies along
with meditation and mindfulness have helped.
3. Hiatel Hernia resulting in GERD. Phil repositioned my stomach,
told me not to bend over, and I hang form a bar several times a day.
The condition is much improved, but will take time to completely
4. Medial Epicondilitis (golfer's elbow). Collagen and Silica
supplements, Crystal therapy, Physical Therapy … Pain is gone.
5. Arthritis. Hyaluronic acid fixed the knees. No more Ace
bandages. I can play golf, kayak, and bike without pain.
6. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. Flower Pollen, and Histidine.
7. Diabetes. Lost 25lbs, and changed diet. No more need for
8. High blood pressure & high cholesterol. Same as #7 … No more
All of the above can and will be cured with a proper diet
and proper food combining. This is easier said than done, but I am
working on it. The full body Reflexology Massage Dr. Phil gives me
weekly keeps me tuned up. He can tell me things (just by touch)
about my body that I would otherwise have no knowledge of. I have
been seeing Dr. Phil since March 2009, and will continue to see him
as long as he continues to work. His teachings have been invaluable
in my effort to lead a more healthy life. Dr. Phil is a wealth
of information; psychological, life experience, as well as suggestions
for physical changes.
- John Knudsen, R.N. -

Term of Treatment: April 2011 to present date
*Outstanding results with physical manipulation of stomach
return the stomach to its natural position, and thereby reduce GERD
like symptoms
*Similiar results with Hiatal Hernia problems--gained many ideas on
tips to maintain the positive results from sessions (ie: hang)
*Sessions produce a wealth of positive relaxation feelings; reduction
of pain in all areas, but especially my targeted problems (stomach,
lower intestinal areas)
*Use of the laser technology also beneficial to increase comfort and
reduce pain of lower gut.
*Dr Phil has been a tremendous resource for natural remedies and
options that assist the body to do what it needs (lower blood
*All sessions have been educative and positive!
*Truly almost a year of learning about how our bodies function and
respond to correct stimuli and lifestyle changes to better support
natural bodily functions.
*Many referrals have been given that utilize different practitioners
and techniques...healing codes; Rife beam ray; Chinese herbs. This
reflects a true interest in assisting and educating, not just making
money from a client and keeping the client for his own practice.
- Stephen Phelps -

Wow, where do I begin with my testimonies of 30 years of being a
client of Dr. Phil. From body tune-ups to urgent-care visits he has
always discovered the "hidden imbalances" that the western
clinicians miss. I received Dr. Philʼs body treatments, follow-up
advice and supplement recommendations after a recent
appendectomy. Phil discovered my health was in jeopardy with a
compromised digestive system, a weakened liver, intestinal blocks
and lurking appendix parasites. There was not one medical test while
in the hospital that could determine any of this or the hiatal hernia Dr.
Phil was most concerned about. His recommendation of betaine
hydrochoride & slippery elm began to turn things around for me.
Dr. Phil Selinsky saved my life and got my entire system on track to
"optimum health". He is a true master "body mechanic".
- Candice Wilson – Facials of Essence, Ojai

I have known Phil Selinsky for over 20 years. He has helped me, my
family, and many of my friends over the years through his wisdom
and knowledge of the human body. What I especially appreciate
about Phil is that he works with you as a whole person. What I mean
by that is he not only has the knowledge of how the organs, muscles,
bones, etc. work. But he also works with your emotions, meridians,
massage, trigger points, your eating habits, and many other
modalities. Whatever it takes to get you better. His knowledge is so
vast, and he never ceases to amaze me. I am so excited that he's
writing this book. I have so many testimonials of how Phil has
helped, but I will just name a few:
1. In 2000 I was diagnosed with 3rd stage melanoma on my hip.
Western medicine gave me 6 months to live. I contacted Phil, he
said to use compound X. It was gone within about 5 months. I never
had any chemotherapy, nor did I have any radiation. It has been 11
years and there isn't a trace of any cancer in my body.
2. My sister had pneumonia, the doctors put her on antibiotics. After
about 2 weeks she wasn't getting any better. So I called Phil. He
said get her Whole leaf aloe liquid. Within 2 days she was feeling
3. My sister had been hit by a car as a pedestrian in her 20's and
for 10 years she had suffered with pain in her body. One night she
called me because she couldn't lift her neck. I called Phil. He came
right over to her house and worked on her. After just 2 sessions, she
was pain free and could move her neck. Phil said her body was
holding on to fear.
4. My 18 year old son was living in a place where he got sick with a
lung infection. He was coughing, spitting up colored flem, had no
energy, and his skin was pale. This went on for about 3 months.
Finally he let me call Phil for help. Phil said get Olive leaf extract
and Cat's claw. Within 2 or 3 days he was on the road to recovery.
5. Another time I called Phil because I had run a fever of 102 to 104
for 4 days. I was in and out of consciousness and hallucinating. Phil
asked me to look down my throat and tell me if it was white? It was.
he said you have Strep throat and to get the Cat's claw and Olive leaf
extract. Within hours I was better, no more fever.
Again I'm so glad Phil is putting out this book to help people and
give them a choice over Western medicine . I appreciate having
alternatives. If not for Phil and his knowledge of Compound X, I
would not be here today.
- Melody Mewbourne - Thousand Oaks CA

Thanks for the chance to express my gratitude for teaching me to
better understand the function of my body. Most of all when it speaks
to me through pain or symptoms. For this I have little need or use for
Western Medical Doctors. Your knowledge and teachings have
helped me to find natural ways to improve my health and wellbeing.
My life has changed and improved from your help. I will be forever
– Michelle V. -

I have known Dr. Phil Selinsky for the past 25 years. Dr. Phil is a
"Master Mechanic of the Body". His knowledge and expertise have
helped me in ways too numerous to mention. When I met Phil 25
years ago, western medicine wanted to remove my gallbladder.
Thanks to Dr. Phil, I still have my gallbladder to this day.
He has helped me over come the devastating effects of Candida,
Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome and a traumatic fall this past
Christmas. My daughter Danika and I have also benefited from his
Hiatal Hernia protocol. His Reflexology routine has been the best
healing tool I have ever encountered. I am most grateful to Dr. Phil
and am convinced that I would not be alive today had it not been for
him and his vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge.
- Dianne McCown, LVN, HHP -

It's hard to sum up quickly everything I want to say. I want to speak
to how you always educate me and get me thinking about life
changes for the better, to speak about how much you clearly love
your work... to speak about how caring you are of your clients, etc...
but it would be too long. I am an endurance athlete with a stressful
job, which is very demanding on my body. To maintain my health
and to bring me back into balance, I have regular appointments with
Dr. Phil Selinksy. After a session with Dr. Selinsky, I feel stronger,
energized, clear, balanced and grounded. My digestion has
improved. My ability to handle stress has improved. My running has
improved. Thank you Dr. Phil.
– P.W. -

Dr. Phil treated my hiatal hernia by pulling the stomach down into
place. His treatment to heal the organs in my stomach was
successful and my intestines, liver, kidney etc. are functioning
perfectly now. This means that my health is excellent. A recent
sigmoidoscopy caused the MD to exclaim about how healthy my
colon looked - clean (no polyps) strong, and beautiful. I attribute that
to the treatments I have received from Dr. Phil.
- Harriet S. -

One visit to Dr. Phil Selinsky changed my life. After he adjusted my
hiatal hernia, I could breath more deeply than I had been able to in
years! I consequently have more energy and better digestion. After
several visits, I noticed my IBS had subsided considerably. Dr. Phil
is truly a gifted healer, treating patients with brilliant skill and genuine
caring. He is also a wealth of valuable information and teaches easy
and effective self-care techniques.
- Madelyn Reusser -

I first went to Dr. Phil with a severe digestion problem with acid reflux
and trouble with bowel movements. He assessed that situation and
found my stomach way up under my ribs. He made an adjustment
and told me what to do to keep it down where it belongs. He also
made what I considered a radical change in my diet. After all I was
the Pasta Queen with lots of cheese. After sticking to the diet mostly
for a few weeks all my reflux troubles vanished and I have not had
them since. Dr. Phil is a genius at diagnosing a problem and fixing it
with reflexive manipulation and energy work. He also referred me to
various other specialists over the years and has suggested trying
various supplements. I invariably learn something new on each visit
and am gradually fixing long time genetic problems. As a result, I am
in better health than I was twenty years ago and continue to improve.
When I had to cut back on expenses due to retirement, I said that I
would give up lots of other things but not my visits with Phil.
- Dr. Gina Shaw -

My treatment history with Dr. Phil Selinsky has spanned over 3
decades. I first came to him as a student back in 1981. I graduated
from his year-long course with my Holistic Health Practitioner's
certificate. He said to me upon one of my first treatments with him "If
you keep on eating and drinking like you are now, your liver will take
you out". He told me I was born with a weak liver circuit due to
alcoholism in my family history. I of course stopped everything that
was detrimental to my health and embraced a whole new healthy life
style...NOT! I continued to assault my liver with an assortment of
sugar, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, processed and refined foods,
dairy, and so on. Over the years I would show up at Phil's door with a
sore lower back or some malady that was easily remedied and then I
would be on my way again. In 2002, I came to Dr. Phil with a
horrendous pain in the arse. It was my sciatic nerve acting up. I could
not sit, stand, lie down, or walk without excruciating pain. I received 5
treatments over a period of 2 weeks and at the end of the fifth
treatment he said, "You have something growing inside you. I want
you to go to the ER and have a CT scan from the sternum to the
pubic bone". I did just that and the ER doctor informed me that there
was a 6-centimeter tumor in my liver as well as a smaller one and
that it appeared to have metastasized to the bone in my spine.
That is when I finally woke up and decided to give my lifestyle a
complete overhaul. That was 10 years ago and since no longer
ingesting any acid producing substances, I feel as though I have
cheated time. I feel and look better than I have in at least 20 years. I
have absolutely zero joint pain and that was my biggest complaint up
till about 8 years ago. I can run and do aerobic exercise classes like I
did in my twenties. In case you are not doing the math, I am now 55
years young. I know without Dr. Phil's expertise my tumors would
have gone unnoticed till it was way too late and I would not have
been given the jolt I needed to pave the way to a whole new world,
both physically, psychologically, and emotionally. With great love and
great respect I am honored to share my experiences.
Thank you. - Kate Danta, LVN, HHP -

Dr. Phil is truly a great healer. He is famous for his six-day-perweek,
early-morning to late night schedule with clients, and he has
been following that schedule for over four decades. With this vast,
clinical experience, a keen intellect and his engineering background,
Phil has discovered his own, unique approach to healing the Human
Machine. Using his uncanny ability to correctly diagnose, and using
often self-discovered, but always effective and gentle treatments,
Phil tells clients what has gone wrong and shows them the path back
to good health. Dr. Philʼs work on hiatal hernia is groundbreaking.
He not only has identified the overlooked epidemic in our midst, but
he also has shown how to gently diagnose the syndrome and how to
restore full health.
- Keith Milliken, PhD. - Grangeville, Idaho

Dr. Selinsky is a master mechanic of the human machine. It may
seem to his patients that “Dr. Phil” has an uncanny ability to “read”
the body, but he will tell you it is just plain science, because he
understands it inside and out. He hears our complaints: the pain in
the shoulder, the dry mouth at night, an unusual stomach ache, etc.,
and readily interprets these symptoms as clues to what the body is
lacking in terms of nutrition, or suffering from through
overindulgence, or responding to in terms of injury or accident. Dr.
Phil bases all of his analysis on a thorough knowledge of how the
body actually operates, and how it naturally responds to
environment, diet and injury.  
It is a fascinating lesson in anatomy and nutrition when Phil explains
precisely how the body works and what is happening. Moreover it is
a relief to understand and empowering to know how to be in control
of your health. I would expect Dr. Selinskyʼs new book will bring to
readers what patients have appreciated learning from him.
- E.T. Garcia -

Dr. Phil has an extraordinary understanding and ability to get to the
causal level of stomach stress in a way that I would have never
imagined possible. My stomach has probably been out of place since
a stressful birth and with the addition of a few whiplashes and dental
work it was something I had gotten use to. Yet after having a niacin
overdose that rocked my world I started having heart palpitations that
was effecting my sleep because my stomach was pressing against
the pericardium. Having my stomach put back in place helped
immensely. Being an energy healer I now am able to help many
people with the knowledge imparted to me about Hiatal Hernia and
the many symptoms that express themselves when the stomach is
out of place such as acid reflux, pressure in the diaphragm
and irritable bowel. Dr. Selinsky is a brilliant man with knowledge that
should be taught to all medical students and doctors that would
eliminate the need for anti-acids, indigestion and some cases of
heart disease.
- Deborah Mills - Soul Focused Healer

The first time I went to Dr. Phil, I walked out of his room in awe. He
answered so many questions for me. I loved his analogy of a car to
a body. It simplified so many unanswered questions that I had. That
was over two years ago. I originally went to him for a weight loss
solution. He diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia. He was able to
manipulate my stomach and manually pull it down. Since then it has
never gone back up. I still continue to see him on a regular basis for
my mental and physical health. He is a wonderful teacher and during
our sessions he openly shares his knowledge and educates me on
overall health and wellbeing. At the same time he manipulates my
body, diagnosing the current condition of my liver, kidneys and other
vital organs.
He is able to "re-set" my clock and I leave feeling like a million
dollars. I have lost about 10 pounds over the last year, however, I
realize that itʼs up to me to watch what I am eating, and that there is
no magic pill.
– C. P. -

Dr. Phil helped me with combating debilitating asthma. Since seeing
him, I have had no more regular hospitalizations, recurring
pneumonia, nor the need to return to go on prednisone. He has
improved my overall immune system, energy, and has helped my
body to repair the “damage” done by years of harsh medications. Dr.
Phil has helped me to understand how the body works. No matter
what questions I have regarding health concerns, he always has a
clear explanation and logical natural solution.
My brother was on disability for a huge infection in his feet and his
legs up to the knees, both feet completely swollen from infection that
stemmed from blisters below the foot calluses that broke open. He
has no feeling in his toes (peripheral neuropathy), and that is why it
had gotten so bad. His doctor said that the antibiotics were not
working, and prepared him to have at least one toe amputated. Dr.
Phil worked on my brother's entire body, performed the pressure
needed to “de-herniate” his stomach, advised natural supplements,
diet, and care of the feet. After the treatment, my brother felt
energized for the first time in weeks. Within one week, the antibiotics
started working (probably finally being absorbed properly), along with
the additional supplements, and the redness and swelling went down
tremendously. The next time he saw his doctor for a “pre-op” visit,
the doctor could not believe the improvement, and opted not to
amputate. After a two-month ordeal, he is back to work and well.
- Ruth Harper -

Doctor Selinsky,
Because of your knowledge of the human body and your
homeopathic advice, I am living a healthy and productive life! Thank
you for always being available to me and your patients, twenty four
- Reid Hoshizaki - Harbor City, Ca

In 2008 my oldest daughter was
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She suffered for two years with
abdominal pains. As her mother, I was emotionally and energetically
bonded with her. When she telephoned me and said, “Mom, I hurt”, I
felt her pain. I became nauseated every day. I lost 30 pounds and
became weaker and weaker. My medical doctor told me that there
was nothing wrong with me. He said, “Itʼs all in your head”. I went to
a massage therapist who said she could not work on me because I
was too nauseated. She gave me the name of a person who had
taught the physiology section of her massage classes. During the
appointment, he assessed that my stomach was tucked up too high
under my ribs. As I lay on the massage table, he literally pulled my
stomach down. Dr. Phil Selinsky was the beginning of my recovery.
I continued to see him weekly and followed his advice for health. I
gradually regained some weight. My daughter continued her
devastating decline. However, I was then strong enough to help her.
She finally passed away in 2010. I am grateful to Dr. Phil Selinsky
for helping me to attain a strong foundation for health.
– Letty Lauffer, PhD. -

I have been a recipient of Dr. Phil's healing powers for over a year. I
came to him with issues I had incurred at work. I was sent from Dr. to
Dr. and given an elixir of different medications that were doing
nothing to alleviate the pain or condition. I was experiencing the
band-aid affect and realized this was as good as it was going to get.
Their treatment was not going to fix the problem only mask the
symptoms. I received an email about Dr. Phil's clinic and the way he
views and understands the human body got my interest. I went to the
clinic and was fascinated by his technique and healing style. I made
an appointment to see him and the results have been amazing. Dr.
Phil told me it would take some time to get everything back working
again the way the body is supposed to, but I would need to be
patient and things would get better. He was right and I have not
been back to see a medical Dr. for a work injury or for that
matter anything for quite sometime. My health and well-being have
greatly improved and been corrected. I am so grateful for his
dedication and understanding of the human body, it has made all the
difference in my life.
- Mary Ann Porter -

Dr. Phil Selinsky has a wonderful way of making complicated issues
regarding the body and health clear and understandable. He seems
to effortlessly communicate information regarding what he perceives
to be the root causes of most “dis-eases.” Perhaps more people will
experience peace after reading his book by understanding their
reactions and behaviors from deep physiological, emotional,
psychological, and spiritual levels.
- Richelle (Ricky) Gaspar, MA, LMFT, SEP – Santa Barbara, Ca

When people come to me, they come with questions.

Why do I hurt? or Why doesn’t my body do what I want it to do? 

In a private counseling session I usually interrogate the body by observing the colors, textures, and smells of the body and by testing the sensitivity of pressure points and the relative  strength of muscles. I point out that the body is always “talking” to us, and it always tells the truth. I draw from my training in engineering and my experience with “human machines” to help translate the language of the body (pain) into English so that we can determine what the best course of action might be to re-establish balance or homeostasis. The body knows what it does not need or want and it lets us know by making us uncomfortable.  

• Sometimes the “problem” can be addressed with a simple change in diet and/or environment.
• Sometimes we may need to “nudge” the body with herbs and/or other natural remedies including different forms of massage or tissue manipulation.
• On rare occasions, drugs and/or surgery would be best to relieve the situation.
• You and I will spend about an hour together examining your choices and will decide on an action plan together!
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