Volume II

The following are excerpts from Volume II:

Le Chatelier’s Principle of Chemical Physics:

 “If a change is imposed on a system at equilibrium, the position of the equilibrium will shift in a direction that tends to reduce that change.”

The Universe is always in balance.  If we place Nature out of balance, Nature will return itself to balance (sometimes with a vengeance and possibly to our individual detriment).

It’s not wise to “mess” with Mother Nature!

This is not a typical take this potion for that problem type book.  You will not be able to look up a symptom or a disease alphabetically and read off an herb or a drug or potion or ritual that will cure you of your problem. 

Instead you will learn how and why the body works.  You will learn the logic of the body and the laws of physics that control it. You will learn how to read the dashboard gauges (aches and pains).  There is no mystery or magic to the activity and behavior of the human body.  You will then hopefully understand what you must do to change your set of circumstances that are causing your discomfort and pain.  More aptly stated, you will be able to see the choices that you have.  It is then your responsibility to choose a course of action that will take you out of pain and/or discomfort and into homeostasis or balance.