Volume I

This book is presented in three volumes.
VOLUME I deals with real and potential personality and behavior conflicts that can, and many times do, result in both emotional and physical pain and discomfort. If left unresolved, these conflicts may evolve into pathological conditions.
The theme for Volume I is STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION … the shape of something determines its possible potential behavior and/or function.


To set the mood and stage for the information in this book, I present the reader with this problem:

Use four (4) straight lines to connect all nine (9) dots without lifting your pencil from the paper and touching each dot only once.


The Puzzle
The Answer
The Worm in the Apple
Point of Decision
Chains of Belief
No Magic … No Mystery
The Human Machine
         Instinct vs Volition
The Physical Plane
         Proper Nutrients
         Enzymes Are Tools
         Cells Are Factories
         Common Mind Pool Behavior
         Free Will Behavior
         Programmable Tools
         Living Computers
                  Bambi – Cinderella – Witch
         Stress Triggers Survival Behavior
         We Are Not All Equal
Behavior Polarities
                 Physical Sexuality
                 Emotional Sexuality
                  Physical Suggestibility 
                  Emotional Suggestibility
                  Stunted Emotional Growth 
         What To Do
         Polarity Shifting
Structure/Function (Innate Capacity)
         Short Legs
         Long Legs
         Instinctive Behavior
         Feelings About Basic Shapes
                  Triangles – Circles – Squares – Ovals
                           Square Shapes
                           Circular Shapes
                           Triangular Shapes
                           Oval Shapes
          Trait Map
                  Thinking Area Traits
                           Thinking Bias
                                Sequential Thinking
                                Objective Thinking
                  Suggestibility Modifies Thinking Trait Behavior
                  General Recommendations For All Extreme Trait Polarities
                    Innate Self Confidence
                    Single Focus/Multi Focus
                   Multiplicity of Ideas
                   Forceful (See also Action Area)
                   Balance of forces
                   Interest Bias
                   Forward/Backward Focus
Action Area Traits
                   Automatic Resistance (Stubborn)
Feeling and Emotion Area
                   Serious Minded
                   Exacting Focus
                   Detail Concern
Automatic Expression
                   Emotional Strain
                   Emotional Expression
                   Analytical Expression
                   Critical Expression
                   Careful Expression
                   Conventional/Unconventional Thinking
                   Open Minded/Skeptical
                   Nose for News
Physical Expression Area
                   Physical Motive
                   Hand Dexterity
                   Philosophical Trend
Structural Variation
                   Cosmetic Surgery
                   First Born
                   My Divergent Trait Variations (Swing Traits)
                   Tops and Bottoms
                   Numerology = the Study of Numbers
                    All throughout history, belief systems have been promoted and sustained by a small group of elite individuals using some form of fear of retribution (emotion), either physical or spiritual, to control the ignorant masses.  Either through swords, guns, or a proclaimed direct connection with God, this small group of individuals has been able to literally promote and control the thinking and behavior of the rest of the population of humans on this planet to their (the elite’s) benefit.  It has been my observation that due to the dawning of the information age (the age of Aquarius), a few of the ignorant unwashed masses are beginning to wake up and ask questions.  I hope you are one of the few. 
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