STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION. The shape of something determines how and/or if it can be used.



Which Santa would you choose to come down your chimney?













THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual will explain why the Santa on the left will probably be your choice over the Santa on the right.



Which Napoleon would you choose to “get the job done”?

This one? or This one?


What changes in feeling do you register when you look at the different faces?
The differences are in the setting of the eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, and the jaw…
All else is the same. Come back and look at these faces again after you’ve read this whole section in THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual. See if you can then identify the traits that give the Napoleon on the left the power or capacity to “get the job done”, where the Napoleon on the right would have a harder time convincing anyone, including himself, to do much of anything.



What behavior would you expect from Bluto?





What reaction do you register from

14 15 16
Bambi Cinderella Witch


Science refers to “inherited” behavior or “inherited” defects or “inherited” talents. After examining that statement in light of our previous conversation, we see that behavior” as such is not and cannot be inherited. What is in fact passed on through gene combinations is “structure” (shape).


It is structure which allows behavior to express itself.


The potential for behavior exists in the structure, not skin color, as some people would have us believe. If the entity in question is operating on “automatic pilot” or at instinct-level consciousness, behavior is closely defined in the structure. In other words, the behavior is more reactionary (instinctive) rather than volitional (conscious) and is therefore rather predictable based on the observable structure and the environmental stimulus.


Consequently, it is in fact possible to anticipate a certain behavior based on a specific observable structure…And it is structure which is passed through the genes. The members of a “family” who look alike will behave in a similar fashion because their structure is similar.

Carrying this concept a little further, whole groups and cultures of people (extended families) will behave similarly because they have similar structure. It is in fact possible to anticipate a particular behavior trend in a group of people who have the same genetic structure, which allows that behavior, especially if the local environment is the same.


A family or race of people will (on average) behave according to their structure because most behavior is “subconscious” or instinctive. Very few people have risen above their structure and behave out of rational choice. Therefore the expectation of stereotypical behavior is legitimate. Look at the structure – not the skin color!


I might add at this point that skin color and texture is a function of the liver (structure) and will influence behavior in some subtle manner (See THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual).


A writer has the obligation to motivate the reader to action in addition to just supplying information. My hope is that the information in this book “grabs” you in the right places to elicit some kind of action in your life.


If each and every one of us cleaned up our own act, which includes our internal and external environment, by definition, there could not ever be any community problems to deal with.


The stress created by conflicting structurally related behavior patterns most times will lead to dis - stress, which leads to a state of dis - ease (lack of ease or homeostasis), which leads to what most people recognize as disease symptoms.



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