In humans, the “instinct” or automatic animal reaction, which is a survival program designed into the machine, has an “over-ride” mechanism implemented by the human conscious logical mind called “rational choice”.


Only humans have the capacity for “rational choice”. "Lesser" animals are “locked in” to instinctive behavior choices. On “autopilot” or instinctive or reactionary behavior mode, the human machine also must follow “hard-wire” choices or very rigid principles of physics (as we know them).


The observance of this “autopilot” or reactionary mode is where the physical sciences and western medicine derive their dogmatic beliefs. This is why they insist on “double-blind” testing for their medical applications. They’re testing “hard-wire” behavior and they want to rule out any possible influence from realms of consciousness that they cannot see and/or do not understand.


This HUMAN MACHINE BOOK explores the control mechanisms that exist in higher realms of "Consciousness" that result in recognizable and predictable human behavior patterns that result in life conflicts, which manifest as DIS - EASE.


• Thought creates structure.

• Structure (shape) limits and controls function.

• The capacity for behavior is strictly limited by structure.



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