The human body is a vehicle through which "Infinite Intelligence" projects a stream of Itself into the dense realm of physical consciousness for the sole purpose of accessing and accumulating information about Itself ... Much like a submarine that is a vehicle used to probe the depths of the sea that is too dense for our human eyes to see through, and the pressure is too great for our bodies to withstand without “protective gear”.   The downside of Consciousness needing “protective gear” in dense surroundings is that the "protection" interferes with communication.

These physical bodies have limitations.  The HUMAN MACHINE BOOK  explores some of these “limitations” and the choices that are available to utilize these limitations as further growth and enlightenment opportunities.

From my vantage point as a mechanical engineer, I see that the human body is a unique, (DNA specific), multidimensional (more than one channel or plane of consciousness), electrochemical machine, which is designed by its Maker to build itself (from elements in its environment), to fix itself when it breaks or is damaged, and to reproduce itself so that "Ultimate Consciousness" may continue to acquire more and different knowledge about Itself through each unique vehicle.

Each unique human machine, or vehicle for "Consciousness" to animate, has a physical life span programmed into it of approximately 120 - 150 years, depending on how it is cared for.  As a matter of fact, the potential life span is infinite.  I cite for example Dr. Alexis Carrel’s 1911 experiment with chicken heart cells.  He kept chicken heart cells alive for 25 years.  The experiment was terminated because the lab technicians finally quit changing the nutrient fluid in the dish.

The actual life span of each “human machine” is majorly dependent on internal and external hygiene.  (More on this hygiene concept in THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual.)


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