The Human Machine - Volume II


My job, as I have accepted it in this physical space and time, is that of a translator...I translate pain and discomfort into English. Pain is our best friend. It tells us when we are "in dangerous territory". Pain is not necessary, but it is inevitable. If we do not pay attention to subtle signals from the body that we are "veering off track", "the message" gets louder and more emphatic. The subtle signals or annoyances become major dis - ease symptoms and could eventually develop into "a disease".
Western medicine has created the word "disease" and given it status as an entity that can be "battled" ... with drugs and surgery, of course.  

Dis - ease  is a condition (that can be changed ) - not an entity (that needs to be destroyed)!

The human body is a multidimensional (more than one "octave" of consciousness) electrochemical machine which is designed by its Maker to be self building and self maintaining and self repairing and to "run" trouble free for a lifetime (120 to 150 years). By definition this is a dynamic process.

In other words, things are being added (to the body) and things are being discarded (from the body) all the time to maintain balance or equilibrium. When the "machine" (our body) gets out of balance, it is programmed (by higher realms of Nature) to perform corrective maneuvers to re-establish balance or homeostasis. There are two fundamental methods by which this "machine" gets thrown out of balance resulting in a "state of dis - ease".

Number one: Either something from outside the body touches or gets into the body to "poison" or damage the body, such as chemicals, bacteria, worms, viruses, or...

Number two: Something is missing from the body's mechanism or structure or fuel supply to prevent the body from fixing itself when it is damaged or wears out. Remember that the human body was designed to fix itself when it breaks.  It can do that IF and only IF it has access to the necessary building material.

This "missing something" can be either physical, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytochemicals. Or it can be emotional, such as love, "family" support, or possibly electromagnetic, such as prana from air and Life-Force from live foods, or spiritual, such as awareness of and connection with God Force or Infinite Intelligence, or some or all of the above.

If some substance that is vital to the maintenance of the body's immune system is missing from the daily intake of "nutrients", the body will attempt to scavenge or rob other stores of those critical substances from other parts of the body (or energy field) in order to maintain the integrity of the body's defenses.

The body can maintain this "deficit spending" program for just so long. Every body's storage capacity is different. If these vital substances are missing from these "other places" for a period of time, the body activities and functions which were dependant on these substances for integrity start to fail. We see this depreciation process as symptoms of "degenerative dis - ease".

If some substance or foreign organism attacks the body, the defense system (every body's war making capacity is different) is called into play to somehow disable and/or destroy the invader or irritant. We see the process of this war between the invader and the body's defense mechanism as symptoms of "infectious dis - ease".

The "state of Dis - ease" then is either the result of an outside invader which has attacked the body's perimeter and caused dysfunction (allergies are a reaction to a "foreign" protein in the blood), or a missing component, which leads to eventual dysfunction, or a disturbance in the Energy Field, which eventually reflects as disfunction in the physical body.

This missing component can be either:

1) Structurally missing (a genetic fetal defect) or

2) Functionally missing (lack of proper development due to missing nutrients).

Sometimes surgical intervention can correct or assist a structural defect.

A functional defect, however, must be approached from a nutritional perspective (by definition).

Surgery CANNOT correct a "functional" defect.

In other words, if your body worked at one time and now does not function correctly, we must strongly suspect that you either put something into, or kept something from your body to cause it to become damaged or dysfunctional. Some or all of the above can result in pain of some sort and intensity.

Dr. Caroline Markolin explains the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Hamer's GERMAN NEW MEDICINE <>.


GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) products and Monsanto's "ROUND-UP" are apparently creating strange diseases and spontaneous abortions and birth defects in animals and possibly in humans.  




There are two types of "birth defects".


One type birth defect results from a missing or distorted parent-chromosome construction. Not too much outside of surgery (if necessary) can be done for a parent-chromosome defect.


We do, however, have total control over the second birth defect scenario.


If the "blueprints" (gene patterns) in the eggs and sperm are intact, there is a potential for a "perfect" fetus to grow. The problem "fetal defect" develops from the lack of essential nutrients or building blocks that the mother's body will supply through the mother's blood system or an environmental chemical distortion of the gene structure.


If an essential "building block" nutrient is not available from the mother's blood,and/or if the mother's blood supplies a destructive element (drugs), the baby will not be able to construct a completely functional body and may in fact become structurally deformed.


If the "building blocks" are not available to the developing baby from the mother's blood (either from nutrients extracted from digested food or from materials scavenged from the mother's body), the chance of a birth defect is extremely high.

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We are taught to believe that some people are just "lucky" because they experience "good health" and some people are "unlucky" because they experience "bad health". We are also taught that as we get older, we are going to start falling apart and develop "degenerative conditions". People buy "health insurance" because they "plan" on getting sick and/or falling apart. What's wrong with this picture?


The terms "HEALTH INSURANCE and LIFE INSURANCE" are oxymorons. We insure against something. We insure against death and disease ... We ensure for life and health.


Think about this. How many people would buy "death insurance" or "disease insurance"? That’s not politically correct. Isn’t it interesting how just changing the name of something changes our whole perception of that something?


So the "powers that be" call death and sickness insurance "life and health" insurance and we scramble over each other to get some!? As a matter of fact, in many cases insurance has become mandatory!! But the question remains "who does it benefit?"


Consider this. Insurance is a wagering contract, contrary to some religious beliefs that prohibit betting. You bet that you will lose your health or even your life. You put up your bet (insurance premium). The insurance company bets that you don't lose your health or your life. The insurance company's bet is the "policy". (They don’t even put up any front-end bet money. They just give you a 'promise" to pay if they lose their bet and you get sick or die.)


Now, the insurance company is not in business to lose money. Like the Las Vegas casinos, they build certainty into their contract. They increase their "house odds" by requiring you to behave in a certain manner to reduce their risk and increase their win.


If you keep your health and/or your life, you lose your bet (and forfeit your premium). Consequently, you win your bet by losing your health and/or life and the insurance company loses its bet by paying out "settlements" if you win by losing your health or your life. And you can’t even enjoy your "winnings" because you’re dead or disabled. Sounds like a lose/lose deal to me.


To compound this issue, the insurance companies, (through the influence of other multinational organizations who stand to gain a handsome profit) invariably guarantee that you will lose your health and your life prematurely by insisting that you subject yourself to potions and procedures (drugs and surgery) that the insurance companies believe will lessen their risk. But they are in fact causing you to suffer from the very thing that they are attempting to insure you against.

Insurance predisposes a negative approach that implies no responsibility. "My loss is someone else's fault and responsibility". As long as we have a third party payer system, there is a tendency to take more risks in life because someone else will pick up the tab for my mistakes and errors in judgments. Unfortunately, government welfare systems and religious teachings deflect individual responsibility to someone outside ourselves. As Flip Wilson used to say:

"The devil made me do it."

And I don't have to worry because religious leaders tell me that Jesus is going to save me.

And the government tells me that if He doesn't, the government will take care of me.


Under this concept, I have nothing to lose or worry about. I can continue to destroy everything around me and inside me and "someone else" is going to come along to "pick up my mess" and pay the bill. But, you see, there is something very important here which most of us choose to neglect.




Everything has a price. (The Universe is always in balance!) The garbage men need to get paid. Mom will pick up your things just so long. When Mom is out of the picture, we have to pay someone else to do our dirty work. So we PAY the government and the insurance companies to clean up our mess. To lessen their risk, they tell us what to do. Get the picture!? If you don't like to be told what to do, don't place yourself in a vulnerable position increasing someone else's risk. Assigning risk to someone else is always expensive!!


Parents tell their children what to do because the parents are responsible for the actions of their children. If and when the children assume the responsibility for their own actions, the parents no longer have the need to tell the children what to do. Think about this paragraph. Read it again, slowly.


The reason that the "government" is in every aspect of your life is because you have assigned the responsibility of your actions to the government. You’re demanding that Big Brother solve your every dispute. You’ve stopped being responsible for your actions. It’s always someone else’s fault!!! Look at the proliferation of lawyers and law suits lately. The mushrooming of laws during the past few years for everything including how and where you are allowed to cut your finger nails is because people will not accept responsibility for their actions and behavior.


How much less expensive would life be if we got into the habit of paying for ENSURANCE? To ENSURE something, you take positive steps to protect and to save that something before it breaks or wears out. If you want to ensure your health, you would not bet against yourself.


You would conduct your life in such a way as to build and protect and save your health. You would take responsibility to perform certain functions that would result in an improvement in your condition or situation. You would seek out and act on information about proper fuel (food) for this machine we call our body. You would protect this machine by keeping harmful chemicals out of it. You would not tax it beyond its "design specifications". You would "service" it regularly with massage, exercise, and deep breathing.


ENSURANCE means work and responsibility. ENSURANCE is a free and sovereign act. You cannot be free or sovereign if you owe your soul to the "company store".


The bottom line statement here is that "HEALTH ENSURANCE" includes supplying the body with the physical, emotional, and spiritual nutrients that the body requires to maintain proper growth, maintenance, and defense. We ensure for health…we insure against disease.


The definition of an adult is one who can perceive and respect life forms other than him or herself. An adult is ready to accept the responsibilities of life. A child is focused intently on "me" and "mine" and "gimme". Children need to be cared for and protected and provided for. Which are you?


Those of you who are willing to accept the responsibility for your decisions and actions in this life and are willing to work to ENSURE your future integrity may step forward and accept your personal FREEDOM AND SOVEREIGNTY. You have earned it.


If you refuse to accept the responsibility for your life and your actions (which is your choice), you then, by default, give up your freedom and sovereignty. If that is your choice, I suggest that you buy as much INSURANCE that you could possibly afford and sit back and wait in your "cage" for the government to take care of you.


If, on the other hand, you ARE in fact an INDIVIDUAL who is adult enough to accept responsibility for your own destiny and not wait for someone else to "guarantee" your health and well being and blame everyone else around you for your mistakes (victim consciousness), I have some suggestions for you to ponder.

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It is critical for us to understand and accept the fact that ALL NATURE is always in balance. Everything in the physical dimension takes up space in time. The "Life Force", in order to express Itself in physical form, must command territory (or occupy space) and protect and defend that space or perimeter.


In other words, every life form has to fight for survival by defending its territory, or some other life form will conquer it and/or eat it or somehow take over its space on the planet. If we do not actively defend the space that our bodies occupy, then some other life form will move in and push us out. We see this process in action when we experience a bacterial, viral, or parasite "infection".


Our body's immune/defense system is constructed to be able to defend our space against all life forms during our stay in this body. It can do that if and only if it has the proper and necessary materials to accomplish the task. This machine was built by Nature to function in Nature with Nature. If we put UNNATURAL things into our bodies, we will pay a heavy price to Nature for our indiscretion.




As mentioned earlier in this text, every physical life form has some form of Consciousness or LIFE FORCE (electromagnetic energy) which animates it and drives it. Every-day activities on this planet consume or transform this energy (Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It merely changes form).


We therefore must constantly replenish the "LIFE FORCE" in our bodies by eating foods which carry a LIFE FORCE. We must also breathe air that is "charged" with LIFE FORCE (prana). If we do not replace and replenish the "spent" energy, we eventually run such an energy deficit that our bodies cannot defend our perimeter any longer and we fall prey to "dis-ease" entities.



Dis-ease entities are all around us all the time. They will not bother us as long as our defense system is adequate. As soon as our "soldiers" (our immune system) are no longer capable of "defending the fort", these dis-ease entities move in and take control of our space (our bodies).

In reality, these "dis-ease" entities are "Nature's little undertakers" that are designed to clean up our internal mess when we do not. Germs do not CAUSE disease, they are the RESULT of disease. The same LIFE FORCE drives ALL physical entities.




This process is called "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" and is the motivating force of all life forms on this planet...whether we like it or agree with it or not.

We are either in the process of living or we are in the process of dying.

There is no middle ground. You either have your foot on the gas, or you are coasting to a stop.

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Live foods give us not only LIFE FORCE, but also ENZYMES. There are two types of enzymes.

1) Catabolic or digestive enzymes and

2) Anabolic or construction or cell enzymes.

• Catabolic or Digestive enzymes function in the digestive tract. Digestive enzymes are chemical "keys" which unlock the chemical bonds or locks that are holding the food molecules together in their former shape and design.

• Anabolic or Construction enzymes function in the cell and are necessary to enhance cell construction and function.

Without enzymes, nothing (in the physical dimension) stops or never begins at all.

Plant enzymes (which we need to help digest our food) are proteins that are formed when growing things ripen or mature. Unripe fruit and vegetables have not yet produced the enzymes necessary to transform them into their next stage of development, which is nourishment for their seeds (and for us).

"There is a time for everything under heaven".

Enzymes are built into every living thing...they are part of Life's timing mechanism. The catabolic (breakdown) process of any living thing requires enzymes. If the "food" which you just ate does not possess the enzymes necessary for its own digestion, your body will need to manufacture them...which requires energy...which over time will overtax your digestive system to the point where it begins to malfunction. An overworked pancreas can result in a dysfunctional condition called diabetes in which both digestive enzymes and insulin are in short supply.

NOTE: In case you didn't make the connection, eating nothing but cooked, preserved, and chemicallized "food" all your life will put an unnatural load on the pancreas. The pancreas then will need to produce the enzymes which should have been supplied by raw ripe food. This overload condition over time could lead to diabetes and other digestive and degenerative disturbances.

•Proteins must be broken down, in sequence, in a timely manner, into amino acids by digestive enzymes (catabolic enzymes) or they cannot get into the blood to be carried to the cells of the body for production and reconstruction by construction enzymes (anabolic enzymes) and vitamins (co-enzymes).

•Carbohydrates must be broken down into simple sugars, in sequence, in a timely manner, also with digestive enzymes, so that they can be taken into the blood stream to provide fuel for all the cells in the body (especially the brain).

• Lipids or fats must be broken down, in sequence, in a timely manner, into fatty acids so that they can enter the blood to provide cushioning, lubrication, hormone construction, and fuel storage. Once again, digestive enzymes are necessary for this process.

Anything more complex than amino acids, simple sugars, and fatty acids (or anything breaking down out of sequence) in a relatively healthy gut will not gain access to the blood, and will decompose (rot) in the digestive tract. This toxic rotting material will first cause noxious gas and cramping and then overload the immune and the excretion systems. This will usually result in chronic back aches. (See THE HUMAN MACHINE VOLUME II)

In the event that after years of abuse from chemicals and preservatives, the lining of the small intestine becomes defective, we develop "leaky gut syndrome", in which case complex (undigested) proteins "leak" into the blood through the damaged small intestine walls resulting in serious allergy and degenerative symptoms including what is called cancer.

Digestion is the orderly break down of organic material. The disorganized, random breakdown of organic material is called putrefaction (rotting).

In order to maximize the "orderly breakdown of organic material", we must pay very close attention to food combinations. Proteins have an acid bias. The enzymes necessary to digest proteins function in a low pH or acid environment.

The enzymes necessary to digest starches need an alkaline environment or high pH. Acids and alkalines neutralize each other. Mixing proteins and starches in the stomach at the same time results in putrefaction, which destroys enzymes and increases toxic loading on the liver.

Suggested Reading:

"FIT FOR LIFE" by Harvey Diamond

"TOXEMIA EXPLAINED" by John Tilden, M.D.


"THE ZONE" by Barry Sears


"THE HUMAN MACHINE…A Trouble Shooter’s Manual" by Phil Selinsky, N.D.

Heat, intense radiation, and chemical preservatives kill enzymes! Without enzymes there is no life happening. All you end up with is "dead" chemicals which consume energy in processing. Without new energy to replace the energy "spent" in processing the chemicals, you "run your battery down"…you end up with no or low energy.

NOTE:  "Life" is a business. In any business, if you spend more than you take in, you go "out of business"! Our bodies must take in more energy than it spends or it "goes out of business". You then must vacate the "premises"…you die!  Check out ELECTRICAL NUTRITION and the ASEA product.

In addition, the "LIFE FORCE" in food provides electromagnetic "handle bars" which our electromagnetic body uses to "steer" the food molecules to the proper destination and usage in our physical bodies.

Sometimes homeopathic remedies can provide a "seed vibration" to initiate the proper harmonic so as to activate the "steering" mechanism to restore balance and integrity of the system.

Adding herbs that contain specific minerals and enzymes to the diet can provide nutrients in a form and concentration that can encourage or discourage a blood-chemical reaction.

Commercial food processors and manufacturers cook (pasteurize) the food which they sell, and add preservatives to KILL ENZYMES. They also homogenize it to "stabilize" fats and oils. Homogenizing makes the fats water-soluble which prevents the oil or fat from settling out and going rancid. Eating foods that have been homogenized and/or pasteurized could result in an allergic reaction.

Homogenized dairy products will cause serious artery damage (more details on xanthine oxidase and other dairy damage in the HUMAN MACHINE volume II).

These preserving techniques result in longer "shelf life". Live food will rot. It is supposed to. It was designed that way. If it cannot rot or break down outside your body, it cannot break down inside your body either and it becomes a toxic waste product which can and does produce "allergic" reactions (headaches, backaches, skin disturbances, excess mucus production, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, etc.) In addition, bloating and indigestion are a direct result of lack of and/or improper enzyme production in the digestion system.

Health food stores carry any number of digestive enzymes. All will help to some degree.

The best and most potent comprehensive general enzyme complex on the market so far is sold by a company called "THE HEALTH NUTS" (Now called BLACK HILLS HEALTH PRODUCTS) in Rapid City, S. Dakota (888-383-4056) <>. Give them I.D. #2101 when you order. (See "THE REAL SECRET TO BETTER HEALTH" which explains enzymes and compares all the enzyme products on the market.)

Keep in mind that these suggestions for enzymes are "shotgun" approaches and are designed to reach as many general complaints as possible. If you’re past 50, you should take this product every meal for maintenance.

If you need to "get serious" about your digestion and want to fine tune your enzyme chorus for a specific purpose, you can contact Dr. Howard Loomis (of Madison, Wisconsin) for a referral health practitioner in your area who uses his enzyme formulations for specific digestive disturbances (800-662-2630).

Ty Bollinger from THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER program strongly recommends  the MASSENZYMES for cleaning the undigested protein debris from the blood, which is causing discomfort and "fibromyalgia" type symptoms, as well as digesting food material in the digestive system.  Click here for the MASSZYMES website and video presentation showing how fast and efficiently they digest your food.  Proper and complete digestion assures the body's ability to repair itself and rid itself of dis - ease elements.

I also use APEX ENERGETICS in Irvine, California (800-736-4381) products for specific symptom complaints. Unfortunately for most folks, Apex only sells to health professionals, but they will refer to someone in your area.  I can have specific enzymes drop-shipped to you once we determine which ones that you need.  < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

Once again for emphasis…without enzymes, not one single metabolic action will ever take place...and without water, enzymes go to sleep. For a more in depth conversation on enzymes and digestion, see THE HUMAN MACHINE VOLUME II.

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In order for energy (electricity) to flow in our bodies, we need minerals. Minerals are the electrolytes that make it possible for electricity to flow.

Electricity is defined as the flow or movement of electrons through a conduit or matrix (We are electrochemical beings).No minerals... no electricity... NO LIFE!

Minerals are necessary for the proper function of the brain, muscles, and nervous system. In addition, minerals are necessary in the construction of enzymes and vitamins...vitamins are useless without minerals.

REMEMBER THIS A CRITICAL CONCEPT...The body can construct and convert proteins and carbohydrates and fats from existing materials in the body. It cannot manufacture a mineral. Minerals must be consumed every day.

There is no mechanism in the human body to assimilate metallic minerals directly. We cannot access minerals by chewing rocks (which includes calcium carbonate) or a car bumper. However, plants can "eat" rocks and car bumpers.

The plants extract minerals from the soil and "charge" them with an electromagnetic signature (their Life Force) which our energy field can recognize and "steer" to the proper destination in our body. Minerals need to be in the soil to get into the plants to get into us.

Commercial farmers for years have been "fertilizing" the soil with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) which makes for large fruits and vegetables, but little or no nutritional value. (Have you noticed that these commercially grown gorgeous looking fruits and vegetables all taste like cardboard?

Most of the other 69 or so minerals that are necessary for growing healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables have been leached out of the soil 70 years ago (1936 Senate Document #264.) Once again, if the minerals are not in the soil, they cannot get into the plants to get into us.

Minerals from inorganic sources are typically in "crystal" form and need to be "chelated" to enter the body. Chelation (from the Greek word meaning "to claw") is the process of wrapping a protein around the mineral crystal to gain access to the body. The mineral must be etched or scratched to provide "handles" for the protein to hang on.

The etching or scratching process is accomplished by hydrochloric acid  in the stomach. Without adequate hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach, chelation cannot take place and consequently the mineral cannot enter the blood stream.  (See the 7 major functions of HCl in Volume III of THE HUMAN MACHINE ... A TROUBLE SHOOTER'S MANUAL)

CRITICAL NOTE: When you put anti-acids into the stomach, you destroy the chelating process and consequently you starve the body of minerals, which further encumbers the immune system and the building and repair mechanism of the body in addition to shutting down the electromagnetic power system in the body. Minerals are necessary for the flow of electricity and the production of proteins. (See discussion on "hiatal hernia" at the end of this text)

I have spent considerable time reminding you of the physical mechanism of the human body so that you may understand my position on nutrition and supplementation. At one time in our history here on this planet we could extract all the nutrients we needed from the food we ate. That is no longer the case in these "modern" days of "manufactured" (fast) food and depleted soil.

In today's world, if we do not supplement, we will eventually develop "degenerative dis-eases" which may lead to "infectious dis-ease" because of the lack of adequate defense materials (See "disease").

There are many companies offering mineral supplements. As I stated above, I prefer minerals from a biologically alive source (plant source) which guarantees a natural bio-electric field. This electromagnetic "signature" is what the body uses to "steer" the minerals to their destination in the body.

There are some mineral products on the market, which are accessed from ocean water or the Great Salt Lake, which do not possess these "magnetic handlebars". However, there are mineral supplements extracted from sea vegetation, which do in fact carry a magnetic "Life-Force" signature. SEA SILVER ( Now called SeaALOE) is a very good product for this purpose. FREQUENSEA is another vitamin/mineral product made from marine phytoplankton that is amazingly nutrient rich. <> (Legasea product)

If you limit your thinking perspective to just the gross physical dimension of consciousness, there is no apparent difference in minerals, from whatever the source...A mineral is a mineral is a mineral. However, I choose to factor in the electromagnetic energy fields (higher realms of Consciousness) when comparing potential nutrients for the body.

Some health food stores carry "Clark's Original Mineral Formula". The retail price is the same as most of their "knock-offs". Most of the "colloidal" mineral formulas are Clark’s under private label.

The "NOW" herbal company also sells Clark's minerals under their own label. The NOW Company typically sells good "alive" herbs at a decent price.

QUEST IV ( Now called NATURE'S KI) health products in Arlington, Texas (866-899-6290) has a mineral product which contains Fulvic Acid and is pH balanced for the intestine and it actually tastes good. (Do a Google search on "Fulvic Acid".) As a matter of fact, an ounce of QUEST IV’s Fulvic Acid minerals in a cup of herbal tea at night not only tastes good, but will also help you sleep better and relieve night leg cramps.

These mineral products we’ve just discussed are all decent products and you will get some results with them. But keep in mind that they are colloidal in construction. A colloid is a suspension of a substance in a fluid (usually water). Colloidal mineral particles are crystals small enough to not settle out of solution, but still big enough to be somewhat difficult for the cells to absorb (unless they are chelated and/or pH balanced).

A colloidal particle is made of sometimes many atoms. A light projected through a colloid will reflect off of the suspended particles and will make the solution look cloudy. The Quest IV Fulvic Acid (NATURE'S KI) product is pre-chelated so that it is absorbed almost immediately.

Ionic minerals, on the other hand, are singularly atomic in size (minus the electron), do not reflect light, and are readily transported across the cell wall. There are many companies at present who are following the recent "fad" and offering ionic minerals.

WATER-OZ (800-418-4842)  was the first on the market with ionic minerals and many have tried to "duplicate" their products.

The ENIVA Company in Minneapolis (866-999-9191) appears to have a good ionic mineral program which they "obtained" from the WATER OZ people (My I.D. # is 19113.) Their manufacturing process is "squeaky-clean" and "blessed" by the FDA. You’ll probably have better luck talking to Randy Allen at (423-253-2908) rather than talking directly to the company about the products. He has a much better comprehension of how these minerals work with serious degenerative diseases. The major draw back with ionic minerals is the fact that they are liquid which is heavy and extremely expensive to ship in addition to the inflated pricing. The FULVIC ACID MINERALS listed above, even though they are liquid, are much more reasonable in price.

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Over 75 years ago, Otto Warburg, M.D. was awarded two Nobel prizes for his theories that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. According to Dr. Warburg, damaged cell respiration causes fermentation, resulting in low pH (acidity) at the cellular level. (Also read SUGAR BLUES by William Duffy…sugar acidifies the blood. Cancer cells love refined sugar.)

In 1984 Keith Brewer, Ph.D. (Physics) translated Warburg's theories into a practical, cost efficient treatment for cancer. Brewer successfully treated 30 patients with various forms of cancer, using nature's most alkaline mineral, Cesium. The results of Brewer's work??… All 30 patients survived.

Water Oz and Eniva have an ionic cesium chloride/potassium product but this process requires direction from a competent health professional. Do not attempt to treat yourself with this procedure.


Dr. Warburg, in his Nobel Prize winning paper, illustrated the environment of the cancer cell. A normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take in oxygen to convert glucose into energy. In the absence of oxygen, the cell reverts to a primal nutritional program to nourish itself by converting glucose through the process of fermentation.

The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. The cancer cells then begin to multiply. The lactic acid simultaneously causes severe local pain as it destroys cell enzymes. The cancer appears as a rapidly growing external cell covering with a core of dead cells.

Cesium, a naturally occurring alkaline element has been shown to change the cancer cell in two ways:

1. Cesium limits the cellular uptake of glucose, which starves the cancer cell and reduces fermentation.

2. It raises the cell pH to approximately 8.0. This neutralizes the weak lactic acid and stops pain within 12 to 24 hours. A pH range of 8.0 is a deadly environment for the cancer cell, which dies within a few days and is absorbed and eliminated by the body.


There are a number of areas of the world where the incidence of cancer is very low. At the 1978 Stockholm Conference on Food and Cancer, it was concluded that there is a definite connection between food composition and cancer rates. Significant is the report on the presence of high levels of Cesium (Cs) and Rubidium (Rb) in food consumed in these areas, along with availability of various supportive compounds such as vitamins A and C, zinc, and selenium.

Examples are the Hopi Indian territory (Arizona), the Hunza area (North Pakistan), and the volcanic regions of Brazil. The diets of these populations are similar to the nutritional requirements for the high pH cancer therapy developed by Dr. Brewer.



Certain foods contain biologically active compounds and/or ingredients, i.e., vitamins, inorganic salts, organic compounds, essential fatty acids, minerals, and chelating agents, which may either precipitate or prevent cancer development.

The presence of Cs+ or Rb+ in the adjacent fluids of the tumor cell is believed to raise the pH of the cancer cell, causing cell growth and reproduction to cease, which results in reduction of life span of the cancer cell. The introduction of such alkaline pH by these alkali salts may also neutralize the acidic and toxic material within the cancer cell.

Treatment was performed on 50 patients at Life Science Universal Medical Center Clinics in Rockville, MD and in Washington, DC. All patients were terminal subjects with generalized metastatic disease. Forty-seven of the fifty patients studied had received maximum modalities of treatment, i.e., surgery, radiation, and various chemotherapies, before the metabolic Cs-treatment was initiated. Three patients were comatose and 14 of the patients were considered terminal.

The diet during treatment consisted mainly of whole grains, vegetables, linoleic acid rich oils (linseed, walnut, soy, wheat germ) and other supplemental food. To increase efficiency of the treatment and improve the circulation and oxygenation, the patients received the chelating agent EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic-acid), DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), and also a combination of vitamin K and Mg salts.

An overall 50% recovery from cancer by the Cs-therapy was determined in the fifty patients treated. One of the most striking effects of the treatment was the disappearance of pain in all patients within one to three days after initiating Cs-therapy. The results demonstrate the rate of effectiveness of CsCl in cancer therapy.

Both Cs+ and Rb+ can enter cancer cells and embryonic cells, but not normal adult cells as has been demonstrated by Dr. Brewer. While the amount of Na+ (sodium) is greater in cancer cells, the amount of calcium in cancer cells is only about 1% that in normal cells. The great reduction in the amount of calcium found in cancer cells is due to the higher acid content in the cancer cell.

The acid eats away at the alkaline calcium in the body’s attempt to neutralize itself. This would explain why osteoporosis and cancer go hand-in-hand and often reside in the same body.

When Cs+ or Rb+ enter the cancer cells, the pH increases from as low as 5.5 to over pH 7.0. At a pH of 7.6, the cancer cell division will stop. At a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 the life span of the cancer cell is considerably shortened (only hours).



A normal cell is encircled by a membrane, which selectively allows materials to flow in and out. Oxygen and nutrients (such as glucose) flow in and the waste products of cellular chemistry flow out. The cells are protected by the immune system. An efficient well-functioning immune system is the best defense against the formation of cancer cells.

See the ANTIDOTE <> or <> for viral relief.  

Contact the ENIVA Company in Minneapolis (866-999-9191) for CsCl.

You might also want to check out MMS (Jim Humble) <>  There have been some recent warnings about the use of MMS that should be considered.

When environmental toxins (carcinogens) overwhelm the immune system, the entire program is compromised. The cell membrane is affected first as it loses its ability to exchange oxygen (respiration).

The cell then reverts to a primitive survival mechanism called fermentation. The newly formed anaerobic cancer cell cannot be repaired because fermentation is not reversible, so the cell is now out of control and must be destroyed as quickly as possible.



There are four steps to changing a normal healthy cell into a cancer cell:

1. Disturbance of the cell membrane by carcinogens or energy [or parasites]: Glucose can still enter the cell [contributing to fermentation turning the cell into a veritable plant] but oxygen cannot. The cell thus becomes anaerobic.

Another way of disturbing the cell membrane surface is by means of radiation (x-rays, alpha-, beta-, or gamma-rays, UV and other), which prevents oxygen from entering the cell, though glucose, K, Rb and Cs may still enter the cell. Through lack of oxygen, any metabolism in the cells has to proceed anaerobically.

Both chemical and physical factors, including emotional stresses, can cause or precipitate oxidative damage of the cell membrane from free radicals and other related activated species. These are not only the primary instigators of cancer but virtually all degenerative illnesses including allergies and auto-immune diseases, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid diseases, immune suppression syndromes, most endocrine diseases, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, and adrenal insufficiency, and many others.

2. In the absence of oxygen, glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. This causes the cell pH to drop from between 7.3 to 7.2 down to 7 and later to 6.5; in more advanced stages of cancer and in metastases the pH drops to 6.0 and even 5.7.

3. DNA and RNA in an acidic medium lose positive and negative radical sequencing. In addition, the nucleic acids and amino acids entering, and those within the cell, are altered [mutate].

4. Loss of control mechanism incites the spread of cancer cells. In an acidic medium, the various cell enzymes are changed in structure and function. As a consequence, enzymatic processes become ineffective, the cell completely loses its control mechanisms, and chromosomal aberrations may occur.



Certain behavioral characteristics "the cancer personality" of the cancer patient may interfere in any projected treatment modality. Lawrence LeShan has reported this in his book entitled "You Can Fight for Your Life." LeShan reports that 96% of cancer patients can be diagnosed by a questionnaire as having a "cancer personality". Only if this personality can be modified by appropriate psychological counseling, in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes, can a permanent success be expected.

To enhance any cancer program, including one based on Cesium therapy, one must incorporate several other aspects to the program for success:

• A raw (live) food diet
• Parasite removal
• Mineral supplementation, and
• Emotional stability.

These are all factors that are equally if not more important than any selective therapy. Without a radical change in lifestyle and eating habits, it is unlikely that a patient will remain cancer or disease free. The greatest challenge with this approach to cancer treatment is not so much a problem of getting rid of the cancer, but of having the patient take responsibility for his or her health. This includes continuing to follow the instructions from your health practitioner and maintaining the changes in diet and lifestyle for the rest of ones life. Otherwise, almost unavoidably, another degenerative disease, if not cancer, will develop.

The German scientist, Hans Nieper, has shown that cesium chloride is effective in the management of most tumors, e.g. of advanced brochogenic carcinoma with bone metastisation. Cesium therapy seems to be the treatment of choice for these types of cancers, even with only relatively minor changes in lifestyle.

The treatment of cancer [and possibly the prevention of cancer] by cesium is a very practical and intelligent one. It is inexpensive and non-toxic over unlimited time. Cesium treatment is one of the most far-reaching discoveries in the field of cancer therapies, and it is especially important for those who want to learn a method to quickly and efficiently minimize large masses of cancerous cells.

NOTE: All treatments for chronic illness should be closely monitored by a competent medical practitioner.


The above text is based on the research studies and findings of the following:

  • Otto Warburg, M.D. – Nobel Prize Laureate (1931) for his revolutionary theories regarding cancer
  • H.E. Sartori, M.D. "Cancer 1985 – Orweillian or Utopian"
  • Lawrence LeShan, PhD "You Can Fight for Your Life"
  • Keith Brewer, PhD
  • "The Curious Man: The Life and Works of Dr. Hans Nieper"

All these concepts have legitimate bearing on the existence and proliferation of cancer in our modern day population. There are other factors that are equally critical to the evaluation of a cancer condition.

I address these situations in THE HUMAN MACHINE... A Trouble Shooter's Manual III ... From Indigestion to Cancer. I show the link between hiatal hernia and systemic candida and emotional shocks and cancer.




Robyn O'Brian, the "Erin Brockavich" of the chemicalization of the food supply, delivers a standing ovation presentation to a TED group.  This is a MUST WATCH especially if you have children.


GERMAN NEW MEDICINE by Ryke Hamer, M.D. is an ESSENTIAL study if we are to understand the nature of cancer and other disturbances of the body's innate harmony.  



RECALL HEALING by Gilbert Renaud

Where did Recall Healing Come From?


Recall Healing is a synthesis made by Gilbert Renaud based on the work of Claude Sabbah with Total Biology (mainly) & Gérard Athias with Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of the physiology; Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD with his concept of German New Medicine.  Also inspired by the work of many others such Marc Fréchet, Robert Guinée, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, Itzhak Bentov, Paul Dirac; Isabelle Benarous (Master NLP & Bioreprogramming); Bertrand Lemieux, Brandon Bays (The Journey), Daniel Benor (the butterfly hug), Karol K. Truman (Feelings buried alive never die) and more...



BLACK SALVE is an herbal remedy that has been used for hundreds of years for tumors and growths.  The black salve, when applied properly, only affects cancer tumors.  Normal tissue is not affected in the least.  The body will eject the tumor and the "hole" heals with little or no scarring.



CANCER DIET - It seems that the Germans have been "out front" with cancer protocols.  Another German medical doctor Johanna Budwig came up with a rather simple solution to controlling cancer back in 1951.  There have been positive reviews from many sources of Dr. Budwig's findings.  She has been nominated for 6 Nobel Prizes in medicine and physics.  




This is a MUST WATCH video series. It shows the research behind and the instructions for making hemp oil.


PHYTO - PLANKTON from FREQUENSEA seems to affect cancer cells.


&feature=player_embedded" target="_self">Dr. LEONARD CALDWELL does an excellent job of explaining the CANCER ramifications of GMO "foods".  It's worth watching every minute of the 15 minute presentation.  



Hydrogen Sulphate appears to be able to reduce the pain and wasting phenomenon related to late stage cancer conditions.  Please read this article in its entirety for a full understanding of the risks and benefits and protocols of HZ treatments.




A South American Indian folk medicine called Pau d'Arco is being used by physicians to successfully treat various forms of cancer -- including leukemia -- as well as other debilitating diseases?


     Pau d'Arco is a natural herb derived from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Impetiginosa or Tabebuia Avellanedae trees, also known as taheebo.  Taheebo refers to flowering trees belonging to the Bignoniaceae family.  The trees are most commonly found in Central and South America, but may also be grown in southern Florida.   Pau d'Arco has been used throughout history by Indio tribes of South America, as well as the ancient Incas and Aztecs.  The bark is dried, shredded, and then boiled to produce a tea known as Lapacho.  Pau d'Arco's medicinal qualities are derived from its main active ingredients, namely lapachol, quercetin, and other flavonoids. 


     According to medical reports published in South American periodicals, Pau d'Arco tea or tincture concoctions have had beneficial effects for cancer victims -- including complete remission of cancerous tumors and alleviation of chemotherapy's adverse effects.


     Prior to the discovery of its anti-cancer properties, the Pau d'Arco species of trees was primarily used for timber.  Due to the Pau d'Arco wood's insect resistance and durability, it has, and still continues to be used for furniture, decking, and other outdoor uses.  Reports of Pau d'Arco's medicinal properties were first published in 1873 by Dr. Joaquin Almeida Pinto, who prescribed it for fevers, rheumatic disorders, ulcers and skin disorders like herpes, eczema and the mange.


How Pau d'Arco Was Shown to 

Consistently Eliminate Cancer in 30 Days


     In the early 1960s, the miraculous story of a young girl from Rio de Janeiro (who was stricken with cancer) surfaced.  The medical establishment had told the girl's parents there was nothing more they could do for her, and that her cancer was in the advanced, terminal phase.  One of the girl's relatives, however, contacted an Indian tribal doctor who said that cancer could be cured with Pau d'Arco.  The girl's parents made a brew from the bark pieces given by the medicine man and gave it to the girl to drink.  After taking the herbal tea every morning, the girl's pain disappeared -- and within a month, she was restored to health, and her physician declared her cancer-free.  


Stunned by the news of the girl's miraculous recovery from cancer, Dr. Orlando dei Santi took samples of the Pau d'Arco bark to the Municipal Hospital of Santo Andre, a suburb of Sao Paulo, where he was a resident physician.  His cancer-stricken brother was a patient of the hospital, and his cancer was both inoperable and terminal.  Dr. dei Santi boiled the bark in white wine, combined the tea with orange juice and gave it to his brother to drink.  His brother's pain disappeared immediately, and after a month of the Pau d'Arco treatment, a thorough examination found no trace of cancer in his body.


     Thereafter, Dr. dei Santi began using Pau d'Arco to treat other cancer patients.  Other doctors learned of Pau d'Arco's curative powers, and subsequently joined dei Santi's cancer-fighting team.  Working together, they were able to cure several cancer patients, many of whom were terminally ill.  Medical documentation accompanied the patients' cures.  In the decades that followed, Pau d'Arco (Lapacho) has become accepted as a standard form of prescribed treatment for certain forms of cancer and infections because of the work done by Dr. Orlando dei Santi at the Municipal Hospital in Santo Andre.


     The physicians prescribing Pau d'Arco observed that the pain suffered by cancer patients (particularly leukemia) disappeared within hours after the tea was administered to them.  They also noticed that almost without fail, most patients no longer showed any symptoms of cancer within 30 days of treatment.  Also to their amazement, they noticed that many of the other ailments from which some of the cancer patients suffered -- such as diabetes and diseases that were caused by viruses -- were healed even more rapidly than the cancer!


     Clinical studies conducted in the 90s have proven the cancer-destroying ability of Pau d'Arco.  Taheebo Japan Company, Ltd. located in Osaka, Japan conducted clinical laboratory tests at Tokyo University and other medical laboratories.  They proved that a tea containing constituents extracted from the Pau d'Arco tree bark "remarkably inhibits the growth" and "exhibits selective toxicity" of 23 specific types of cancer cells including breast, prostate, cervical, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, thyroid, urinary bladder and renal cancer cells, as well as lymphoma and leukemia.  It was also found to "inhibit the growth almost completely" and "cause necrosis (death)" in 12 specific types of malignant cancer tumors.  The clinical studies culminated in the issuance of a U.S. Patent to Taheebo Japan Company on September 2, 1997 for their Pau d'Arco tea product called "NFD."


     In addition to its anti-cancer properties, Pau d'Arco also has medicinal value because of its antioxidant, anti-viral, antimicrobial, anti-parisiticidal, analgesic, laxative, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects that alleviate a diverse array of health problems.


     In his book titled The Healing Power of Pau d'Arco, author Walter Lubeck stated that there isn't just one individual "miracle active ingredient" in Pau d'Arco responsible for all the healing benefits.  Its wide spectrum healing power comes from the balanced state and harmonious combination of the substances contained within the bark.   If the components are used in an isolated manner, instead of wholistically, the synergistic healing power is lost.  


     The website recommends the following dosage for maximum benefits from Pau d'Arco:  Drink 1 cup (8 ozs) of Pau d'Arco tea 2 to 8 times per day.  Use 1 tablespoon of loose bark per 8 ozs of water, slow boiled for 20 minutes.  When using an extract, follow the directions given on the product's label.  As a tincture (1:5 ratio), take 1 mL 2-3 times per day.  In capsule or pill form, take 1000mg 3 times a day. 






This body, and each and every cell in this body, like all living things, must ingest, digest, assimilate, excrete, be sensitive to external and internal environments, and be able to reproduce.

Any entity that in any way inhibits or interferes with any of these faculties is considered a toxin or poison.

One of the many jobs the liver has besides regulating fat metabolism and sugar metabolism is the job of neutralizing poisons. Poisons get into the blood stream through the digestion system, the respiration system, through the skin, from parasites, and from the large intestine. There is a finite daily allotment of energy which is available to the liver to perform all its functions. If we overload the liver with work, something has to give. If you work overtime, you want to get paid "time and a half". So does the liver. Where does the extra energy come from? Read on.

According to Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, the energy of the liver is also responsible for the integrity of muscle and connective tissue in the body. That means that the "liver energy" is used in the building and repairing of muscle tissue and connective tissue.

Remember that connective tissue is the matrix which holds all other organs and tissues together and in place.

If the liver is defective from birth and/or overloaded with work (metabolizing fake fat and sugar and neutralizing poisons), it will use up extra "energy". This leaves the muscles less capable of functioning to capacity and the connective tissue less capable of holding things together and the body becomes subject to hernias and prolapses and stretching.

Healthy connective tissue is like the elastic waistband in your underwear. It should be stretchable and strongly return to its original shape.

Connective tissue which sags is not healthy. It is not healthy because the liver has been taxed and overloaded and insulted for years and has finally given up even trying to "keep everything contained".

Some common symptoms related to liver overload are:

• pain in the temples,

• pain between the shoulder blades,

• pain on the inner thigh just above the knee joint,

• ear infections,

• nausea,

• loss of balance,

• hepatitis (inflammation of the liver),

• muscle aches and pains (fibromyalgia),

• sagging organs (prolapse),

• tearing or stretched connective tissue (hernia),

• sagging wrinkly skin (old age),

• dry scaly skin,

• skin discolorations (old age spots or liver spots), and many more (see "ACHE and PAIN PROFILES" section in THE HUMAN MACHINE ... A Trouble Shooter's Manual Volume II.)

As mentioned earlier, dis-ease symptoms develop if we either "starve" the body of the nutrients which are necessary to build and repair itself (obesity is a sign of starvation) or we 'poison' the body with things which mechanically stop or block the life process from continuing. We are then sabotaging Nature's capacity to defend Itself. We are therefore guaranteeing that we will fall prey to Nature's predators whose job it is to cull out the weak members of a species and make sure the strongest survive to propagate the species.

In other words, as described earlier in this site, symptoms of dis-ease are evidence that we have not cared for our machine adequately enough and now it's time to pay up. If we pay for our mistakes as we go, Mother Nature is balanced. If we put off payment into the future, Mother Nature gets put "out of balance". She doesn’t like that and demands payment in full…with interest…NOW.

Some typical "poisons" which we all have put into our bodies at some time in our lives are:

• alcohol,

• nicotine,

• caffeine,

• refined sugar,

• refined flour products,

• refined and altered dairy products including milk, yogurt, kefir, ice cream, cheese.

REMEMBER, the body is built to handle an occasional toxin, not a constant barrage.


Drugs (pharmaceutical, street, over-the-counter, "recreational") ALL stress the liver and push the body to, and most times beyond, its safe limitations. Drugs should be the last thing that you try...just before the undertaker.

The body is displaying symptoms because it either does not have what it needs or it has what it doesn't need or what can harm it.

"Symptoms" are the body’s alarm bells trying to tell you to "CHECK ENGINE".

Putting more harmful things (drugs) into a body that is already in peril, in my opinion, is nothing short of lunacy!

In summary, if you want a "symptom free" life…

Number one: give the body what it needs and do not expose it to what will stop it or poison it. Anything that has been manufactured or chemically altered or preserved or refined is a potential toxin or poison. It will stress the liver.

Number two: give the body "live" nutrients (foods with the electromagnetic life force still intact and viable in addition to good clean air...more on this later). As a practical matter, life in our present day society precludes most of us from eating only "live foods" all the time. I therefore suggest and recommend certain food supplements which can offer your body the missing ingredients which will keep it functioning as naturally as possible under the present "unnatural" circumstances.

The products which I use all have viable "Life Force Energy". Some of the products which I use and/or recommend are obtainable at your local health food store. Some, you will need to order from mail order companies, in which case I will supply you with the phone number to order the products. Still there are others that are sold through multilevel organizations. This is unfortunate because almost all products sold through MLM are over inflated in price. Ah well, if you want it badly enough, you pay the price.

If you order products from multilevel companies, please either give them the referral # listed by the product in this text or contact the person who gave you this text. There are many products and services that I do not have the space to discuss in this booklet. I talk about them in much more detail in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.

If you found this booklet in a health food store, please ask if some or all of the products mentioned here are available in the store. Some chain stores will not allow multilevel products to be displayed so ask the manager. He or she may have access to the products privately or they may be available in the store but just cannot be displayed. If you "discovered" this information on the "web", check your local health food store. If you cannot find what you need, click on my web site and/or call me at the numbers listed in the front of this booklet.

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Most people in this part of the world are experiencing a problem with excess weight (fat accumulation). Our lifestyle has changed fundamentally in the last 70 to 80 years. The present "robot" generation has been letting machines do what human bodies did years ago. People used to work hard. Now they hardly work…physically that is.

Potentially poisonous residue is burned off by muscle activity purged from the body through perspiration. This body was built to work! If it doesn't work, it "withers and rusts" and collects "barnacles" and other sediments that clog up the system. Consequently, the liver overloads and symptoms of dis-ease develop. In addition, the "food source" which we use for fuel is less than natural. Most "food" that we put into our bodies has been grown denatured and artificially, or has been chemically and electro-magnetically denatured and altered so that the body can no longer "recognize" the molecules of "food" and it becomes toxic by definition. (See TOXINS)

Before we lock ourselves into the physical-realm discussion on fat, we should briefly consider the purposes of fat in the body. Fat provides a reserve or storage supply of energy for the body to use in times of "scarcity". In addition to lubricating the machinery of the body, fat also provides the body with "insulation and cushioning". The physical body receives chemical signals from the brain which functions on many other levels besides and beyond the physical. Therefore, the physical chemical output signals from the brain to the physical body could be the result of spiritual, emotional, and/or electromagnetic input signals coming from the physical or emotional environment and/or one's belief system.

In other words, emotional fears and stresses can result in the body "creating insulation or padding" to protect itself from "potential" or "threatened" danger. In these cases, the subconscious mind with its programmed beliefs will usually try to "protect" its vulnerable self by padding the physical body with fat...even though food intake may be at starvation levels. . (See a more in-depth discussion in THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.)

Hypnosis is a popularly misunderstood process. Hypnosis is the process of bypassing the conscious mind (the conscious mind is the "gate keeper" and "rules" on what is allowed to pass to the subconscious mind) to establish communication with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a computer. It will record information judgment..."just the facts, ma'am". If you do not have access to the "pass word", you cannot change the data which is stored in the memory. Similarly, if you cannot bypass the "sentry" (the conscious mind), you cannot add new patterns or change subconscious patterns which were entered previously.

Patterns are most easily planted into the subconscious mind when we are vulnerable. We are most vulnerable before the age of 6 or 7 (our rational mind has not yet learned to discriminate) and most of our "moral" and "ethical" programming takes place at this time. That is why television is so dangerous for our children...What are they watching when they are this vulnerable? Parents, sit down and watch an hour of the cartoons your kids are watching!!!! Check out the hidden messages in them!!!! Is that how you want your kids programmed?!!!

The advertising industry uses repeated exposure when you are relaxed to eventually cause "the message" to "sink in" through (bypassing) the protection of the conscious mind (Kids do not have a fully developed conscious mind to keep the crap out...their subconscious minds are very vulnerable to programming). Do you find yourself just automatically reaching for products which you "recognize"? That's hypnosis in action. If they hooked you as an adult, how vulnerable are your kids?

If you choose to seek out a counselor who uses hypnosis, try to find someone who also is familiar with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

That technique, in my opinion, is very powerful. Tony Robbins launched himself into prominence using NLP.

Another technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) formulated by Gary Craig is a very effective "somatic hypnosis" technique. It is an off-shoot of the "Temporal Tap" technique pioneered by George Goodhart, D.C. and John Thie, D.C. and the ICAK (International College of Applied Kinesiologists) back in the ‘70’s. It consists of tapping specific reflexes on the skin while voicing a positive affirmation, hence the "somatic hypnosis induction" label. <>.

In addition, I feel that John Kappas' HYNOSIS MOTIVATION INSTITUTE in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles suburb) offers the most comprehensive and innovative approach to hypnosis that I have seen for training as well as for individual therapy. (I received my training from John back in 1974 and I then subsequently set up the first "state approved" school for hypnosis in California.)

Now that we have explored the attitude and mind-set issue, we can go on to the physical remedies for excess fat.

CALORAD™ is a liquid food supplement containing collagen hydrolysat, glycerin, and aloe vera juice which is stabilized by methyl paraben (methyl paraben is an alcohol extracted from blueberries) and potassium sorbate (another antimicrobial alcohol extracted from blueberries which breaks down into acetic acid (vinegar)).

Collagen hydrolysat (in Calorad) has a successful 20 plus year history of enhancing connective tissue repair.

Aloe vera (in Calorad) dates back thousands of years as a healing agent for the body, stimulating tissue repair and digestion system balance. (See articles on hiatal hernia and chronic interstitial cystitis at the end of this text)

Glycerin (in Calorad) is another remedy hundreds of years old which has been used to enhance the immune system function and repair. Many of the old herbal remedies are prepared with glycerin.

This combination along with the unique amino acid chain construction of the collagen in Calorad works with the pineal gland during the first 60-90 minutes of the sleep cycle. This enhances production and conversion of L-Carnitine, which is an amino acid used in the construction and repair of muscle and connective tissue and the burning of fat. It also stimulates the
production of an enzyme called lipase which dissolves fat. This amino-acid complex is an HGH (Human Growth Hormone) precursor.

As mentioned earlier in this text, heat denatures protein. CALORAD is prepared with a "cold enzyme" process which preserves the unique and critical structure of the collagen molecule. A Western trained dietitian (limited vision by definition) will suggest eating gelatin (like Jell-O) for collagen. You certainly will not go to jail for eating gelatin, but you also will not receive the nutritional response from the body that you will with CALORAD. (See THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK for a recipe to make your own gelatin. Gelatin makes collagen.)

Muscle tissue contains mitochondria which are essentially "little furnaces" which burn carbon obtained from sugar molecules which can be converted from fat molecules dissolved by the lipase.... more muscle available... more furnaces available to burn fat. CALORAD stimulates the growth of muscle tissue (which provides the "furnaces" to burn fat). Insulin is also a major factor in this process. I discuss the insulin/adrenaline/liver relationship in greater detail in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.

Amphetamine type drugs (including caffeine) stimulate the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline is the body's fight or flight hormone. It stimulates your body to action and suppresses appetite when the body senses imminent danger. Both the drug (amphetamine) and the hormone (adrenaline) are toxic to the body and must be "burned out" through muscle activity.

In the ensuing increased artificial metabolic activity (using amphetamines), both fat and muscle are burned out of the body. In addition, the appetite is suppressed and fewer nutrients are taken in to provide the body with the proper materials to rebuild. We then develop "degenerative" dis-ease conditions that we discussed earlier. If the drugs and adrenaline are not metabolized, the residue settles in the liver and connective tissue throughout the body and results in allergic reactions and muscle aches and pains and other "itises" and "algias" later in life. In addition, overstimulation can cause damage to the adrenal glands and possibly the thyroid.

All the currently hyped "weight-loss" programs either restrict caloric intake (starvation) and/or stimulate adrenal activity. Consider this fact of never see an overweight animal in the wild. The only time you will ever see a fat animal is in an artificial environment typically eating "human" food. (More on natural food and food combining in the HUMAN MACHINE book.)

Pharmaceuticals like Phen-Fen and Redux and Ritalin are dangerous poisons and are therefore restricted to a period of time not to exceed three months. These drugs have been shown to destroy your adrenal and liver function and cause seizures, memory loss, anxiety, and other symptoms including heart valve defects for which other drugs are prescribed which further complicates and taxes your defense system which makes your condition worse (there have been some deaths reported).

Ma-Huang, ephedra, and other caffeine type herbs used occasionally and for a short-term specific purpose are not necessarily a problem. However, when they are used in concentrated and extended doses they can, and do, cause the same problems as the pharmaceuticals just mentioned. (Ma-Huang has been used safely in Chinese Medicine since time began.)

CALORAD is neither a "volume nutrient" (a meal replacement) nor an adrenal stimulant (no Ma Huang, Ephedra, Caffeine, etc.). It is more like a catalyst which "triggers" the body's own natural capacity for metabolic activity.

Over the years, through the ingestion of preservatives and other toxic agents, the pineal gland activity has been suppressed (the pineal gland is in charge of night-time regeneration and reconstruction activity in addition to translating electromagnetic wave patterns, such as color, light, and sound into blood chemistry). CALORAD "awakens the pineal gland". (Biorhythms and subtle energy frequencies are discussed in more depth in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.)

Sometimes some bodies are internally burdened by defective thyroid output and/or compromised liver and immune systems and not enough energy is available for muscle building and fat burning. Too much energy is spent just trying to "stay alive" and little or no observable changes take place in the body right away. In these cases, "nudging" the thyroid and parathyroid with a product called "90 Parathyroid Plus" produced by a company called ATRIUM in Hebron Illinois (815-648-4200) seems to assist the thyroid and the parathyroid thereby increasing the effectiveness and timeliness of the HGH amino acid complex products like CALORAD. You might also consider Iodine supplementation. (More in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.)

The "thermostat" which controls the "fire in the furnace" is the thyroid gland. Sitting on the thyroid gland are the four parathyroid glands which control the amount of calcium there is in the blood and the bones at any one time. If these glands are compromised in any way, fat burning may be slowed down and bone calcium and blood calcium balances are disturbed. (Proper blood calcium and magnesium levels are necessary for muscle relaxation and flexibility.) Remember that calcium and magnesium up-take levels are dependent on the pH of the digestive tract which is ultimately controlled by enzymes.

Improving thyroid function and/or improving the immune system seems to allow the body to "spare" some extra energy for "inch loss". In other words, if the body is spending virtually all of its energy "keeping the fire hot" and/or "fighting the bad guys", it doesn't have much extra energy left to burn off excess fat.

All human bodies are similar, but not the same. Every body metabolizes just a little differently. It is for this reason that I cannot recommend one "magic bullet" product for all problems with all people. One size does not fit all. Some bodies will respond positively to one product or technique while the same products and/or technique won't even phase someone else.

Most people who use CALORAD type products actually see a palpable (feelable) inch loss within 90 days. Every body is different. Some bodies see changes in the first week (men quicker than women do). Some take 3 to 6 months to see physical outside changes. Those with severely compromised liver function will probably not see too much obvious improvement for quite a while. However, inside changes are taking place immediately (improvement in connective tissue integrity and liver function).

We must keep in mind that ALL organs and glands are made up of a matrix of connective tissue. Therefore, any changes in connective tissue integrity will reflect in organ and gland function throughout the whole body. (See - "hiatal hernia".) Most movement related "itises" and "algias' seem to disappear with the consistent use of CALORAD type products. This is what all HGH (Human Growth Hormone) precursors do.

CALORAD was developed in Canada in the early eighties. For many years it was the only product on the market that had a workable formula. Now there are a number of "knock-offs" on the scene which are being heavily promoted. In any event, the formula is essentially an HGH precursor. It is an amino acid complex which stimulates regeneration of muscle and connective tissue in the body. Since the liver is in charge of the integrity of connective tissue, if the liver is compromised, CALORAD or any of its look-alikes will not work very well, therefore liver support is highly recommended.

UPDATE: When CALORAD first hit the market, it was made from beef collagen. The original formula worked like it was advertised. After the Mad-Cow scare, they started using fish collagen which does not work as well. In addition they started to "cut" (dilute) the formula to the point that it no longer works like it once did.

There is an HGH precursor formula on the market that does make a difference even with a compromised liver. The SOMALIFE INTERNATIONAL people (interestingly are also in Canada) produce a product called SOMALIFE gHP. <> It’s expensive, but it does give you a "lift". For those with blood sugar dips, SOMALIFE (as directed) and 4 "free-form" amino acid tablets (from your local health food store) in the afternoon will wipe away the mid-morning and mid-afternoon blahs.

I have found that glucosamine sulfate, silica, shark liver oil, cat's claw, olive leaf extract, and milkthistle seem to assist the improvement of connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, joints) integrity. All are readily available at your local health food store (some chiropractors carry these supplements).

There is another substance on the market called cetyl-cis-9-myristoleate referred to as CMO that seems to turn off the auto-immune destruction process which allows the body to then heal itself…no more "itises". It is readily available in health food stores at this writing. This is an animal derived product for those of you who may be concerned. The researchers started off using rat cartilage. They began using fish cartilage and now a popular brand uses chicken sternum (breast bone).

JUSURU is a product that arrived on the market in 2010 that uses "Bio-Cell Collagen®" along with hyaluronic acid and resveritrol and all the popular new juices combined to effect changes in joint pain and skin wrinkles.  It appears to lubricate bone-on-bone joints and put the "youth look" back in your skin.  Check out their wesite:  <> My distributer number is 198897 if you decide to order the product.  If you e-mail me < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >, I will send you some awsome before and after pictures.

A company in Texas called INTEGRIS produces a product it calls
COLLASTIN which utilizes CMO among other ingredients. I have heard many good reports about this product. Santa Barbara orthopedic surgeons Dr, Kline and Dr. Ecke have recommended this product in their prolo-therapy follow-up protocol. 

INTEGRIS also sells a product called RISOTRIENE that balances blood sugar. Mood swings and diabetes are affected by blood sugar disturbances. More in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.

APEX ENERGETICS in Irvine California makes a product called "CLEAR VITE" that I have been using myself for about 4 years now.  This is a rice protein product with a long list of herbs and other nutrients that serves as an excellent meal replacement for those who would like to limit your food intake. It is a liver cleanser and builder as well as a good energy "pick-me-up".


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I must mention something about chiropractic and osteopathic "adjustments" at this point. The basis for chiropractic philosophy is that nerve impingement results in diminished body-part communication which results in dis-ease and pain.

While this mindset is not false, it is not complete. The statement from chiropractors is that adjusting the bones relieves the pressure on the nerves allowing the downstream body parts to function normally again (relief from pain). Again, I agree with this philosophy and procedure. But what holds the bones in place (or out of place) to cause impingement?

The answer is "integrity (or lack thereof) of muscle and connective tissue". The lack of balance and flexibility of connective tissue holding the bones together and in place results in pinching of the nerves causing pain and/or dysfunction. This condition can develop over time due to a stressful lifestyle or from a spontaneous trauma (injury). Remember our discussion on liver energy and connective tissue integrity. This is why some injuries (especially back and neck injuries) do not heal over time. (Much more in "THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK")

It has been my experience (corroborated by numerous testimonials from people and other health professionals) that massage and acupressure therapy in conjunction with the chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments is many times more effective in relieving pain more quickly and effectively than straight adjustments alone. I have also found that an Osteopathic technique called ORTHO-BIONOMY (Call Karen at 805-963-5005) is extremely effective for these long-term pain profiles due to old injuries and stress.

In addition, CALORAD and/or SOMALIFE type products along with the other nutrients just mentioned above absolutely improve the healing time and help the "adjustments" to "hold" longer. Chiropractors who offer CALORAD and SOMALIFE and CMO type products to their patients report amazing results. (They should also have a massage therapist on staff...or at least have access to one...or two...or three.) I discuss the relationship between the liver and connective tissue integrity and massage therapeutics in much more detail in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK. (Also see connective tissue)

Toxins and poisons (such as insecticides and other environmental pollutants) are typically fat-soluble (dissolvable in fat) and are therefore stored in the fat cells of the body. CAUTION: When liver-cleansing agents are used, fat (which contains the toxins) is dumped into the blood stream. The resulting toxic overload could cause flu-like "purging" symptoms to appear.

Large quantities of water and minerals should be consumed and increased exercise be performed to "flush" the poisons out of the system. It is for this reason that it is recommended that small children and lactating (breast-feeding) women do not use CALORAD. (People who have been caring for themselves and are not overly toxic should not have a problem taking CALORAD or SOMALIFE products while lactating.) By the way, you can order CALORAD from Mark Blair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We have been discussing the symptom profiles resulting from the lack of integrity of the connective tissue in the body. There is another product on the market which addresses this situation head-on. MSM (Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane) is essentially DMSO (Di-Methyl-Sulph-Oxide) with a single methyl group. MSM (and DMSO) makes the cell walls (connective tissue) more permeable which allows nutrients to get into the cells and toxins and poisons to get out of the cells more readily. This activity accelerates the healing and cell building process.

MSM is in practically all live foods, but dissipates rapidly in storage and is totally destroyed with heat and preservative use. Methyl Sulphonyl Methane is a gas which can permeate a fluid, like water, and be held in the fluids of a life form like a plant or animal. Exposure to heat and air will evaporate the gas.

There is a multilevel company called FREELIFE which sells an MSM product, but I have found that MSM which you can find in your local health food store is probably better and is less expensive. The NOW herbal company (which you can find in your local health food store) sells a good MSM for less money.

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A company called A. B. Cernelle distributed by Cernilton America in Ohio (800-831-9505) sells a Flower Pollen product (not "bee" pollen) which helps to balance blood sugar which stabilizes mood swings, gives you an energy boost (with no caffeine drop), and stimulates clear thinking and soothes irritated prostates. Tell them you want the "blue" label and the "250" size.

The label recommends 2 tablets twice per day. It has been my experience that double that (4 tabs twice per day) works well. If you don't feel any different, take more. Every body is different. Some bodies are "run so far down" that 8 twice a day is barely enough. Some bodies will "fly" on 1 twice a day. I take 4 every few hours when I am driving long's a whole lot easier on the body than caffeine.

There has been much talk of late about St. John's Wort herb (hypericum perforatum). It has been used internally for centuries for depression and mood swings. Applied topically it assists in the healing process for skin disturbances. You can use the botanical herb or a homeopathic preparation (start with 12X then 30X). Homeopathic Hypericum (St John's Wort) along with FLOWER POLLEN should boost your mood to the point where you can at least look at yourself in the mirror. The flower pollen did a real number on my own attitude.

For those of you who have suffered with ADD/ADHD or severe depression or drug or alcohol addiction and are taking Prozac or similar type drug, a product called NEURO-911 can 'set you free". I suggest that you obtain a copy of a book called START THINKING NOW by Martha A. White, Ph.D. (Book order #800-370-4057). In the book Dr. White explains the chemistry behind ADD/ADHD behavior. Keep in mind that ADD/ADHD behavior is typically a problem developed over time from refined sugar and alcohol abuse.

NEURO-911 is distributed by FOR-MOR INTERNATIONAL in Conway Arkansas (800-344-8441). NEURO-911 is a natural nutrient product which will turn your life around most times within 24 hours. It will help you sleep better and if you are overweight because of emotional stress and anxiety, this product, along with SOMALIFE and FLOWER POLLEN will create a new you. The NEURO-911 nourishes your brain and quiets and soothes your emotions. At the same time the CALORAD/SOMALIFE type products build your muscle and connective tissue integrity and, along with the FLOWER POLLEN, improves your liver function (which has been overloaded with all the drugs and alcohol and sugar you have been using trying to quiet the hurt and anxiety.)

A product from Royal Nutrition in Anaheim (714-632-5001), California called A/LOW helps to "dissolve" calcium deposits in joints, and "stones" in the gall bladder and kidneys. I have seen people who are scheduled for gall bladder and heart by-pass surgery, after starting A/FLOW, no longer need the surgery. Four tablets twice per day is recommended for at least 3 months. It is an anti-oxidant, oral chelating agent/nutrient formula which you can use for vitamin maintenance (1 twice per day) after the first three months. Royal Nutrition also has a chelating agent containing EDTA (EthyleneDiamineTetraacidicAcid) for heavy metal removal.

There is another calcium stone dissolving product on the market aptly called STONE FREE. It will dissolve kidney stones, gall stones, and “heel spurs” within a few weeks. It is private-labled for Artista’s Nutrition in San Pedro, California (310-519-7111).

While we are on the subject of oral chelating agents, Gero Vita International (mentioned earlier in this text), in addition to the MEDIZYME N product, also offers a product called HHF which helps to rid the body of heavy metals and calcium build-up in arteries. In concert with the example I give on the next page about leaving the window open during a sandstorm while trying to vacuum the carpet, consuming dairy products while trying to clean out your arteries makes just as much sense (more in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK).

Histidine, an amino acid, is used quite successfully for removing nickel from tissue especially from prostate glands. Nickel which is a toxic metal settles in the prostate and is one of the causes of Benign Prostatic Hyper Plasia (swollen prostate). Histidine can be found in any health food store.

These products mentioned in this text are all food supplements and NOT drugs. Therefore these food products ALLOW the body to perform...they do not FORCE the body to perform (like drugs). For example, taking drugs is like driving along the highway with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, you get marginal performance and you wear out your machine sooner.

Drugs "force" your body into extreme unnatural conditions, which your body tries to counterbalance with more extreme behavior ("side effects" and symptoms). You make very little progress if you attempt to sweep your sidewalk during a sandstorm. Similarly, if you continue to pollute your body with toxic material while you take "food supplements", you are wasting your time and money.

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If you have been polluting your system for years, your body is probably "home" to a myriad of parasites. Parasites in your body eat defective, rotting material. They were designed and created by Nature to do just exactly that. They are Nature's little undertakers. They are supposed to help keep you clean and free of potentially dangerous debris. If you are overrun with parasites, they must be eating something! You figure it out. (You are what you have eaten over time.)

Worms of various shapes and sizes typically inhabit our digestive tract. Sometimes these worms in one stage of development or another (adult, pupae, egg, etc.) manage to burrow their way out of the intestines and into heart, liver, kidney, blood, lymph, brain, muscle, and connective tissue. If you have, or are around animals (especially if you kiss your animals or let them lick your face and/or sleep with you), the likelihood of you having a parasite infestation in your body is almost 100%.

Hulda Clark (The Cure for all Cancer) is fairly accurate in her assessment of the problem of "parasite egg nests" being responsible for many serious symptom profiles (I highly recommend the book for concept), but her solutions very seldom work. Her herbal recommendations are effective singly but are not very comprehensive. Her "zapper" is totally worthless compared to the Rife frequency generator devices.

Every life form on this planet has a specific "signature" vibration. By amplifying that signature vibration with a harmonic tone, a "mortal oscillating rate" can be induced which, for all intents and purposes, will quite literally explode the life form in question. My point here is that the "Zapper" only has one frequency; hence only one life form can be affected (if even that much). In addition, the frequency generated is specifically electrical in nature. More complex overtones and subtler frequencies are necessary to affect these life forms.

The Rife frequency generator has a wide range of frequencies which can tune to many different types of parasites in the body. (Contact me if you want more info on the Rife generators.)

I have found that Awareness Corporation's (800-692-9273) CLEAR (herbal) formula works very well to get rid of intestinal parasites as well as those which have migrated to other parts of the body. The downside of CLEAR is that their program (which includes other colon-cleansing products) can get very expensive. However, it does work.

While we're on the subject of colon cleansing, Dr Howard Loomis (enzymes) has a colon cleansing, parasite killing formula called CHALLENGE which really does make you poop big time.

The most effective poop formula (Formula #1 & 2) that I have found so far is offered by Dr. Richard Schultze at American Botanicals in Marina Del Rey, California (8oo-437-2362). He is fanatical and radical but his stuff works. Call and ask for a catalog.

Awareness Corporation has just introduced another product called "IMAGINE" which they claim is a "weight loss" product. It may in fact help in some weight loss, but from the ingredient list, this looks more like, and in fact is, an excellent blood cleanser and immune system booster.

There has been a considerable amount of research on grapefruit seed extract as a water purifier, amoebacide, fungicide, and bactericide ("cide" means killer). It works wonders on intestinal parasites. Grapefruit seed extract is extremely effective on diarrhea following "food poisoning" (an amoebic infection) and candida (an intestinal yeast overgrowth). The brand name to recognize at your local health food store is CITRICIDAL by Nutribiotics.

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Olive leaf extract was first developed as a remedy for malaria and has since been reformulated to be effective for a wide variety of bacterial infections. For a mild infectious process, it has been found that two tablets to start and one every four hours works best.

For a serious infection (tooth infection, bladder infection, sinus infection, hepatitis A, B, and C) you can start with six tablets and take four every two hours. If this much causes nausea, just eat something and the nausea will go away. Check out "Olive Leaf Extract" on an Internet search engine like Yahoo or Google.

Putrid breath is usually a result of bacteria colonies in the roots of teeth (due to lack of minerals, especially calcium, and overindulgence in refined sugar and starch products). Olive leaf extract will knock the infection right out (until you can get to a dentist and change your eating habits).

"Sewer" breath (as opposed to putrid breath) is a large intestine problem and needs to be addressed from a more comprehensive perspective including dietary and lifestyle changes in addition to literally washing the colon with water. I cover this situation in more depth in my book THE HUMAN MACHINE - A Trouble Shooters Manual

Some offensive breath (and body odor) caused by eating garlic, onions and other culinary herbs can be mitigated with three or four little caps of BREATH-ASSURE (a combination of parsley seed and sunflower seed oil). BREATH-ASSURE can be found in health food stores and in some grocery stores and convenience stores.

UPDATE: This product is now called MINT-ASSURE and can be found in drug stores.

Linus Pauling made a strong argument for Vitamin C. Just before he died it was reported that he was taking megadoses of Vitamin C. While it is true that Vitamin C is necessary for the body's immune system to function well, It is not true that we need megadoses to maintain equilibrium.

If you supplement your diet with more than 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day you will probably develop diarrhea (if your immune system is intact)...the sicker you are, the more Vitamin C you require...which may be the reason Linus Pauling died of cancer...hmmm. The Body Electric, Inc. from Carson City, Nevada (800-692-2390) has a bioelectrically alive Vitamin C complex called CELL SYSTEM 1 which I highly recommend. This is an MLM company, so you will need my pin #2944 to order product.

They also have the best tooth cleanser I have ever found called Pristine. There is no comparison to any toothpaste on the market anywhere. It contains no fluoride, sugar, or pumice. It's just a mixture of essential oils. Try it, you'll like it. (More on essential oils in "the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK")

Many people use the herb, Echinacea, (obtainable from your local health food store) for colds, flu, and infections. Echinacea works well but it looses its effectiveness after two to three weeks use and you have to lay off for a while. Olive leaf extract does not loose its effectiveness after extended use.

Please understand... these herbs assist and amplify the body's immune system (T-cells, macrophages, and other white blood cells) which is designed to be able to discriminate between "good guys" and "bad guys" in the body…Whereas pharmaceutical anti-biotics indiscriminately kill everything in sight, good guys and bad guys. We live symbiotically (together in harmony) with a wide range of microscopic life forms who provide benefit for us. We provide shelter and food for them and they provide us with digestive help and protection from detrimental life forms.

If you plow your garden and "kill" all plant life, what is the first life form you see coming back? Weeds! Similarly, if you kill "all" life forms in your system, the first ones to come back with a vengeance are "the weeds...the bad guys".

But what is worse is the fact that the widespread use of pharmaceutical antibiotics over the last 50 or so years has resulted in bacteria "learning" to overcome the antibiotics. We have created "monster super-bugs". Antibiotics no longer kill these "superbugs". Pneumonia, virulent staph infections, ear infections, unstoppable candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, chronic bladder infections (See Interstitial Cystitis), and "killer" flu are just some of the evidence that we are losing the battle. Our immune systems, which are supposed to protect us from these invaders, are so depleted from lack of proper nutrition and environmental poisons that they are totally overrun and ineffective. We are facing epidemic viral and bacterial infections for which there is no allopathic drug or remedy to stop them.

The AMAZON HERB COMPANY in Jupiter, Florida (800-835-0850) FAX (561-744-5318) is the largest supplier of Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) in the United States. They've been around for almost 20 years and have the purest and most potent herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest available. Una de Gato is a major natural virus killer. If you suffer from hepatitis A, B, or C, or if you can't get rid of Crone’s or any of the above mentioned inflammatory conditions, you really need to check this product line out.

NONI juice is essentially a Tahitian "Aloe Vera". There are a number of producers of "NONI" juice in the market place. They are all about the same and are about as effective as Aloe Vera. They are both somewhat pricey.

Colostrum is the clear liquid emanating from the mammalian breast during the first 24 to 48 hours after birth. Its purpose is to establish an immune system bias in the new-born. The IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) in cow’s milk is virtually the same as in humans. This is the latest fad product and has been receiving great accolades. A group of medical doctors are promoting a colostrum product called "TRANSFER FACTOR". However…there is still some controversy about the IGF-1 and cancer which has not been resolved in my mind yet. I would tend to hold back on this one until the "smoke clears". Check out

I hesitate to recommend specific herbal and homeopathic remedies for "generic symptoms" because each body is different and certain deficiencies and toxicities will produce different symptoms in different bodies. There are uncountable numbers of Chinese and Western herbs and herbal combinations along with as many homeopathic remedies as there are different elements in the Universe which are very effective in helping a specific body deal with a specific problem.

You may be able to find 1,3 – 1,6 Beta Glucan along with a few others like "ImmPower" and "Bio-Immune" in your local health food store. NGN3 is very expensive in health food stores. It can be obtained for a reasonable price at ( These are all natural killer cell enhancers. Natural Killer Cells are special white blood cells which are major players in your immune defense system. UPDATE: The FDA has pulled NGN3 off the market

I have suggested general overall tonics and remedies which I have found to be most effective for most people to improve most conditions. For individual and specific symptom profiles, consult with your own health professional or you can call me at (626) 963-5023 and I will be glad to discuss your situation on an individual basis.

If you are in the southern California area, we could get more information from your body in a private session. If you live anywhere outside the southern California area, I have produced a one-hour video which, when used in conjunction with the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK, will give you a fairly accurate assessment of what your body is or is not doing. The video will take you through a "do-it-yourself" pressure point routine which will result in changes in how your body feels and responds. I teach different forms of massage and acupressure for people wanting to become therapists as well as for individual health enthusiasts. More and more nurses are turning to Natural techniques for helping patients to feel better and relieve pain.

If you are experiencing an "uncontrolled cell growth" (tumor) problem that will not clear up, I would like to remind you of the CsCl (Cesium Chloride) and K (Potassium) mineral protocol offered by ENIVA (423-253-2908) and/or the Black Salve at (or call Rob at 775-324-4889). UPDATE: Rob has been shut down.

There is a product which has recently been introduced as "THE ANTIDOTE". It is a polypeptide made from crocodile blood that is purported to "kill all known deadly viruses and bacteria" in the human body <>. So far as I can determine, it will kill Hepatitis C, as well as Herpes I and II and Shingles. After ingestion, the polypeptide resides in the blood cells so that it stays as a front line defense until the blood cell dies a normal death after about 120 days. It is therefore important to retake every 3 months or so to immunize the new blood cells. For normal prophylactic immunity, one "dose" will do. For more serious infections, 4 – 6 "doses" may be necessary. If you have any questions, contact me at < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >.  UPDATE:  The company has changed the active ingredient delivery modality and the effectiveness has changed considerably.  I now recommend that you check out a product called "QUICK CLEAR" <> for any viral problem especially herpes and shingles.  

Remember that we have discussed the fact that it is the job of the defense system to maintain a strong and adequate defense perimeter. Electromagnetic fields influence the integrity of the defense system. Discordant vibrations jumble the magnetic communication of the body. Harmonic fields (determined by vibrations) improve the body's ability to defend itself.

Homeopathic remedies, sound, light (color), thoughts (prayer), all affect the body's defenses. If we can determine the proper source and combination of vibrations, the body will balance itself out and the "symptoms' (which are the witness of the discord) will disappear.

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Finally, the air which most of us breathe is so loaded with toxic chemicals and pollens, and viruses, and positive ions that we continue to pass on "infectious" agents to one another and continue to suffer from immune system deficiencies. "Sick building syndrome" (excess positive ion concentration) results from building construction which recirculates "polluted" and toxic air.

Positive ions are molecules which have lost some electrons. Negative ions have an excess of electrons. Negative ions carry electromagnetic energy. Infectious agents and dust particles cling to positive ions. In addition, unpleasant odors from pets and carpets and cooking can be irritating and embarrassing.

When we get "sick" we close the windows to stay warm. But we also trap the "sickness" in the air of the room or building thereby recirculating the "sickness" and almost guaranteeing that everyone else in the room will become "infected". When your body is displaying symptoms, it needs FRESH air to be able to recover.

ALPINE Air Systems builds ozone generators and air purification devices for home, office buildings, and automobiles. Those of us who live in and around cities and who have to use "freeways" or highways on a regular basis are breathing toxic fumes for more hours in a day than our bodies can handle (we "shouldn’t" handle any!).

ALPINE seems to have a "leg up" on all the other competition as far as effectiveness and efficiency of particle removal and air sanitation. They are a little more expensive, but they are a whole lot more effective in removing particulate matter (even viruses) from the air.

Remember that allergies are the body's reaction to and rejection of a foreign protein (particle). Some of us are more sensitive than others to these air-borne particles. These particles are removed by the negative ion generation and are "sanitized" (oxidized) by the ozone producing capacity of the ALPINE machines. ALPINE machines make "fresh air" out of smog, pollution, and stinky tobacco-smoke air.

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All water purification systems have some detrimental side effects and/or overload effects. Filters clog up and let contaminates through and we cannot tell at what point in time this happens. Calcium and other minerals are deposited in pipes and on sinks and walls. Heavy metals, parasites (bacteria and viruses), and run-off chemicals from agriculture collect in our water supply. A very simple system of strategically placed special magnets and the use of a grapefruit seed extract product will keep your pipes clean and your water pure and your pools and hot tubs free of algae and bacteria growth. (Contact NUTRIBIOTICS – the same people who make CITRICIDAL (877-867-2839). In addition, a first class water distillation apparatus should be first choice. Reverse osmosis will do but it wastes a lot of water in the process.

Call Stuart Martin (323-790-6533) for info on a water energizing apparatus that changes the electron spin state of water so that ordinary water promotes major healing.




A North Pole (negative) (usually green in color) magnetic field will cause constriction of blood vessels and death of bacterial agents. It will also alkalize the blood. The blood needs to be 7.44 pH (alkaline) for proper metabolic (enzyme) activity and immune system function in the body. (Cancer cells cannot exist in alkaline blood.) The south pole (positive) (usually red in color) magnetic field will cause growth and repair of tissue and vasodilatation (expansion of blood vessels) and will acidify the blood. Therefore a judicious protocol would be to place the north pole (green) side of the magnet against the body over the heart (or aorta) for about 22 to 23 hours per day, then switch to the positive (red) side against the body for 1 to 2 hours per day. This procedure will tend to strengthen the thymus gland (immune system structure) with the south pole positive (red) magnetic field for an hour or two and then kill blood parasites and alkalize the blood with the north pole negative (green) field for the balance of the 24 hour day.

This application of magnetic fields, in conjunction with the other suggestions in this text will eventually (Be patient and consistent) bring even the most suppressed and "run down" system back up to normal "speed". (Since it has taken most people sometimes 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 or more years to effectively destroy their immune and defense systems, do you think it might take more than a few days to repair the damage?)

A North Pole (green) magnet placed on an infection or fresh injury or "tumor or growth" will cause a reduction in inflammation and bacterial infection. Once the inflammation has been reduced, the South Pole (red) magnetic field will assist the reconstruction and repair of the tissue. For damaged tissue (traumatic injury), use north (green) first to reduce swelling (first 24 hours), then south (red) to rebuild the damage.


Exposure to random electromagnetic fields especially computers, televisions, and high voltage power lines, affect the body's bioelectric fields adversely. Wearing a magnet over the thymus gland (mid sternum) helps to protect the body from those adverse fields.  


You would not be reading this web site if you were in perfect health. Therefore I suggest that you…

• Seek out a competent health counselor.

• Drink more water (purified) than you think necessary.

• Stop putting "poisons" (see Toxins/Poisons) into your body.

• Move around....exercise.

• Bounce on a trampoline.

• Breathe deeply and regularly.

• Get massaged regularly.

• Wear a magnet over your thymus gland or better yet, get a Magic Wand or a Pendant from Amega Global (B/A thehumanmachine).

• Clean out your sewer system (large intestine).

• Clean up your "stinking thinking".

• Combine your foods properly.

• Choose foods and supplements that are ALIVE....

• and most my book, 

Call me for quotes on magnets and the air and water systems.

"If each and every one of us cleaned up our own internal and external environment, there could then, by definition, be no communal or societal pollution or problems to clean up!"

For class information or private sessions send an e-mail to 
<  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > or FAX to 626-335-0342.


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(Newspaper article - 1997)


Oh, My lanta! What should I do? Take Tums. Take Rolaids. No, No. Take Tagamet HB. I'm sure you've heard the pharmaceutical company hype.

Well, gather 'round me, little children and you shall hear, the rantings and ravings of a one-time mechanical engineer.

My name is Dr. Phil Selinsky. I have been studying the human body for the past 30 some odd years now and I have found that with out a doubt, the human body is an electrochemical machine. As a matter of fact, it is a multidimensional electrochemical machine which is designed to fix itself when it breaks or gets out of balance. The engineer in me recognizes that this machine follows all the rules and laws of physics and chemistry, just like any other machine on this planet. The teacher in me compels me to scream as loud as I can over the "din of the dingbats" who are preaching violations of the laws of physics.

Just like all other machines, the human body has bells and whistles and gages to tell us when this machine is reaching its limits or when damage has occurred from collision or misuse. The major alarm bell that we all recognize is PAIN. Pain is our best friend! It tells us when something is out of balance. Therefore, disconnecting the alarm (anesthetizing the pain) without addressing the reason for the pain is courting disaster.

"Indigestion" followed by "heartburn", "lumps" in your throat, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, constipation/diarrhea, ileitis, colitis, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, low back pain, chest pain...any or all of these symptoms can point to ...hiatal hernia.

I must digress for a moment. I had a "nurse" respond to my presentation a few years ago. She was extremely upset with my expression "hiatal Hernia". "The correct term is hiatus hernia. Your ignorance is obvious right from the beginning. How can your solution have any merit?!" Then she hung up, bang! Well, my sweet lovely AMA nurse know it all, an adjective modifies a noun. One does not modify a noun with another noun. You would not say "portus vein, or abdominus pain". The correct English verbiage would be "portal vein and abdominal pain." So there! If I could stick my tongue out through this paper, I would. And now, on with the show!

Out of a random 100 people, 25 will have an acute, active hiatal hernia and 50 to 60 more will experience a "chronic" condition where symptoms come and go. A hernia is a tear or stretching of connective tissue. A hiatus is a port or opening. There is an opening or hiatus in the diaphragm which allows the esophagus (food tube from your mouth to your stomach) to go through. The diaphragm is a parachute shaped muscle which separates the thoracic (chest) cavity from the abdominal (tummy) cavity. The diaphragm is used as a bellows in the breathing process. Sometimes the hole or hiatus tears or stretches and when you breathe or put pressure on your abdomen, a part of the stomach gets literally sucked up into your chest cavity. This can put pressure on the heart, giving you symptoms of a heart attack. Or it can displace the lung capacity, giving you shortness of breath or a feeling like someone is sitting on your chest. Sometimes instead of the diaphragm tearing, the esophagus stretches just as it attaches to the stomach. Or the valve between the esophagus and the stomach becomes weak or damaged, and acid leaks into the esophagus and burns the esophagus and we have what western medicine calls "reflux esophagitis", or Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux-Desease or GERD. In either case, the stomach is physically "injured". If you've ever had a sliver in your finger and could not get it out, after a week or so your whole arm becomes achy and sore. The pain "creeps". The same thing happens to your food tube. Eventually your entire digestive tract becomes enflamed and irritated. So you experience "colitis", "enteritis", "gastroenteritis", all the itises you can think of. By the way, "itisquot; means inflammation of.

But the worst is yet to come. Because the tissues in the digestive system become inflamed, they swell. They get thicker which inhibits absorption of nutrients and you develop symptoms of starvation...even though your belly is full. And you get tired and irritable. You lose your pep and sparkle. You get tummy aches, and backaches, and headaches, and you can't think or concentrate. Hang gets worse.

The pharmaceutical companies through the medical doctors and their slick advertising campaigns on TV convince you to take an "anti-acid". That is supposed to solve your problem so you can go to sleep or continue gorging your body with "junk" (which will exacerbate the problem).

Let me take us back to my original premise that this machine (human body) was designed by its Maker to "run" in accordance with universal laws of physics. The "Maker" has constructed this vehicle with amazing forethought and detail. There is no structure or process in the human body that is superfluous or not necessary or non-functional. Everything has a purpose and a reason and a function. There is a reason that the stomach is acidic and the mouth and small intestine are alkaline. To change that status arbitrarily would change the entire metabolic structure of the body...and I might add, change it detrimentally. Acid in the stomach activates the digestive enzyme pepsin which breaks down protein. Acid also holds the protein in suspension so that it doesn't putrefy (rot). If that does not happen IN SEQUENCE, the protein (like any organic material) will rot before it gets to the place in the small intestine where it gets taken into the blood. By putting an anti-acid into your stomach, you are guaranteeing that you will end up with toxic blood which will overload your liver and result in all sorts of interesting symptoms which I don't have the space here to discuss. And get this...the anti-acids like Tums and Rolaids and the like temporarily disturb the pH of the stomach. The body recognizes the imbalance and makes more acid than you had before. The new "revolutionary" Tagamet HB (HB for heartburn) and Prilosec and Nexium totally disables the stomach tissue from producing any acid permanently. So now you are absolutely guaranteed indigestion and pain for the rest of your life. Sound like a winner? I don't think so.

When I started this article, I also mentioned that this body is multidimensional. By that I mean that we exist on many planes or levels of vibration and/or awareness. It's a lot like the sound barrier. You reach a particular vibration or pressure and you then need extra energy to penetrate "the barrier" and proceed into the next "dimension" or vibrational realm of reality. One such realm or dimension of consciousness which we can now confirm with electronic detection gear is the "meridian energy" flow or chi flow which powers or animates our muscles and other organ structures.

In Chinese medicine, the liver "energy" is responsible for the integrity of the connective tissue in the body. In other words when the liver energy is low or encumbered, the connective tissue in the body is subject to stretching or tearing under normal activity loads.

Therefore, when we enter this world with compromised or defective liver genes, we are subject to prolapses and hernias. Now remember when we were discussing what happens when anti-acids neutralize the stomach acids. We end up with toxic blood which overloads the liver...which is already genetically weak. We now have a circular pattern in which we get progressively worse. And the symptoms continue. And western medicine gives us more drugs to deal with the symptoms which further encumber the liver which makes the hernia worse which increases the symptoms which drives us to seriously consider suicide.

There is another factor to consider with anti-acids like Tums and Rolaids. I have heard medical doctors tell us to take Tums or Rolaids because they are a good source of calcium. In short, calcium is a mineral. Metallic minerals cannot get into the body by themselves. The body has to wrap a protein around the mineral to gain access to the blood stream.

The minerals have to be scratched or etched to provide "handles" for the protein to hang on to the mineral. This etching or "chelating" process requires acid. Do I need to go further? There are other down-stream ramifications related to metallic calcium which I do not have space here to address.

Let's try to approach this situation with some engineering logic. First and foremost, the reason for the pain is mechanical. The stomach is being pinched, which is disturbing the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve supplies energy and sensation to the entire digestive system in addition to the heart and lungs.

You must get the stomach out of the hole before any relief can be realized. This can be done with a massage maneuver. However, you need someone else to do this for you. You can do some things for yourself.

Locate a bar or a door or door jam or something to grasp and hang from. This will stretch your abdomen and utilize gravity to help you pull the stomach out of the hole. If you are not strong enough to hang, then make a pile of pillows on the floor and lie on your back so that your pelvis is lower than your chest. Lie in that position for as long as you can. You may have to sleep sitting up.

You should have no pressure on your abdomen. That means no tight belts or clothes. No bending over. No pressure on the front of your body. Assume the "top" position in sexual activities. The objective here is to keep the stomach out of the hole. Once you accomplish this, all the symptoms disappear immediately.

Remember that you will make no progress unless you consider the integrity of the liver energy in any prolapse or hernia situation. That means a total change of lifestyle including changing what and how you eat. More on this subject later in THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK. Check out the "Food Combining"

In addition, the stomach and entire digestion system has been irritated in some cases for decades. It will take some patience and planning to change your life. To help in the healing process, whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate works wonders in putting out the "fire" in your stomach while you are trying to keep it from slipping back up into the pinch. Please be careful in selecting the right brand of aloe. Most of the brands that you find in the stores are totally worthless.

Look for either R-Pure (800-888-2563) or Integris (888-737-7307) brand. The Integris brand has the highest (28,000) concentration of mucopolysacchrides (the active ingredient in Aloe Vera). If you cannot find either one, call me at (626) 963-5023 or (805) 963-5005.

Cayenne capsules will also help the healing process of your stomach tissues. Start with one capsule, and work your way up to two caps twice a day.

Keep in mind that the liver energy is insulted with any dairy products, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, rancid oils and any other food preservative. This whole concept will probably take a while to accept and implement. But most important of all, anti-acids do not help - they make it worse. Think out the logic for yourself and listen to your body. The body never lies. It always tells the truth. It's our job to learn the language. That's what I do. I translate pain into English.

For a more detailed and comprehensive discussion on the compllications from Vagus Nerve damage from neck trauma resulting in digestive disturbances, see THE HUMAN MACHINE...A Trouble Shooter’s Manual


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Sounds formidable, doesn't it? I've heard this term come up frequently lately. I have also seen the condition on and off in my practice over the years. Let's translate it into English. INTER = between. STITIAL = tissue/cells. A CYST is a bag or bladder. ITIS means "inflammation of". INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS merely means "inflammation" of the urinary bladder. But the major question still remains "How and why did the bladder become inflamed. Unless and until we address this crucial issue, we still don't know what the problem is even though we now have a name for it.

The urinary bladder is an elastic bag which is located just above and behind your pubic bone. There are two pipes which lead into the bladder from each of two kidneys located a little above the belly button and on each side of the spine. There is one pipe which drains out of the bladder to the outside of the body.

The job of the bladder is to hold urine which drains from the kidneys until you find a convenient time and place to "dump your load". The bladder will stretch like a balloon, as more urine is constantly dripping into it and you don't let any out. If it stretches too far, it could burst and cause a real mess. The Designer of this "machine" considered this dilemma and installed a stretch receptor switch in the wall of the bladder to tell you when you need to start looking for a place to empty it.

Under normal conditions, when the bladder contains a few ounces of urine, you feel a need to "go" because the switch is activated by the stretch of the bladder wall. But when the bladder wall is irritated and/or inflamed, the switch gets turned on just sitting there. So you feel a constant "need to go" even though there are only a few drops which tinkle out. In addition, there frequently is pain involved with this situation. If you have irritated and inflamed surface skin, like sunburn, touching it and moving it feels uncomfortable. Moving or stretching the skin on the inside of the bladder is also uncomfortable and can cause a stitching pain above your pubic bone.

There are many reasons why your bladder could become inflamed. From a strictly "traditional" perspective, a chemical irritant which the kidneys could filter from the blood (which got into the blood from what you ate) could irritate the bladder wall. An invasion or "infection" of foreign life forms (germs) could result in an irritation of the bladder. Ingestion of refined sugar, caffeine, and chronic emotional stress tax the system to a point that a bacterial infection becomes more likely. In addition, over indulgence in flesh protein can result in uric acid and calcium crystals forming in the kidney and causing irritation of both the kidney and the bladder.

A bladder infection is more likely in females than in males because of the structure of the plumbing. In females the urethra (the pipe from the bladder to the outside) is shorter (less distance for bacteria to travel) and the outside opening is located in a warm dark moist place, which is a favorite hangout for germs. But the key issue here is the fact that germs like to hang out in alkaline environments. They do not like acid conditions. If what you have eaten has caused the urine to fall into the 7 to 8 pH range, you can expect that these little critters will attempt to take up residence in your bladder. Does it make any rational sense to spread out a picnic lunch on the grass and not expect the ants to pay you a visit? Nature does what Nature does.

Western medicine believes that germs cause disease (in actual fact, germs are the result of disease). Their obvious answer to the overpopulation of bacteria is to try to get you to take an "antibiotic" (anti = against bio = life). The antibiotic is indiscriminate. It will kill all life forms which it touches, good or bad. An antibiotic will destroy not only the opportunistic bacteria which sauntered in because you left the door open, but it will also obliterate the guys in the white hats too.

You have friendly bacteria which help your digestion process and assist your immune system in keeping the guys in the black hats out. Instead of shooting up the place and destroying the furniture in the process, why not just make it uncomfortable for them and let them leave on their own? That is the way the machine was designed, you know. Just change the pH and they won't hang around very long. But, you see, that might mean we would have to change what we eat. Oh, goodness! That's too hard!

From an unconventional non-traditional point of view, every organ in the body must be supplied with adequate "energy" to perform. When the energy distribution system (acupuncture meridian flow) becomes disturbed or distorted, the body part which is supplied by the "river of energy" cannot do what it is designed to do. When the bladder energy is insufficient, the bladder cannot do what it is supposed to do and that is stretch. When it cannot stretch, it sends a signal to the brain which you interpret as "full bladder".

The muscles that run all along the spine from the occiput (back of the head) to the sacrum (small of the back) also get their power from the bladder meridian energy flow and can become uncomfortable and painful when they are deprived of energy. Sometimes 'back of the head' headaches and achy lower back and frequent urge for urination can be the result of a disturbance in the flow of energy to the bladder. In which case, massage and/or heat (or electronic or needle stimulation) in the right places could neutralize the pain instantly.

Chances are though that you have compromised your immune system over a period of time and because the bladder is the body's first line of energy defense, that's what goes down first. Viewing the body as "a unit whole", an energy related defect or "dis-ease" can result in the appearance of symptoms which should alert us to the fact that we are doing something wrong and if we continue with that behavior, we could end up with permanently damaged parts.

Usually adding something acidic to the system like cranberry juice can reverse a bladder disturbance caused by a pH change into the alkaline range. If there is damage to the kidney or the bladder tissue, cranberry juice will not necessarily help much. Uva Ursi is an herb which will help repair and build kidney tissue. Two to four caps per day will usually help.

If there is an actual bacterial infection, many things should be considered including those already mentioned. In addition, an herb called Echinacea will help with the unwanted bacterial population. Usually two caps every two hours will change blood chemistry enough to encourage unwanted bacteria to leave. If Echinacea doesn’t change anything, you might try olive leaf extract, four caps twice per day.

So far we have been talking about "typical" situations, conditions which are somewhat common. What do you do when you have a bladder problem and nothing works? Western medicine has no clue and "alternative" approaches offer nothing substantive. I have seen and dealt with "a-typical" or "chronic interstitial cystitis", which only means that it doesn't go away and nobody can figure out why. . And the puzzling thing is that there is no evidence of primary bacterial infection. And the symptom profile continues for weeks, months, possibly years.

I had one male person come to me with urethral burning every time he would make love with his wife. She did not show any infectious process whatsoever. We finally traced it down to herpes in the urethra.

I had a female person who complained of burning in the bladder and all of the bladder-related symptoms stated above. Western medicine even went so far as injecting DMSO into the bladder every so many days to try to alleviate the burning and pain in the lower pelvis. Nothing worked until we "hit" on the possibility of I had a female person who complained of burning in the bladder and all of the bladder-related symptoms stated above. Western medicine even went so far as injecting DMSO into the bladder every so many days to try to alleviate the burning and pain in the lower pelvis. Nothing worked until we "hit" on the possibility of herpes in the bladder. In both cases massive amounts of whole leaf concentrated aloe vera juice was consumed and the symptoms went away. Now both people drink the aloe juice every day as maintenance and neither has had a problem in over two years. We must keep in mind that emotional and dietary stress will make a herpes situation worse.

Unfortunately you will not gain much success at all with the typical aloe vera juice which you find in the local health food stores and in Trader Joe's because you will have to consume literally gallons of it per day to do the job. The secret is the mucopolysaccharide concentration. It has to be in the 16,000 to 20,000 or higher range to be effective. The only aloe on the market which I am aware of which is close to 20,000 mps/liter is R-PURE (800-888-2563) or the INTEGRIS brand (888-737-7307) aloe. Both are above 20,000 mps, but the INTEGRIS is a slight bit higher.

NOTE: Herpes infections occur because of a depressed immune system. Aloe Vera Juice is one of many products which will assist a depressed immune system. Many of the products listed in this article will help. For a more in depth discussion of depressed immune systems and corresponding remedies, see "THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK".

UPDATE: Check out the ANTIDOTE <>.

Probably the most common and also the most overlooked cause of Chronic Interstitial Cystitis is a clogged large intestine. This issue is explained in much more depth in the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK. But for now, if you check out Gray’s Anatomy, you will find that the urinary bladder is located in the pelvis surrounded by the large intestine. When the large intestine becomes congested with putrefying fecal material, the lymphatic drain field in which the bladder sits gets contaminated with cesspool fluids. This irritates the bladder and no matter what remedy is taken or applied, the bladder is constantly inflamed…chronic cystitis by definition. See THE HUMAN MACHINE book for a list of accompanying symptoms and remedies or call 626-963-5023 / 805-963-5005 or < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >.


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Rule #1: Drink water.

REASON: The body needs water to digest protein and to flush waste material from the tissues.


Rule #2: Eat fruit by itself. Do not put fruit in the stomach with anything else.

REASON: Fruit is already sugar. It needs very little further digestion. It needs to leave the stomach as soon as possible to avoid fermentation in a warm, dark, moist place (the stomach). Sugar -> alcohol -> formaldehyde (embalming fluid).


Rule #3: Do not mix starches and proteins in the stomach at the same time.

REASON: Starches require alkaline digestive environment and proteins require an acid environment for digestion. Acids and alkalines neutralize each other resulting in putrefaction instead of digestion.


Rule #4: Do not mix concentrated foods in the stomach at the same time. (See list below)

REASON: Concentrated, complex foods require a digestion sequence ranging from acid to alkaline. The priority and sequence is different for each group and therefore would result in indigestion if combined. The timing for some acid components in one group would overlap the timing for some alkaline components in another group and would result in putrefaction.



Group #1: Meats and anything produced with or from animals such as dairy, eggs, etc.

Group #2: Grains – rice – millet – oats – wheat – barley, etc.

Group #3: Legumes – Beans – dried peas, etc.

Group #4: Tubers – potatoes – peanuts, etc.


1) Choose one of the above groups for the meal.

2) Do not mix representatives of these groups with each other.

3) Eat with a vegetable and/or a salad.

• Vegetables (including greens) digest relatively simply in a wide range of pH. Therefore they can safely be combined with any of the above groups.

• All foods are composed of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in varying degrees of concentration. Most foods are predominantly one or the other. In the “concentrated” food groups, molecular bonding is more complex. This requires a more complicated and sequenced breakdown process. Controlled acid/alkaline (pH) changes are necessary to break the complex molecular bonds in sequence so that “proper” and complete digestion occurs rather than partial digestion and some putrefaction. Putrefaction (rotting) takes place when the breakdown process happens randomly.

• The body scans the DNA of the food that has just been eaten and initiates the proper pH environment for that particular food to digest in proper sequence. This pH environment and sequencing may be different for different concentrated foods. Therefore, combining these “concentrated” foods in the stomach at the same time may cause a disruption in the pH sequencing, thereby resulting in random molecular bond breakdown (putrefaction by definition). Salad type vegetables are less complex in that they need less specific pH control and can compatibly withstand the pH changes in the stomach required by more complex foods. Once the food has reached the small intestine, the pH needs to be rather constant at around 7.4 because the next stop is the blood which must be maintained at 7.4 pH.

• Planning meals so that foods mix in the small intestine (rice for lunch and beans for supper) and not in the stomach at the same time may provide the body with the necessary amino acids to be able to construct a “complete” protein. Remember that the reconstruction process does not begin until the amino acids get into the cell and then if and only if the proper anabolic (reconstruction) enzymes are available.

• Please refer to the HUMAN MACHINE BOOK for supplement suggestions and the FIT FOR LIFE BOOK for general food combination suggestions, and the EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE book for individual potential allergy conditions.

• When we misuse and abuse our bodies by putting things into it that are not compatible with the system as described above, there are consequences. These consequences usually take the form of pain and discomfort. Pain is the body’s method of getting our attention. If we do not make the necessary adjustments in our behavior, the message (pain) gets louder until we do finally act. But by then we have typically fallen into recognizable ache and pain profiles, which Western medicine puts labels on and usually tries to anesthetize the symptoms with drugs and surgery which in turn causes more pain and discomfort over the long haul. (See the chapter on “Ache and Pain Profiles” in Volume II of THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK.)


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