(Newspaper article - 1997)


Oh, My lanta! What should I do? Take Tums. Take Rolaids. No, No. Take Tagamet HB. I'm sure you've heard the pharmaceutical company hype.

Well, gather 'round me, little children and you shall hear, the rantings and ravings of a one-time mechanical engineer.

My name is Dr. Phil Selinsky. I have been studying the human body for the past 30 some odd years now and I have found that with out a doubt, the human body is an electrochemical machine. As a matter of fact, it is a multidimensional electrochemical machine which is designed to fix itself when it breaks or gets out of balance. The engineer in me recognizes that this machine follows all the rules and laws of physics and chemistry, just like any other machine on this planet. The teacher in me compels me to scream as loud as I can over the "din of the dingbats" who are preaching violations of the laws of physics.

Just like all other machines, the human body has bells and whistles and gages to tell us when this machine is reaching its limits or when damage has occurred from collision or misuse. The major alarm bell that we all recognize is PAIN. Pain is our best friend! It tells us when something is out of balance. Therefore, disconnecting the alarm (anesthetizing the pain) without addressing the reason for the pain is courting disaster.

"Indigestion" followed by "heartburn", "lumps" in your throat, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, constipation/diarrhea, ileitis, colitis, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, low back pain, chest pain...any or all of these symptoms can point to ...hiatal hernia.

I must digress for a moment. I had a "nurse" respond to my presentation a few years ago. She was extremely upset with my expression "hiatal Hernia". "The correct term is hiatus hernia. Your ignorance is obvious right from the beginning. How can your solution have any merit?!" Then she hung up, bang! Well, my sweet lovely AMA nurse know it all, an adjective modifies a noun. One does not modify a noun with another noun. You would not say "portus vein, or abdominus pain". The correct English verbiage would be "portal vein and abdominal pain." So there! If I could stick my tongue out through this paper, I would. And now, on with the show!

Out of a random 100 people, 25 will have an acute, active hiatal hernia and 50 to 60 more will experience a "chronic" condition where symptoms come and go. A hernia is a tear or stretching of connective tissue. A hiatus is a port or opening. There is an opening or hiatus in the diaphragm which allows the esophagus (food tube from your mouth to your stomach) to go through. The diaphragm is a parachute shaped muscle which separates the thoracic (chest) cavity from the abdominal (tummy) cavity. The diaphragm is used as a bellows in the breathing process. Sometimes the hole or hiatus tears or stretches and when you breathe or put pressure on your abdomen, a part of the stomach gets literally sucked up into your chest cavity. This can put pressure on the heart, giving you symptoms of a heart attack. Or it can displace the lung capacity, giving you shortness of breath or a feeling like someone is sitting on your chest. Sometimes instead of the diaphragm tearing, the esophagus stretches just as it attaches to the stomach. Or the valve between the esophagus and the stomach becomes weak or damaged, and acid leaks into the esophagus and burns the esophagus and we have what western medicine calls "reflux esophagitis", or Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux-Desease or GERD. In either case, the stomach is physically "injured". If you've ever had a sliver in your finger and could not get it out, after a week or so your whole arm becomes achy and sore. The pain "creeps". The same thing happens to your food tube. Eventually your entire digestive tract becomes enflamed and irritated. So you experience "colitis", "enteritis", "gastroenteritis", all the itises you can think of. By the way, "itisquot; means inflammation of.

But the worst is yet to come. Because the tissues in the digestive system become inflamed, they swell. They get thicker which inhibits absorption of nutrients and you develop symptoms of starvation...even though your belly is full. And you get tired and irritable. You lose your pep and sparkle. You get tummy aches, and backaches, and headaches, and you can't think or concentrate. Hang on...it gets worse.

The pharmaceutical companies through the medical doctors and their slick advertising campaigns on TV convince you to take an "anti-acid". That is supposed to solve your problem so you can go to sleep or continue gorging your body with "junk" (which will exacerbate the problem).

Let me take us back to my original premise that this machine (human body) was designed by its Maker to "run" in accordance with universal laws of physics. The "Maker" has constructed this vehicle with amazing forethought and detail. There is no structure or process in the human body that is superfluous or not necessary or non-functional. Everything has a purpose and a reason and a function. There is a reason that the stomach is acidic and the mouth and small intestine are alkaline. To change that status arbitrarily would change the entire metabolic structure of the body...and I might add, change it detrimentally. Acid in the stomach activates the digestive enzyme pepsin which breaks down protein. Acid also holds the protein in suspension so that it doesn't putrefy (rot). If that does not happen IN SEQUENCE, the protein (like any organic material) will rot before it gets to the place in the small intestine where it gets taken into the blood. By putting an anti-acid into your stomach, you are guaranteeing that you will end up with toxic blood which will overload your liver and result in all sorts of interesting symptoms which I don't have the space here to discuss. And get this...the anti-acids like Tums and Rolaids and the like temporarily disturb the pH of the stomach. The body recognizes the imbalance and makes more acid than you had before. The new "revolutionary" Tagamet HB (HB for heartburn) and Prilosec and Nexium totally disables the stomach tissue from producing any acid permanently. So now you are absolutely guaranteed indigestion and pain for the rest of your life. Sound like a winner? I don't think so.

When I started this article, I also mentioned that this body is multidimensional. By that I mean that we exist on many planes or levels of vibration and/or awareness. It's a lot like the sound barrier. You reach a particular vibration or pressure and you then need extra energy to penetrate "the barrier" and proceed into the next "dimension" or vibrational realm of reality. One such realm or dimension of consciousness which we can now confirm with electronic detection gear is the "meridian energy" flow or chi flow which powers or animates our muscles and other organ structures.

In Chinese medicine, the liver "energy" is responsible for the integrity of the connective tissue in the body. In other words when the liver energy is low or encumbered, the connective tissue in the body is subject to stretching or tearing under normal activity loads.

Therefore, when we enter this world with compromised or defective liver genes, we are subject to prolapses and hernias. Now remember when we were discussing what happens when anti-acids neutralize the stomach acids. We end up with toxic blood which overloads the liver...which is already genetically weak. We now have a circular pattern in which we get progressively worse. And the symptoms continue. And western medicine gives us more drugs to deal with the symptoms which further encumber the liver which makes the hernia worse which increases the symptoms which drives us to seriously consider suicide.

There is another factor to consider with anti-acids like Tums and Rolaids. I have heard medical doctors tell us to take Tums or Rolaids because they are a good source of calcium. In short, calcium is a mineral. Metallic minerals cannot get into the body by themselves. The body has to wrap a protein around the mineral to gain access to the blood stream.

The minerals have to be scratched or etched to provide "handles" for the protein to hang on to the mineral. This etching or "chelating" process requires acid. Do I need to go further? There are other down-stream ramifications related to metallic calcium which I do not have space here to address.

Let's try to approach this situation with some engineering logic. First and foremost, the reason for the pain is mechanical. The stomach is being pinched, which is disturbing the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve supplies energy and sensation to the entire digestive system in addition to the heart and lungs.

You must get the stomach out of the hole before any relief can be realized. This can be done with a massage maneuver. However, you need someone else to do this for you. You can do some things for yourself.

Locate a bar or a door or door jam or something to grasp and hang from. This will stretch your abdomen and utilize gravity to help you pull the stomach out of the hole. If you are not strong enough to hang, then make a pile of pillows on the floor and lie on your back so that your pelvis is lower than your chest. Lie in that position for as long as you can. You may have to sleep sitting up.

You should have no pressure on your abdomen. That means no tight belts or clothes. No bending over. No pressure on the front of your body. Assume the "top" position in sexual activities. The objective here is to keep the stomach out of the hole. Once you accomplish this, all the symptoms disappear immediately.

Remember that you will make no progress unless you consider the integrity of the liver energy in any prolapse or hernia situation. That means a total change of lifestyle including changing what and how you eat. More on this subject later in THE HUMAN MACHINE BOOK. Check out the "Food Combining"

In addition, the stomach and entire digestion system has been irritated in some cases for decades. It will take some patience and planning to change your life. To help in the healing process, whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate works wonders in putting out the "fire" in your stomach while you are trying to keep it from slipping back up into the pinch. Please be careful in selecting the right brand of aloe. Most of the brands that you find in the stores are totally worthless.

Look for either R-Pure (800-888-2563) or Integris (888-737-7307) brand. The Integris brand has the highest (28,000) concentration of mucopolysacchrides (the active ingredient in Aloe Vera). If you cannot find either one, call me at (626) 963-5023 or (805) 963-5005.

Cayenne capsules will also help the healing process of your stomach tissues. Start with one capsule, and work your way up to two caps twice a day.

Keep in mind that the liver energy is insulted with any dairy products, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, rancid oils and any other food preservative. This whole concept will probably take a while to accept and implement. But most important of all, anti-acids do not help - they make it worse. Think out the logic for yourself and listen to your body. The body never lies. It always tells the truth. It's our job to learn the language. That's what I do. I translate pain into English.

For a more detailed and comprehensive discussion on the compllications from Vagus Nerve damage from neck trauma resulting in digestive disturbances, see
THE HUMAN MACHINE...A Trouble Shooter’s Manual

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