My job, as I have accepted it in this physical space and time, is that of a translator...I translate pain and discomfort into English. Pain is our best friend. It tells us when we are "in dangerous territory". Pain is not necessary, but it is inevitable. If we do not pay attention to subtle signals from the body that we are "veering off track", "the message" gets louder and more emphatic. The subtle signals or annoyances become major dis - ease symptoms and could eventually develop into "a disease".
Western medicine has created the word "disease" and given it status as an entity that can be "battled" ... with drugs and surgery, of course.  

Dis - ease  is a condition (that can be changed ) - not an entity (that needs to be destroyed)!

The human body is a multidimensional (more than one "octave" of consciousness) electrochemical machine which is designed by its Maker to be self building and self maintaining and self repairing and to "run" trouble free for a lifetime (120 to 150 years). By definition this is a dynamic process.

In other words, things are being added (to the body) and things are being discarded (from the body) all the time to maintain balance or equilibrium. When the "machine" (our body) gets out of balance, it is programmed (by higher realms of Nature) to perform corrective maneuvers to re-establish balance or homeostasis. There are two fundamental methods by which this "machine" gets thrown out of balance resulting in a "state of dis - ease".

Number one: Either something from outside the body touches or gets into the body to "poison" or damage the body, such as chemicals, bacteria, worms, viruses, or...

Number two: Something is missing from the body's mechanism or structure or fuel supply to prevent the body from fixing itself when it is damaged or wears out. Remember that the human body was designed to fix itself when it breaks.  It can do that IF and only IF it has access to the necessary building material.

This "missing something" can be either physical, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytochemicals. Or it can be emotional, such as love, "family" support, or possibly electromagnetic, such as prana from air and Life-Force from live foods, or spiritual, such as awareness of and connection with God Force or Infinite Intelligence, or some or all of the above.

If some substance that is vital to the maintenance of the body's immune system is missing from the daily intake of "nutrients", the body will attempt to scavenge or rob other stores of those critical substances from other parts of the body (or energy field) in order to maintain the integrity of the body's defenses.

The body can maintain this "deficit spending" program for just so long. Every body's storage capacity is different. If these vital substances are missing from these "other places" for a period of time, the body activities and functions which were dependant on these substances for integrity start to fail. We see this depreciation process as symptoms of "degenerative dis - ease".

If some substance or foreign organism attacks the body, the defense system (every body's war making capacity is different) is called into play to somehow disable and/or destroy the invader or irritant. We see the process of this war between the invader and the body's defense mechanism as symptoms of "infectious dis - ease".

The "state of Dis - ease" then is either the result of an outside invader which has attacked the body's perimeter and caused dysfunction (allergies are a reaction to a "foreign" protein in the blood), or a missing component, which leads to eventual dysfunction, or a disturbance in the Energy Field, which eventually reflects as disfunction in the physical body.

This missing component can be either:

1) Structurally missing (a genetic fetal defect) or

2) Functionally missing (lack of proper development due to missing nutrients).

Sometimes surgical intervention can correct or assist a structural defect.

A functional defect, however, must be approached from a nutritional perspective (by definition).

Surgery CANNOT correct a "functional" defect.

In other words, if your body worked at one time and now does not function correctly, we must strongly suspect that you either put something into, or kept something from your body to cause it to become damaged or dysfunctional. Some or all of the above can result in pain of some sort and intensity.

Dr. Caroline Markolin explains the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Hamer's GERMAN NEW MEDICINE <http://www.learninggnm.com/documents/videos.html>.


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