I am frequently asked. “Who are you ? What do you call what you do?”. After almost 30 years I still don’t have a satisfactory answer. I do a lot of things. But who am I? What am I? Many people like to hang letters behind their name to help them know who they are. I guess I could say that since the word “doctor” means teacher, that I am a Doctor of Naturopathy (“N.D.”). But then that boxes me in to a specific definition. True, I have the education, training, certification, and experience to claim that status, but I do more.  


Any time you define something, confine that something. I like to think of myself as an educator and a translator. I like to translate hidden or “occult” information into an easily understood language that the average individual “on the street” can understand.


Over the years I have tried to show the continuity of Life as it expresses itself on this planet. The training from my mechanical engineering years has taught me to recognize patterns and structure. I have learned that structure governs function. The shape and substance of something governs how it is going to be used. This principle holds true for the metal and plastic machines as well as molecules of amino acids and magnetic fields.


After founding the INSTITUTE FOR HOLISTIC STUDIES in 1976, I designed and implemented the first semesterized massage program in the state of California. Up until that time massage was taught on an individual basis with no recognizable format. I also designed and obtained California Office of Private Post Secondary Education approval for the first 1000 hour HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONER program in the state of California.


Within 6 months 3 schools copied our format and curriculum. We were the first school to be approved to teach hypnosis.


I conceived, designed and choreographed the first chair massage routine in the state of California. The first chair massage manual was written by me in 1978 and copyrighted in 1980. I designed, choreographed, and implemented the first massage instruction video program. (I still use the same program today.) 


In 1989 I turned the school over to Karen Halcyon and moved to Los Angeles to complete my training in Osteopathic medicine. Karen has since focused her excellent teaching skills toward Swedish massage and Ortho-Bionomy. I still maintain a private practice in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks on week ends, and Glendora, San Pedro, and San Diego during the week. I teach workshops from time to time for Katie Mickey at the BODY THERAPY INSTITUTE in Santa Barbara.


When people come to me, they come with questions.


Why do I hurt?


Why doesn’t my body do what I want it to do?


In a private counseling session I usually interrogate the body by observing the colors, textures, and smells of the body and by testing the sensitivity of pressure points and the relative  strength of muscles. I point out that the body is always “talking” to us, and it always tells the truth. I draw from my training in engineering and my experience with “human machines” to help translate the language of the body (pain) into English so that we can determine what the best course of action might be to re-establish balance or homeostasis. The body knows what it does not need or want and it lets us know by making us uncomfortable. 


• Sometimes the “problem” can be addressed with a simple change in diet and/or environment.
• Sometimes we may need to “nudge” the body with herbs and/or other natural remedies including different forms of massage or tissue manipulation.
• On rare occassions, drugs and/or surgery would be best to relieve the situation.
• You and I will spend about an hour together examining your choices and will decide on an action plan together.

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I am also listed on THUMBTACK for the San Diego area.  



 - Phil Selinsky, N.D. - 










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