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About Phil Selinsky

Over the years I have tried to show the continuity of Life as it expresses itself on this planet. The training from my mechanical engineering years has taught me to recognize patterns and structure. I have learned that structure governs function. The shape and substance of something governs how it is going to be used. This principle holds true for the metal and plastic machines as well as molecules of amino acids and magnetic fields.

Volume I

Physical bodies have limitations.  Vol. I explores some of these “limitations” & the choices that are available to utilize these limitations as further growth & enlightenment opportunities.
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Volume II

My job, as I have accepted it in this physical space and time, is that of a translator...I translate pain and discomfort into English.
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Volume III

Discover the common generic weakness that results in most aches, pains and degenerative conditions.
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Client Testimonials

Please note: These testimonials were copied directly from the original e-mails sent to me. I changed only some punctuation and a few grammatical errors. Otherwise they are exactly as presented to me. – Thank you.

Harvey Diamond

N.Y. Times Bestselling author, FIT FOR LIFE -

"I have known Phil Selinsky for over twenty five years, and a person more dedicated and qualified to discuss the workings of the living body would be hard to find.  In his excellent new book, THE HUMAN MACHINE: A Trouble Shooter's Manual Volume III, Phil has managed to turn what could be a dry, technical subject into an exciting, interesting page-turner sure to enthuse and inform both professional and lay person alike."

Artista J. Marchioni


The Human Machine, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome Epidemic is a book about a complicated subject made easy by the brilliant words of Dr. Phil. His understanding of anatomy and physiology have made him a pioneer in the treatment and healing of the human body. Thousands of his patients have benefited by his hands and recommendations. Dr. Phil’s non-surgical treatments have saved patients great expense and suffering. His book gives a healthy, unconventional treatment that includes easy-to-understand-and-perform self-help advice. This is a masterpiece for anyone who is responsible for his own health and healing. Thank you Dr. Phil!

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Candice Wilson

Facials of Essence, Ojai

Wow, where do I begin with my testimonies of 30 years of being a client of Dr. Phil. From body tune-ups to urgent-care visits he has always discovered the "hidden imbalances" that the western clinicians miss. I received Dr. Phil’s body treatments, follow-up advice and supplement recommendations after a recent appendectomy. Phil discovered my health was in jeopardy with a compromised digestive system, a weakened liver, intestinal blocks and lurking appendix parasites. There was not one medical test while in the hospital that could determine any of this or the hiatal hernia Dr. Phil was most concerned about. His recommendation of betaine hydrochoride & slippery elm began to turn things around for me.

Dr. Phil Selinsky saved my life and got my entire system on track to "optimum health". He is a true master "body mechanic".

Barbara Rogers Scollin


Anyone suffering without relief, who has tried all other avenues for pain relief and is still looking for the underlying problem, should read this book by Dr. Phil Selinsky.  After years of searching for answers, I finally found Dr. Phil.  He has solved many "mysteries" of what it takes to heal the body and live a meaningful life.
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When people come to me, they come with questions.

Why do I hurt? or Why doesn’t my body do what I want it to do? 

In a private counseling session I usually interrogate the body by observing the colors, textures, and smells of the body and by testing the sensitivity of pressure points and the relative  strength of muscles. I point out that the body is always “talking” to us, and it always tells the truth. I draw from my training in engineering and my experience with “human machines” to help translate the language of the body (pain) into English so that we can determine what the best course of action might be to re-establish balance or homeostasis. The body knows what it does not need or want and it lets us know by making us uncomfortable.  

• Sometimes the “problem” can be addressed with a simple change in diet and/or environment.
• Sometimes we may need to “nudge” the body with herbs and/or other natural remedies including different forms of massage or tissue manipulation.
• On rare occasions, drugs and/or surgery would be best to relieve the situation.
• You and I will spend about an hour together examining your choices and will decide on an action plan together!
Contact Me Today