Volume I subtitled, Structure Governs Function, presents real and potential behavior disturbances that typically develop from conflicts between structural polarities in people that can and do result in the expression of both emotional and physical stress and pain.

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   Now that you have a fairly decent concept of the actual and potential internal and external environmental pressures and beliefs that guide your decisions throughout this life, your next step is to investigate how blood chemistry controls your choices for behavior.

Volume II subtitled, Blood Chemistry Drives Behavior, addresses the physical chemistry of the body and the reasons for physical pain and infectious as well as degenerative dis – eases along with suggestions for easing the pain naturally.  

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My position is that as humans with the ability for rational choice, which can trump instinctive reaction, we have the ability to mitigate and/or completely neutralize an instinctive reaction to a physical and/or emotional threat conflict.  But few of us take the time and energy to expand our knowledge base to be able to control more aspects of our lives to be able to achieve a more abundant and pain free existence here on this planet. The subtitle of this book is “BLOOD CHEMISTRY DRIVES BEHAVIOR”.   It’s blood chemistry that influences all that we do and feel in this body.  We DO have ultimate control over what we put into our bodies.  If we make a rational choice to so, that is.
In addition, spending the time and energy to understand the “animal reactions” to challenges to, and conflicts with, territory and fears and identity and sexual relationship conflicts should give us a prophylactic approach to these conflicts, thereby diminishing the damage done to the body and to the psyche, which in turn should relieve some of the societal turmoil that we are experiencing in today’s world. As discussed earlier in this text, there are situations where we sustain damage to the structure of the body, which makes it a little more difficult to maintain healthy blood chemistry.  It’s time now to finish this series with Volume III … “HIATAL HERNIA SYNDROME”.  This last volume in the series will give the reader a few suggestions on how to relieve and manage the symptoms of hiatal hernia.
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Volume III subtitled, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, describes the distortions of natural digestion stemming from defective body parts from birth that result in a myriad of popular dis – ease complaints including symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  

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As mentioned earlier in this text, each organ in the body has an energy function, including emotions. Whether internalized or openly expressed, extreme emotional pressure can affect the integrity and health of the physical organ associated with that emotion.

Caustic stress can cause physical damage to organs, resulting in any one or all of the symptom profiles discussed in this book series.

Fear affects the kidneys and bladder
Anger and resentment affect the liver and gall bladder
Shocking disappointment affects the heart, small intestine, circulation, and thyroid/adrenals
Lack of joy and/or purpose affects the stomach and spleen/pancreas.
Grief affects the lungs and large intestine.

And remember, chronic pain and discomfort in the “reserve tank” muscle can signal “trouble in River City” with the organ(s) related to them. Study the “ACHE AND PAIN PROFILE” in Volume II, and pay attention to the “dashboard gages” on your Human Machine that are shown on the DVD instruction set.

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