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The following are excerpts from Volume I:
The challenge here is to connect all nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pencil from the paper.  The answer to this seemingly impossible riddle is on the next page.  It matters not whether or not you have seen this before or whether you cheat by peeking.  The answer to this riddle is the underlying theme of this book series.  Clue … start with a corner dot.
The subtitle of this Volume I is “STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION”.  Look closely at the following pictures.


Which Santa would you choose to come down your chimney?











THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual will explain why the Santa on the left will probably be your choice over the Santa on the right.

Which Napoleon would you choose to “get the job done”?

This one? or This one?


What changes in feeling do you register when you look at the different faces?

The differences are in the setting of the eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, and the jaw…
All else is the same. Come back and look at these faces again after you’ve read this whole section in THE HUMAN MACHINE…a Trouble Shooter’s Manual. See if you can then identify the traits that give the Napoleon on the left the power or capacity to “get the job done”, where the Napoleon on the right would have a harder time convincing anyone, including himself, to do much of anything.

 What behavior would you expect from Bluto?



What reaction do you register from

14 15 16
Bambi Cinderella Witch

Science refers to “inherited” behavior or “inherited” defects or “inherited” talents. After examining that statement in light of our previous conversation, we see that behavior” as such is not and cannot be inherited. What is in fact passed on through gene combinations is “structure” (shape).

It is structure which allows behavior to express itself

Living computers are no different.  The brains of lower (limited behavior) animals are configured and programmed to recognize, and automatically react to, food shapes and predator shapes.  Small animals and birds, seeing the shape or silhouette of a hawk or an owl, will instinctively hide, while the sight of the shape of a duck will register no reaction.

We humans also either instinctively react or have been programmed (imprinted) through repeated exposure to recognize behavior related to certain shapes, sounds, smells and textures …  
Sexuality profiles and behaviors are much easier to identify.  According to Dr. Kappas, sexuality is determined by the quality and depth of attention paid to an individual (male or female) by the father or father figure during the imprint period and on through puberty.  (Father symbolizes the outside world as compared to mother who symbolizes comfort and security.)  
If the father or father figure pays intense and beneficial physical attention to the developing individual (male or female), during the imprint period and on through puberty, the tendency is to develop a physical sexuality profile in which the individual learns to derive great pleasure and a sense of security from physical body contact and develops a fear of loss of contact or connection.  This individual tends to place great value on, and attention to, mundane physical body contact and connection.

My position is that the potential for the intensity of expression of this trait is allowed and contained by structure.  Structure governs function.  If the structure, which allows a specific behavior, is not present to accept the conditioning, the behavior will not manifest no matter how intense the conditioning.  (More on this below.)
Where the physical sexual person is influenced by close contact from the father, the emotional sexual individual  (male or female) is and/or feels rejected by father or father figure during the imprint period through puberty. 

This individual needs to spend more time controlling the emotional pain from the rejection (real or perceived) and retreats from the physical body (pain) to live in the emotional body where this individual has more control over the real or potential pain.  This becomes a life-long behavior.   The potential for the intensity of expression of this trait is also allowed and contained by structure.  Once again, I will describe the physical structure that allows this behavior to express later in this text.

Physical body stimulation or irritation now becomes a foreign experience and being forced into the physical body to deal with the experience (both pleasure and pain) becomes work.  After work you need to rest and recuperate.  The emotional sexual individual now needs alone time to recharge.  

This individual develops a fear of loss of control.  This individual will have a tendency to shift attention to the physical body when necessary to get the attention and compliance of a partner for a specific purpose.  But when that event is finished, the physical body is turned off and attention is immediately focused on other things and interests.  

It’s important to understand that control of environment is critical to an emotional sexual.  When he or she has reached the limit of sensation, they will get up and leave or create a disturbance or a break in the sensation so that they can recover (remember physical sensation is work to an emotional sexual individual).  They cannot be out of control ... it’s too painful and scary.

They’ll suddenly go for a ride or a walk or lock themselves in the bathroom for a while ... or just turn off or tune out.  It’s not a personal affront to their partner; they need to disconnect for a while to process all the physical sensations.
By contrast, the physical sexual individual will want to linger in “the physical experience” and savor the physical pleasures (or pain).  The emotional sexual is not familiar with nor in control of physical body sensations and therefore needs to leave for a while to regain control over the situation.  It is not comfortable for an emotional sexual to remain physically connected for long periods of time where just the opposite is true for the physical sexual …  

Remember that structure governs function.  These behavior profiles are limited or “allowed” by structure or innate capacity.  As we study structural traits, I’ll point out which structural traits allow the physical or emotional sexuality expression to reach extreme polarity intensity, and either exaggerate or diminish physical or emotional sexual behavior.

In other words, the environmental conditioning factors can only reach extreme “acting-out” proportion if and only if the structure will allow it.  If you’re not hooked up to cable, you can’t watch the “Movie Channel” ... the structure will not allow it.  Got it?  

In the chapter on STRUCTURE/FUNCTION, we have explored the limitations imposed by the physical container (the body).  This next chapter (LOVE) will focus on Energy Resonance.  The dictionary defines “love” as:
  1.  Deep affection and warm feelings for another.  
  2. The emotion of sex and romance; strong sexual desire for another person.  
  3. A beloved person.  
  4. A strong fondness or enthusiasm. 
Love, or that phenomenon that we call love, has been responsible for a wide spectrum of sensations and behaviors experienced by humans. The process of connecting, or the action needed to establish connection of some sort, can cause undue stress. This can lead to discomfort or distortion of our equilibrium, which can lead to dis – ease of some kind or nature.  

On the other hand, the experience of what we call love has been known to be the inspiration for a state of “super existence” in which “magical” healing powers are observed.  Let’s see if we can analyze this phenomenon ……

It seems as though when attempting to find out if compatibility exists between two or more people, we should also give consideration to, and seek council from the wisdom of the ages, in the form of the study of numbers, since resonance is measured in frequencies and frequencies are established by numbers.

We spoke earlier in this chapter of “Resonance”.  Resonance is established when two or more frequencies are compatible and harmonic.  Frequencies relate to the number of vibrations or oscillations per second of time.  When numbers are harmonic and hence compatible, a “Love Connection” (resonance) can be established or realized.  Love is not a mystery.  
Love is merely compatible or resonant frequencies realized from and experienced on a higher more “spiritual” or subtle level or plane.

By utilizing the information in this HUMAN MACHINE BOOK series, you should be able to create and maintain a relatively healthy body and a comfortable compatible love relationship.

Check out <> or <> for a numerological compatibility chart before you make any long lasting commitments even though all the traits seem to fit.

Now that you have a fairly decent concept of the actual and potential internal and external environmental pressures and beliefs that guide your decisions throughout this life, your next step is to investigate how blood chemistry controls your choices for behavior.

VOLUME II of this series will take you through some of the distortions of the chemistry of the body due to questionable eating habits that result in many of the common aches and pains that we have been conditioned to accept and expect as normal every-day aging behavior.  The theme of Volume II is:
VOLUME III of this series will explain how a very common genetic defect many times results in a myriad of symptoms including Hiatal Hernia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer.  It will describe in detail how to recognize the genetic defect and how to improve the efficiency of the digestive system, thereby removing the tendency to develop these common degenerative dis - eases.

When people come to me, they come with questions.

Why do I hurt? or Why doesn’t my body do what I want it to do? 

In a private counseling session I usually interrogate the body by observing the colors, textures, and smells of the body and by testing the sensitivity of pressure points and the relative  strength of muscles. I point out that the body is always “talking” to us, and it always tells the truth. I draw from my training in engineering and my experience with “human machines” to help translate the language of the body (pain) into English so that we can determine what the best course of action might be to re-establish balance or homeostasis. The body knows what it does not need or want and it lets us know by making us uncomfortable.  

• Sometimes the “problem” can be addressed with a simple change in diet and/or environment.
• Sometimes we may need to “nudge” the body with herbs and/or other natural remedies including different forms of massage or tissue manipulation.
• On rare occasions, drugs and/or surgery would be best to relieve the situation.
• You and I will spend about an hour together examining your choices and will decide on an action plan together!
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